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The Ultimate Evolution (Web Novel) - Chapter 1266: Run!

Chapter 1266: Run!

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Translator: Sean88888 Editor: Elkassar1

The ground trembled, softly at first, then started to shake violently! Trees and houses swayed like grass, and no one could remain standing. It felt as if someone was brutally beating up the Earth’s crust!

An old man was initially enjoying the morning sunshine on his balcony, but the strong quake threw him over the balcony railings, and he hit the ground below heavily. The cyclists on the side of the road fell down one after another. Car alarms went off due to the strong vibration. All the chaotic sounds intermingled, shaking the nerves of the humans.

Ironically, right before the earthquake occurred, Governor Schwarzenegger was still on TV releasing the official statement that the earthquake crisis had passed. No wonder he was mocked as someone who could only read from scripts.

Worst of all, Kate and her children were still packing inside the house!

“Damn it!” Sheyan swore out loud, then immediately passed down a series of orders. “Reef, go and save them. I’ll go start the car. Sanzi, ask Kulutego to get ready. Our survival will most probably depend on him.”

“What about me?” Zi was obviously dissatisfied at being ignored.

“Pray that Bind is really gone from this world! And, if you don’t mind, you can give me a kiss to raise my spirit,” answered Sheyan with a shrug.

Zi stared daggers at Sheyan. “I do mind,” she replied coldly.

Sheyan sprinted to the car, completely ignoring the tremor of the ground, and started the engine. It was a car they had carefully selected before they came here, a car which was wild and domineering — a pure white, six-wheeled extended Hummer H6!

(TL: )

The car needed only 8.6 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h and could reach a maximum speed of 200 km/h. Its 6.0L, 32-valve V8 OHV gasoline engine provided it amazing horsepower, much more than could be provided by the 2.0L and 3.0L engines in normal off-road vehicles.

The only disadvantage of this four-ton vehicle is that it consumes a staggering amount of fuel. It drinks oil like humans drink water. To give a more intuitive comparison, the fuel consumption of an H6 which moves in an urban area is about ten times that of a normal vehicle with a commonly-seen 0.8L engine. Fortunately, the H6 has a dual fuel tank configuration and can hold 240 liters of fuel, which enables it to move seven or eight hundred kilometers without refueling. Otherwise, it would have to stop for gas after every dozens of kilometers.

Reef had already jumped into Gordon’s house. The whole building was shaking like there were invisible monsters slamming into it outside from every direction.

Reef kicked open the door of one of the rooms inside. Everything in his vision was shaking and seemed bizarrely twisted. Dust rustled down the walls and furniture.

The sounds of porcelain tinkling and shattering came from everywhere, but what worried Reef more were the groans made by the timber supporting the house. This house obviously would not remain standing for much longer in this earthquake.

The cry of the children upstairs successfully provided Reef with the right direction. He covered his head with his hands and rushed upstairs. It was not that long a distance, but at least two chandeliers fell on him, covering him in glass fragments. However, they could not harm the sturdy Reef in the slightest. When he stepped onto the second floor, a wardrobe suddenly flew towards him! Reef clenched his fist and swung his elbow!

The wardrobe broke apart, sending clothes and dust flying everywhere, but it could not slow Reef down at all! As soon as he reached the second floor, he saw Kate and her two children taking cover under a dining table, hugging each other and trembling in fear.

“Come with me!” Reef’s voice was hoarse but calm.

Kate shouted back in horror, “But the experts say it’s safer to hide under the table in an earthquake!”

Just as Reef was about to reply, he suddenly heard a very clear crackle coming from the roof beam. The beam broke from the middle. The whole building was going to collapse in a few seconds! He had no time to explain. He charged forward and sent the table flipping with a knee. With Kate in his left arm and the two frightened children in his right, he crashed through a window and jumped outside!

Less than two seconds after that, the interior walls of the house collapsed under the terrible pressure. The whole building was destroyed like a giant invisible palm had emerged from the void and pressed down on it, stirring up smoke and dust high into the sky.

