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The Sweetest Medicine (Web Novel) - Chapter 307: Taking The Opportunity To Create Trouble

Chapter 307: Taking The Opportunity To Create Trouble

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Translator: Yunyi Editor: Yunyi

Yu Gangan didn’t know she had become a trending topic online.

At least, not until the medical association asked her about it after the day’s seminar.

Yu Gangan was stunned.

Her first thought after watching the video on the internet was whether someone was deliberately messing with her.

She had no idea that someone was helping to boost her fame by using the internet.

The director of the association looked at her and grinned, “Regardless of who did this, as long as it promotes Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine culture, then it’s a good thing. I happen to have a Chinese medicine program that needs someone, why don’t you and Elder Ceng attend?”

Yu Gangan thought about it and rejected the offer. She felt she wasn’t experienced enough and she wasn’t good at talking, so she wasn’t suited for a television program.

The director thought it was a shame, but he did not force her. Instead, he admired her even more.

He revealed a relaxed smile as he chatted to Yu Gangan.

Meanwhile, not too far away, Su Jiushan watched the two coldly.

As soon as she saw Yu Gangan appear on the trending searches, her first thought was that Yu Gangan was using Chinese medicine to promote herself again.

But, she couldn’t figure out why Yu Gangan was creating hype for herself.

She looked down on Yu Gangan for resorting to such methods for the sake of fame.

Even if Yu Gangan wanted to be famous, she should, at least, have real talent. Su Jiushan was self-admittedly talented, but no one knew about it.

She didn’t think of herself as someone that got jealous. It was Yu Gangan’s fault for having no real talent and skills, for taking shortcuts with her family’s wealthy background, and for boosting her fame with hype.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t be bothered to pay attention to her.

What did she have to do to let everyone see the real Yu Gangan and help them from being played by her?

Netizens hated hype.

Someone that appeared on the trending searches often was bound to attract disgust like celebrities that were exposed for creating hype and they were destined to be scolded by netizens.

Time would eventually reveal the truth. But, before an afternoon even passed, Su Jiushan’s expected revelation was dismissed.

Jealousy was like a poisonous snake that made one constantly unsettled.

As doubts began to fade and the majority of people grew to like this most beautiful doctor of Chinese medicine more, Su Jiushan lost her patience.

These people had been blinded. A doctor was not a celebrity; it was not necessary to boost their popularity.

She couldn’t watch any longer. She had to do something to reveal the ‘real’ Yu Gangan.

Su Jiushan created a Weibo account to expose information online.

<Insider information: All the talk about Yu Gangan being the most beautiful doctor of Chinese medicine and having impressive skills is just hype. As a fellow doctor in the Chinese medicine association, I can clearly say that she’s useless and probably doesn’t even know how to check a pulse.>

But, who would take notice of a new Weibo account that had no followers?

Thus, this post was like a rock that was thrown into the ocean, not stirring up a single ripple.

In the end, Su Jiushan made a few more consecutive posts that had no response, but this only made her more certain that Yu Gangan had a publicity team.

She then exposed more information and tagged a few famous troublemaker accounts.

For the sake of views, these accounts quickly shared the information she exposed.

“Entertainment Gossiper: Insider information, shocking insider information! The recently trending doctor of Chinese medicine is just hype. The old woman that she saved was just an extra that she hired. Everything was just an act. The video was created by a publicity team.”

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