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The Ultimate Evolution (Web Novel) - Chapter 1375: What Does the “Decisive Battle” in the Brackets Mean?

Chapter 1375: What Does the “Decisive Battle” in the Brackets Mean?

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Translator: Sean88888 Editor: Elkassar1

Well, mating was not a big deal for the Zerg race. The problem was that the Queen of Blades still had human emotions in her. She still had feelings for Captain Jim Raynor, an important figure among the humans. When it came to sex, she was completely unable to resist Sheyan, who possessed the genes of the ancient male Zerg, so Sheyan was just like a walking human genitalia to her. As long as he was at her side, acts of infidelity would frequently occur, and that was something she could not stand.

That was the truth behind the matter. Unfortunately, Senyan would never know, so the tragic story of him being cast off as a pest by the Queen of Blades was doomed to become a permanent scar deep in his heart.

Fortunately, Senyan knew he still had a lot of important matters to attend to, so he was not upset for too long. 99 out of every hundred men in the world had been cast off by a woman before anymore, so it was no big deal.

Compared to that matter, Sheyan was more surprised that his personal MT aura was not unlocked after his breakthrough. After thinking back on his previous experiences, he wondered if he must look for the mysterious Llama in the real world?

The subsequent development happened as naturally and logically as a loli turning into a fat middle-aged woman.

The humans had no wish to fall out with the Protoss as long as Pontin was safe – more precisely, as long as the new ground warfare technology arrived safely in their hands.

And the reason why the Protoss seemed so unusually cooperative was very simple – they had also obtained some benefits out of it. When Pontin was developing the Monster of Calamity, he did not bring any supercomputer that could be used for high-level calculations with him, so he had simply used the optical computer in the protoss workshop.

Considering the emergency situation at the time, and because Pontin had never been a meticulous person, after the production process, he had left all kinds of information in the Protoss optical computer without deleting them. The workshop was later destroyed, but not completely, so the Protoss had managed to recover some of the data. In particular, they had obtained part of the design of the “Thor”.

Therefore, although the humans had profited greatly this time, the Protoss had not gotten the worst of it either. If the humans had obtained 60% of the profit, then the remaining 40% belonged to the Protoss.

Both sides felt that they did not lose out and had no real intention to start a war with each other for fear of benefiting a third party, so after a string of serious negotiations and protests, they naturally reached a compromise and continued to focus on the search for the escaped Queen of Blades.

However, the genes of the Queen of Blades had evolved to the point of perfection by now, and she had recovered to peak condition after going into hiding. Considering how strong her body was, she could even fly directly into outer space. Meanwhile, the Protoss had too much confidence in the power of the Keystone, firmly believing that the Queen of Blades must have been disinfected back into a human, so their search naturally bore no result. They could only go back with nothing to show for their effort.

As for Senyan, thanks to Pontin, he was actually awarded a Golden Moon Medal by the Empire. It could be exchanged for 20 achievement points. After that, he returned to the Nightmare Realm.

He did not enter this world through normal means, so there was no summary of his exploration this time. When Ronnie also arrived back in Noah Realm C, Sheyan’s rescue mission was officially completed.

[ Emergency Rescue Mission: 28ACD1 officially completed. ]

[ Mission Details: The high- potential Awakener ZB419 has been successfully rescued back to Noah Realm C. ]

[ Temperer 1018, as stated before, you can now obtain the remaining rewards of this mission. Please choose two rewards out of the following options: ]

[ Reward A: 20 achievement points ]

[ Reward B: 10 free base attribute points ]

[ Reward C: 100,000 utility points ]

[ Reward D: Multipurpose Honorary Dosage x 1 – This medicine can be used anytime to recover 1000 HP. ]

[ Reward E (unique reward for completing the mission): Dimensional Door (upgrade) – If you choose this option, you can upgrade the Dimensional Door in your possession. You will be able to use the item under any condition. When the item is used, it will create a portal. You can return to the Nightmare Realm through this portal and stay there for a maximum of one hour, then return to the world you were originally in through the portal. ]

[ The Dimensional Door will have 1000 points of absolute HP and can be destroyed. If it is destroyed, you will not be able to use it to return to the world you were originally in. ]

[ Reward E (unique reward for completing the mission): Stone of Leniency – The person or party in possession of this stone will be able to avoid any penalties from failing a mission. The stone will disappear after use. This item can be traded. ]


The essence of the rewards this time no doubt lay in rewards E and F. Reward F was extremely useful to the whole party, so it was an obvious choice. Meanwhile, Reward E was a priceless treasure. To be able to use the Dimensional Door under any condition was almost as good as having an extra life!

