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The Taming of the Ruffian Hero (Web Novel)


Romance School Life Shounen Ai

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Do you believe in destiny?

Zhao Yuan made a bet with the guys in his dorm. If he successfully made Chen Wanxin, the most attractive girl in their university, his girlfriend within 3 months, the guys would give him their No.23 jersey with Jordan’s personal signature on it.

Chen Wanxin found Lin Wenxi, a roommate of Zhao Yuan, somewhat attractive when she first met this elegant pretty boy in the university.

One night, when the students gathered and played games, Chen Wanxin asked Lin Wenxi to kiss her, but Lin Wenxi just left her on the spot alone in front of everyone and put her in an awkward situation. After that, when Zheng Kai asked Chen Wanxin to be his girlfriend, Chen Wanxin made a deal with him. “Help me bend Lin Wenxi. Make him fall for you and then dump him.”

Gradually, Chen Wanxin found herself falling in love with Zhao Yuan, but to her surprise, Zhao Yuan really seemed to have a thing for Lin Wenxi. She had no choice but to turn to Mo Qian, a mysterious and powerful man who had some connection with her family.

Because of the interference of Mo Qian, more and more dust-laden secrets were revealed.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 183 (It’s You, Zhang Dong!) Out of Control at the Sight of His Enemy2020-01-24
Chapter 182 (It’s Him!) Several Years Have Passed, and Everything Has Changed2020-01-24
Chapter 181 (I’m Going to Marry Zhao Yuan) After a Lot of Scheming, Zhao Yuan Will Marry Chen Wanxin2020-01-24
Chapter 180 (I Can’t Forget You) It Has Been Six Years Since We Last Met2020-01-14
Chapter 179 Lovers Apart—They Were Meant to Be Lovers for Only Half a Lifetime2020-01-11
Chapter 178 (Punish Myself with A Glass of Wine) In Spite of the Difficult Situation, He Was Able to Do Well2020-01-08
Chapter 177 (My Name Is Chen Yuanxi!) Lin Wenxi Changes His Name After Returning to the Chens2020-01-06
Chapter 176 (A Cold Light Flashing) A Slight Error in Thought Almost Leads to Disaster2020-01-02
Chapter 175 (All Because of You) Murdered His Brother Because of His Wife2019-12-30
Chapter 174 (Will He Still Want to Be Close to Me?) Whipped Her Son and Forced Him to Find Chen Tianjiao2019-12-27
Chapter 173 (I’m Your Husband!) Zhao Yuan Adopts Huang Xiya as His Foster Mother2019-12-24
Chapter 172 (Safe and Sound, I’ll Come back to You) A False Return on the News of His Father’s Death2019-12-21
Chapter 171 (I’ll Bite You to Death) Holding Each Other’s Hands, They Went All the Way North2019-12-18
Chapter 170 Zhao Yuan and Lin Wenxi Missed Each Other So Much that They Chose to Run Away Together2019-12-15
Chapter 169 (A Sudden Sunny Day) Gathered Everyone’s Wisdom and Fought Back2019-12-12
Chapter 168 (Your Blood Is with Me) Zhao Yuan and Lin Wenxi Were Forced to Separate2019-12-09
Chapter 167 (I Fear Nothing When I Have You Here) Before the Storm, They Coolly Defy Their Enemy, Fierce-browed2019-12-06
Chapter 166 Private Photos Being Exposed to the Public, There Is No Place for Them to Hide2019-12-03
Chapter 165 A General’s Reputation Is Built Upon the Sacrifices of Tens of Thousands of Soldiers2019-12-01
Chapter 164 I Want to Hold Your Hands, and with You, I Will Grow Old2019-11-29
Chapter 163 On Hearing the Sound of the Piano, Zhao Yuan Knew Lin Wenxi Was Fine2019-11-27
Chapter 162 (Zhao Yuan Burst Out Crying) Under the Ruins, Their Lives Were in Danger2019-11-25
