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The Tutorial Is Too Hard (Web Novel) - Chapter 220 – The Tournament (20) (Part 1)

Chapter 220 – The Tournament (20) (Part 1)

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By JiuJiuBa inThe Tutorial Is Too Hard 0

Translator: JiuJiuBa

Proofreader: GodlyCash

“Anything else you want to ask?”

After listening to the information about the 50th floor, Kirikiri asks.

“Anything else?”


I think it over.

What should I ask Kirikiri?

I’ve been forced to inquiry lots recently so it’s become hard for me to come up with the right questions.

“Relax. I’m not forcing you.”

Kirikiri seems a little disappointed, so I ask.

“Is it time to replace my equipment?”

The holy sword and soul sword do not need to be upgraded.

Their performance is good enough, but most importantly, the difficulty of the stages can’t keep up with my strength.

So there is no need to find more powerful weapons.

However, I will change my armor pieces periodically.

There’s a fine line between actively promoting risk for growth and completely ignoring safety.

I ask Kirikiri if it’s time to replace my armor, but she shakes her head.


“Has my potion stock dried up? Let me see.”

I open my inventory and check the remaining consumable items.

The stock of potions are still sufficient.

There haven’t been many opportunities to drink a potion lately, so naturally, there are more left.

“Tissues… enough. Ketchup. Mayonnaise. Ah, there’s no mayonnaise.”

I met some people and received their hospitality at a stage after the 40th floor.

Naturally, I ate the food they provided.

Some of the foods were tasty and some were not.

I would secretly add some seasoning or sauce if the food wasn’t tasty. I always carry these things with me.

“No, not that…….”

Kirikiri shakes her head while looking despondent, so I ask.

“Then, what is it?”

Kirikiri sighs before answering me.

“Nothing, if you don’t know it. I think, it isn’t necessary for you to pay for it.”

Kirikiri says that, but I’m unconvinced and curious.

We try to pinpoint the right answer exchanging questions as if we were playing Twenty Questions, but couldn’t reach a conclusion.

Note: Twenty Questions is a game in South Korea in which one side asks a question and the other side guesses the answer by asking 20 questions in reverse. – JiuJiuBa

* * *

[Welcome to floor 50’s waiting room.]

Seeing the welcome words after entering the waiting room deeply touched me.

It’s just halfway.

50 out of 100 floors.

It’s ridiculous that I’ve only come halfway in 2 years, approaching the 3rd year.

I finally managed to get here.

I don’t know how long it will take until I get out.

It may take less than a year at my current pace, but Hell difficulty cannot be easily judged.

I don’t know when and where a time-consuming obstacle may appear.

In order to deal with such a situation, I must be diligent to improve myself.

I pull Ahbooboo out of the inventory to study magic.

[Huh? It seems you’ve cleared the previous floor. Are you in the waiting room again?]


Ahbooboo is now speaking like a full-fledged challenger.

I’ll ask him about how much he knows about the world one day.

I’m about to study with Ahbooboo, butt a magic circle appears on the ground.

To be precise, it appears by my feet.

[Round 32, Day 0, 00:00]

[The Tournament will commence.]

[Please enter.]

[Time left until mandatory summoning: 29 minutes and 59 seconds]

[You can leave at any time after entering.]

“What’s this?”

* * *

[Lee HoJae, 50th floor: What’s this?]

[Kim MinHyuk, 30th floor: …What’s this? Apparently, it’s the tournament.]

[Lee HoJae, 50th floor: Why has it started now? I haven’t been informed.]

[Kim MinHyuk, 30th floor: …You were. The managers have notified us and I personally told you. Round 33! Today! The 3rd tournament! You answered absentmindedly no matter how many times I told you, which is odd. You didn’t remember it at all!]

Did you say that?

I don’t remember.

[Kim MinHyuk, 30th floor: As per your request, the Order of Vigilance doesn’t need you to do anything. The Order of Virginia has created a system that can work well on its own. You can enter like everyone else. ]

[Lee HoJae, 50th floor: I see.]

Lying on the bed in the waiting room, I recalled something.

It seems I’ve gotten information about the tournament from Kim MinHyuk and Park JungAh in the past.

Did KiriKiri want to pass the information about the tournament to me?

That makes sense.

The information fee is expensive.

After pondering about it, I jump out of bed.

Kirikiri watches other challengers as well as me.

If the challengers connected me had the information already, she wouldn’t have mentioned it deliberately.

That means there is the information that no one in the Order of Vigilance knows, including Kim MinHyuk and Park JungAh.

The information might have something to do with the tournament.

[Kim MinHyuk, 30th floor: What? I feel uneasy. I didn’t expect that we would miss a piece of information. You said you don’t exactly know what it is?]

[Lee HoJae, 50th floor: Yes.]

[Kim MinHyuk, 30th floor: I’m sorry. Although I promised I wouldn’t ask you to do anything, I have to break that pledge. Can you get in as soon as possible? Just in case something happens. We’ll try to find out what piece of information is missing as soon as possible.]

[Lee HoJae, 50th floor: OK.]

After the conversation with Kim MinHyuk, I start checking my equipment.

After making sure I didn’t miss anything, I stand on the portal.

[Time left until mandatory summoning: 13 minutes and 22 seconds]

A while has passed since the portal opened.

[Hu, hu, hu. I’m looking forward to it! I heard that people like Warrior are gathered there?]

Ahbooboo mutters sullenly.

Well, it won’t.

It’s not so much a group of people like me, but rather a gathering of townsmen.

Instead of correcting Ahbooboo’s misunderstanding, I stand on the portal and spoke the iconic word.


The space around me starts shaking.

Although I have been able to detect the change a while ago, I haven’t applied the experience to magic.

I don’t know how long it will take to learn the rudiments of space magic.

It’s still far away.


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