A sharp glint suddenly flashed across Sheyan’s eyes, because he could clearly see a sharp steel bar shooting out of the collapsing building, aiming straight for Lilly’s back. Was it really just a coincidence?

“Such a straightforward attack. It’s probably not Bind,” Sheyan immediately decided. Zi, who was standing next to him, gently flicked her finger. A sharp Force turned into the shape of a needle and struck the steel bar from the side, knocking it away. Reef rolled to soften his fall, then sprinted forward while carrying the three victims.

Sheyan opened the car door and grabbed the panicking Gordon, pulling him into the front passenger seat. He then stepped on the accelerator. Meanwhile, Zi pushed open the rear hatch and reached out to receive the people Reef had rescued. A large number of fissures had appeared on the road a few dozen meters behind Reef, and they were extending in this direction.

The powerful V8 engine roared vigorously. Reef threw Kate and the two dizzy children towards the back of the H6. Zi very easily caught all three and placed them on the seats. Although the car was already moving above 60 km/h, Reef still managed to jump onto the car without much effort.

The Hummer H6 they had chosen was not a normal Hummer H6, but a modified one. Its front and back seats alone could already accommodate five adults. There was also the extended rear compartment, which had been decorated into a luxury bar with deluxe lighting, surround sound, and even TVs and refrigerators. The luxurious real leather sofa in the corner had a wide and comfortable back and could seat five people.

On the wall opposite the sofa, a wall-mounted 15-inch screen was connected to the DVD player in the front row. That, and the overwhelming acoustic effect from 10 speakers, turned this little space into a mobile private cinema. Next to the walnut-wood bar were two embedded refrigerators. The glass rack on the bar could hold 10 glasses firmly in place. The roof and the surrounding walls were plated with chrome for decoration, with variable-colour lamps inlaid within.

Kate was already placed on the sofa while she was still in shock. Zi helped her fasten her seat belt and brought her a cup of vodka to calm her down. The car was shaking due to the earthquake. A lot of fractures had appeared on the walls of the houses on both sides of the road. They collapsed one by one, unable to resist the violent destructive force of nature.

More horrible were the numerous fissures and pits that had emerged on the road behind them, determinedly chasing after them like falling dominoes! Vehicles parked on the side of the road were swallowed up by the sudden collapse one after another. Countless trees fell down and disappeared into the newly formed deep ravines.

“Can you please go faster!” Zi shouted from the back, “The fissures are only two seconds behind us! I’m feeling really unsafe right now! ”

Sheyan shrugged, then stepped on the throttle until it touched the floor. The engine of the Hummer H6 instantly roared louder. Its wide off-road tires played an important role at this moment. The vehicle shot forward, trying its best to outrun the collapsing road behind it.

The needle of the speedometer on the dashboard increased slowly and steadily: 90, 100, 120, 150 km/h! In the vision and senses of everyone in the car, the whole world seemed to be shaking violently!!

Kate and Gordon were whispering prayers. They were unable to do anything else besides this, as if their minds had been temporarily frozen.

But right then, Sheyan finally encountered the thing he was most worried about — a traffic jam! After steering onto the main road, more and more cars appeared in front of them. The people driving these cars were obviously gripped by fear and had not realised the great crisis encroaching from behind.

“Now is not the time to follow some bullshit traffic rules!” Sheyan gritted his teeth. “Ladies and gentlemen, hold on tight, a violent collision is about to occur!”

As soon as he said that, a loud bang could be heard. Sheyan had rammed hard into the butt of a Toyota Corolla in front of them, knocking it away. If they had let the car stay in front of them, they would fall into the abyss after but a few seconds.

Now was the time for the Hummer H6 to display its domineering might with its weight of more than four tons, its high-strength alloy steel structure, and its speed which had already accelerated to nearly 150 km/h. Ordinary vehicles could not stop it at all, unless there was a heavy duty truck blocking its way!

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