Chapter 161 (Aftershocks Happened) At Sunset, Zhao Yuan Finally Found Wenxi2019-11-23
Chapter 160 (Help Me to Find Him) Between Life and Death, They Combated the Earthquake and Did Relief Work2019-11-21
Chapter 159 (Do You Love Me?) With Tearful Eyes, Lin Wenxi Asked Zhao Yuan Who Failed to Give Him an Answer.2019-11-19
Chapter 158 (You Don’t Need to Wait for Death here!) Brave Men Respectively Saved the People They Loved2019-11-17
Chapter 157 (Everything Is Going to Change) Lin Wenxi Was Humiliated Again2019-11-17
Chapter 156 (Everything Is Alright Now, Wenxi) Both Zhang Dong and Wenxi Fell into a Trap2019-11-17
Chapter 155 (Tell Zhang Dong) Mo Qian Got Wenxi Drunk This Night2019-11-17
Chapter 154 (Love Has Nothing to Do with Gender) Ziping and Yun Che Found Bosom Friend with the Piano2019-11-17
Chapter 153 (Tears Was Falling in My Blood) Zheng Kai Kissed Goodbye to Gu Xi2019-11-17
Chapter 152 (It Was a Relief) Zhang Dong Alone Entered the Extremely Dangerous Place2019-11-17
Chapter 151 (Blood Cannot Be Sacrificed Wine) Sharp Dagger with Cold Light against the Lover2019-11-17
Chapter 150 (Why Is It you Every Time?) Protect the Companions Due to Heroic Spirit2019-11-17
Chapter 149 (It Couldn’t Cure my Life!) He Would Rather Die Than Being Insulted2019-11-17
Chapter 148 (Wish to Cherish Each Other in the Next Life!)2019-11-17
Chapter 147 (Add a Sketch) Busy Preparations for the School Anniversary2019-11-17
Chapter 146 (Is He?) Mo Qian Investigated the Childhood Friend2019-11-17
Chapter 145 (Leave a Number) Mo Qian Visits Zheng Kai to Return the Clothes2019-11-17
Chapter 144 (What Favor? Just Tell Me) Zheng Kai, Substitute for Zhao Yuan, Was Heavily Trusted2019-11-17
Chapter 143 (Do You Seek to Die?) Wenxi Drowned and Kept the Authenticating Object2019-11-17
Chapter 142 (Do Not Mix Personal Feelings in It) Flying Home-returning Birds Due to Deeply Love2019-11-17
Chapter 141 (It Was Not Mine) Would Rather Miss the Childhood Sweetheart2019-11-17
Chapter 140 (Not Hers, But His) A False Relationship Became True2019-11-17
Chapter 139 (Unexpectedly Meeting Again) They Met at a Crossroad but Could Not Read Each Other’s Mind2019-11-17
Chapter 138 Leaving Life and Death out of Consideration, Zhao Yuan Left the Light and Plunged into Darkness2019-11-17
Chapter 137 (Bullshi*t Morals) Lin Wenxi Tried by All Possible Means to Plan2019-11-17
Chapter 136 (Are You Ready?) The Wise An’an Deduces the Truth2019-11-17
Chapter 135 (All that You Know) Lin Wenxi Tried Hard to Find a Sound Strategy2019-11-17
Chapter 134 (I Made a Promise to Him) The Last Words of Zhao Yuan’s Dead Father Engraved on Their Minds2019-11-17
Chapter 133 (From Black Hair to White Hair) What Is Love Supposed to Be?2019-11-17
Chapter 132 (Perhaps, It Would Be Soon) This Piece of Feeling Was Waiting to Be Looked Back2019-11-17
Chapter 131 (In Midsummer That Year) Lin Wenxi Missed Zhao Yuan’s Former Home and Ran into Zheng Zihuan While Revisting There2019-11-17
Chapter 130 (Zhao Yuan…) Latecomer in the Heavy Snow2019-11-17
Chapter 129 (Let’s Go to Find Him) As Bitter Cold Was Approaching, Heavy Snow Blocked the Mountain2019-11-17
Chapter 128 (Is Life Always This Hard) Zhao Mingjiang Died with Hatred2019-11-17
Chapter 127 (Wenxi, Go Back) I Only Feel Safe with You at My Side2019-11-17
Chapter 126 (On Your Knees!) Lin Wenxi Asked His Father for Help2019-11-17
Chapter 125 (An Unqualified Shtup Buddy) Wanxin Argued Angrily with the Coquette2019-11-17
Chapter 124 (Act now!) Mo Qian Made a Ruthless Plot Based on His Previous Plot2019-11-17
Chapter 123 (Don’t Fall Down) Zheng Kai Was Injured for Protecting Wanxin2019-11-17