Those two options naturally became Sheyan’s preference.

After making his choice, Senyan walked out, only to see Ronnie locked in a staring match with Zi and the others. Both sides seemed to have no social skills, like the strange creatures called otakus, so the atmosphere was weirdly tense.

Senyan wiped away some cold sweat and immediately started introducing both sides to each other. But even after that, Zi and Reef still looked very unhappy. Sheyan knew that they were not so narrow-minded, so he instantly realised something was wrong. Most importantly, even Sanzi had a grave look on his face.

“Did something happen?” enquired Sheyan.

Sanzi smiled wryly before gesturing at the table with his mouth. “See for yourself, big brother.”

Senyan took a closer look and saw that there was something which looked like an invitation letter on the table. There were two big, blood-red words on it:

Enlistment Order!!

[ Members of the silver party, Party Ace, you are all contestants carefully cultivated by the Realm. You now possess enough strength to participate in the Realm War this time! ]

[ Do you wish to enlist your party? Yes / No? ]

[ You can choose to reject the enlistment, but the next time you are enlisted, the intensity of the Realm War involved will become higher, and your participation will be compulsory! ]

Senyan was stunned. A Realm War was indeed a high-risk, high-reward world, but he had realised by now that a Realm War was not as simple as he previously thought. If the situation permitted, he felt that they must participate in the Realm War this time.

Since he had made up his mind, he naturally chose “Yes”.

The next part was key. Based on the information Sheyan acquired back when he was a Second Lieutenant, he put forth a request to the Realm.

“The grade of Party Ace is: Silver.”

“As the leader of the party, I wish to use my authority to request for the information of the world my party will be entering!”

The Realm’s response was immediate:

[ Request approved. Data is being retrieved… The Realm Battlefield your party will be entering is the world of the Lord of the Rings (Decisive Battle). ]

Sheyan immediately rejected:

“Using my authority as the party leader, I wish to pay 2 achievement points to re-select another destination!”

[ Request denied. The intensity of this Realm War is unable to be evaluated, so a re-selection is not possible. Do you still wish to join this Realm War? ]

After a moment’s hesitation, Senyan chose “Yes”. It must be noted that Sheyan’s decisiveness had helped him, because if he had chosen “No”, he would discover to his horror that their next world would still be the world of the Lord of the Rings! The same goes for the re-selection attempt. As a contestant of Noah Realm C, he would draw the world of the Lord of the Rings now matter how many times he re-selected!

[ Request approved. Selection in progress… The Realm Battlefield your party will be entering is the world of the Lord of the Rings (Decisive Battle)! ]

[ Warning! The difficulty of the Lord of the Rings Realm Battlefield (Decisive Battle) is at least A! ]

[ Warning! The difficulty of the Lord of the Rings Realm Battlefield (Decisive Battle) is at least A! ]

[ Hint: The intensity of the Lord of the Rings Realm War (Decisive Battle) may be extremely high. You may encounter very powerful enemies on the battlefield! ]

[ Warning: You may encounter additional dangers! On this battlefield, you will probably not obtain allies from other Realms. On the contrary, the contestants of other Realms will likely join hands to attack you! ]

[ Hint: Contestants that have chosen to participate in the Realm War will be able to purchase medicines from the Realm at 50% discount and the right to overdraft their achievement points by 10. ]

Seeing the notifications he received after he accepted the mission, especially the last two, Sheyan could not help gasping in shock. Even after experiencing the first Realm War in the world of Avatar, he was actually still holding onto the unrealistic hope that everyone could just get along in peace and just go there to kill mobs and farm for equipment. However, from the looks of it, the Realm War this time was clearly an extremely violent conflict between the Realms. To a greater extent, it even felt a bit like the situation during the Warring States period when six states joined hands to fight against the strong Qin Dynasty!

The discount on medicines and other benefits only reflected the danger this time more vividly.

There was still a certain thing puzzling Senyan, so he took the opportunity to inquire. He knew what the Lord of the Rings Realm Battlefield was, but what does the “Decisive Battle” in the brackets mean?

He must be entirely clear on that point, or many of his plans could not be carried out. Moreover, he had saved up a lot of free base attribute points so far, so it was time he added them to increase his combat power to the max!

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