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The Sword Deity in Tokyo (Web Novel)


Time travelling from the majestic era after the Recuperation of Reiki, he became Kimura Kazuki, a 16-year-old high school student in Japan, one year before the Reiki Recuperation.

Tentatively, he set out to hone himself to the bone, burning candles at both ends to stockpile resources in preparation for the imminent Recuperation of Reiki. His goal was to be many steps ahead of all humanity when the time comes.

However, it seemed like fate had decided to play a cruel trick on him.

One year later, the Recuperation of Reiki… did not happen as expected.

92 • 2019-12-26 14:01:52


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 146: Jade Dragon Flag, IH Convention, I want it all!2020-02-28
Chapter 145: Show Your Skills In The Competition2020-02-28
Chapter 144: The Troublemaker In The Ancient Kendo Community2020-02-27
Chapter 143: Are You A Bird?2020-02-27
Chapter 142: Another Slacker2020-02-26
Chapter 141: A Cute Tiger2020-02-26
Chapter 140: Hitting The Pointed Spots2020-02-25
Chapter 139: Rainstorm, Drizzle And Vibrative2020-02-25
Chapter 138: Competitive Kendo2020-02-24
Chapter 137: Let Love Be The Motivation To Study!2020-02-24
Chapter 136: Harunaka’s Dream2020-02-23
Chapter 135: Five Red Strings2020-02-23
Chapter 134: The Feather-Light Stone2020-02-22
Chapter 133: The Vibrative Style2020-02-22
Chapter 132: The State of Sword Saint!2020-02-21
Chapter 131: Take This 200,000 As The Advanced Tuition Fee!2020-02-21
Chapter 130: Senpai Please Teach Me Kendo!2020-02-20
Chapter 129: Please Be My Daughter’s Kendo Instructor2020-02-20
Chapter 128: A New Kendo2020-02-19
Chapter 127: Ouch, What A B*stard!2020-02-19
Chapter 126:2020-02-18
Chapter 125: The National High School Kendo Competition2020-02-18
Chapter 124: Short-term Goals Questionnaire2020-02-17
Chapter 123: A Lot Of Money…2020-02-17
Chapter 122: honyaku-zumi.net2020-02-16
Chapter 121: Dividing One Wish Into Four2020-02-16
Chapter 120: Money Can Buy Happiness2020-02-15
Chapter 119: Claustrophobia2020-02-15
Chapter 118: Furuhashi Sakurakyu2020-02-14
Chapter 117: There Is Really A Ghost!2020-02-14
Chapter 116: Nothing Unusual At All2020-02-13
Chapter 115: The Beginning And The Ending Of Chiyoko2020-02-13
Chapter 114: A Call From Nakagawa Aokiji2020-02-12
Chapter 113: I Could Publicize It For You On Twitter2020-02-12
Chapter 112: Loading File Of Tokyo2020-02-11
Chapter 111: Unfathomable Complexity Of A Middle-Aged Man’s World2020-02-11
Chapter 110: Two Souls In One Body2020-02-10
Chapter 109: The Person Who Locked The Door2020-02-10
Chapter 108: Summoned Sword2020-02-09
Chapter 107: We Could Form A Partnership2020-02-09
Chapter 106: A Return To Akichi High School2020-02-08
Chapter 105: Refining The Mind In The World Of Mortals2020-02-08
Chapter 104: I Am Here To Resign!2020-02-07
Chapter 103: The Great Demon Kimura Is Here!2020-02-07
Chapter 102: Atonement2020-02-06
Chapter 101: Unsettled Right Up To The Moment Of Death2020-02-06
Chapter 100: The Other Truth (Part 2)2020-02-05
Chapter 99: The Other Truth (Part 1)2020-02-05
Chapter 98: I Have Made A Reservation2020-02-04
Chapter 97: The Loyal Customer2020-02-04
Chapter 96: Rieko And Chiyoko2020-02-04
Chapter 95: Familiarity Within The Photograph2020-02-04
Chapter 94: A New Way To Fulfill Obsessiveness2020-02-02
Chapter 93: “Let’s Be A Light Novelist”2020-02-02
Chapter 92: More Than Just Difficult2020-02-01
Chapter 91: Yuriko Kawachi’s Obsessiveness2020-02-01
Chapter 90: The Death of Chiyoko2020-01-31
Chapter 89: Isn’t What’s Yours Mine Too?2020-01-31
Chapter 88: A Peck At The Level Of Perfection2020-01-30
Chapter 87: The Ten Thousand Flash · Rainstorm Style2020-01-30
Chapter 86: Ono’s One Knife Stroke2020-01-29
Chapter 85: 10,000 Per Second2020-01-29
Chapter 84: 150,000 Yen2020-01-28
Chapter 83: “Peak Kendo Showdown”2020-01-28
Chapter 82: A Strange Feeling Of Familiarity2020-01-27
Chapter 81: The Offline Gathering2020-01-27
Chapter 80: Spirit Sweeping Website2020-01-26
Chapter 79: Walking And Looking Around2020-01-26
Chapter 78: The Spirit, Sudden Flash2020-01-25
Chapter 77: I, Furuhashi Natsui, Will Take The First Step!2020-01-25
Chapter 76: Encountering A Ghost In The Elevator2020-01-24
Chapter 75: Tough Students2020-01-24
Chapter 74: That Bastard!2020-01-23
Chapter 73: Bringing A Guy Home For The First Time2020-01-23
Chapter 72: Light Novel Space2020-01-22
Chapter 71: The Eventual Ascension, The Red Reiki2020-01-22
Chapter 70: Kimura-sama, I Might Be Ascending To Heaven…2020-01-21
Chapter 69: Opening The Door To A New World2020-01-21
Chapter 68: Self-reliance And Self-improvement Began With Fitness2020-01-20
Chapter 67: I Was… Not Bullied By Them2020-01-20
Chapter 66: A Slap In The Face2020-01-19
Chapter 65: Yagyu Flying Sword Style2020-01-19
Chapter 64: He Annoys Me2020-01-18
Chapter 63: A Familiar Plot2020-01-18
Chapter 62: Meeting Chiba Shiori Again2020-01-17
Chapter 61: Humans Have Euthanasia, So Do Ghosts…2020-01-17
Chapter 60: If It Was Senior Kimura…2020-01-16
Chapter 59: Magatama2020-01-16
Chapter 58: Regrets, Many Regrets!2020-01-15
Chapter 57: Chancing Upon An Attachment Spirit2020-01-15
Chapter 56: Fragmented Information2020-01-14
Chapter 55: Ten Seconds Of Battle2020-01-14
Chapter 54: Finally Escaping Poverty2020-01-13
Chapter 53: I Think That My Salary Should Be Increased2020-01-13
Chapter 52: Sena Nagayama Was Very Content2020-01-12
Chapter 51: It Was Impossible For Them To Learn2020-01-12
Chapter 50: From A Holy Ground For Dating To A Holy Ground For Studying2020-01-11
Chapter 49: Sword Believers’ Club Study Group Spot At Kinshin Lake2020-01-11
Chapter 48: Another Tsukumogami?2020-01-10
Chapter 47: Master Kimura, Please Save Me!2020-01-10