Chapter 122 (Men Stay Here!) Lin Wenxi Was Attacked When He Returned to School2019-11-17
Chapter 121 (Fine, Let’s Go!) When Everybody Adds Fuel, the Flames Rise High2019-11-17
Chapter 120 (More Afraid of Life than Death) Mo Qian Tortured Zhang Dong2019-11-17
Chapter 119 (This Is a Declaration of War!) Lin Wenxi Declared War on Wanxin2019-11-17
Chapter 118 (Only You Can Help!) Zheng Zihuan Knelt Before Wenxi to Ask for Help2019-11-17
Chapter 117 (Zheng Kai, You?) The Son of Zheng Zihuan Had a Manner of a Dragon or Tiger2019-11-17
Chapter 116 (She Was the Protective Cover)2019-11-17
Chapter 115 (I Will Do That) Making a Guarantee against His Own Will2019-11-17
Chapter 114 (I Walked the Path You Had Passed) I Walked on the Way You Came2019-11-17
Chapter 113 (Wenxi, Why) All Zhao Yuan’s Hardships Went for Nothing Like the Ever-flowing Yangtze2019-11-17
Chapter 112 (He Must Also Stay Awake) In My Heart I Am Fond of You, but You Are Not Aware2019-11-17
Chapter 111 (What Am I?) When True Is Taken for False, False Becomes True2019-11-17
Chapter 110 (You Wanted to Be With Me) Yearnings Between Lovers Were Deeper Than the Oceans2019-11-17
Chapter 109 (Zheng Kai Was Very Annoyed) Facing the East Wind Together, Each of Them Looked Troubled2019-11-17
Chapter 108 (Confronting So Severe Threats, Zhao Yuan’s Father Was Near to Death)2019-11-17
Chapter 107 (He Could Only Fight to the Death!) Zhao Yuan Joined the Mo’s family to Save His Father.2019-11-17
Chapter 106 (Disgusting! Get lost!) Gu Xi Found It Difficult to Control the Passion of His Secret Love2019-11-17
Chapter105 (Hold Me Firm!) the Fragrance Could Be Smelt Since It Is Getting Cold2019-11-17
Chapter 104 (Are You Also Faint?) the Storm Is Frequent in the Wedding2019-11-17
Chapter 103 (Go away!) Riffraff Zhao Yuan flirted with Wenxi2019-11-17
Chapter 102 (I am a boy!) I can’t ask for anything.2019-11-17
Chapter 101 (He is a scumbag!) Zhao Yuan and Wenxi Came to Visit Zhang Dong but Met No One2019-11-17
Chapter 100 (They Have Bought the Tickets) Touched by Sorrow2019-11-17
Chapter 99 (What Are You Doing Here?) Zhang Dong Confronted Lin Wenxi2019-11-17
Chapter 98 (That’s a Boring Drama) A Jealous Zheng Kai Tricks Wang Xiang2019-11-17
Chapter 97 (I Never Promised to Sleep with You) Wanxin’s Affection Meets Cold Rejection2019-11-17
Chapter 96 (She’s Dead?) Pulling off His Return to University and Burial of Trouble2019-11-17
Chapter 95 (Cancelling the Placement Himself) Zhao Yuan Plots for Liu Wenxi2019-11-17
Chapter 94 (What’s Your Condition?) Re-enter the Lin Family’s Defence2019-11-17
Chapter 93 (I’m 7 cm tall) The Childhood Years of Childhood Friends2019-11-17
Chapter 92 (How Brief!) Unmasking the Act, Breaking East and West2019-11-17
Chapter 91 (Grab the Torch, Play the Flute) The Torch and Flute Tunes Illuminate the Night2019-11-17
Chapter 90 (That’s Also My father’s Name) The Past of an Officer Touched the Heart of a Teenager2019-11-17
Chapter 89 (Where Are You Taking Me? I Don’t Know) Feeling Lost Because of Separation, Lin Wenxi and Zhao Yuan Escaped.2019-11-17
Chapter 88 (It Could Actually Be So Addictive) At Midnight on Seventh Day of Seventh Moon When None Was Near.2019-11-17
Chapter 87 (Am I Dreaming) I Am Happy to Meet You Again.2019-11-17
Chapter 86 (Three Months Have Passed) Lin Wenxi Feels Alone2019-11-17
Chapter 85 (I Don’t Have to Worry about It) Lin Wenxi Was Going to Teach at a Remote and Poor Area2019-11-17
Chapter 84 (Unless You Defeat Me) Saddened by the Departure, Zhao Yuan Picked a Fight with Hong Xuan2019-11-17