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The Ultimate Evolution (Web Novel) - Chapter 1376: Piecing Together the Truth

Chapter 1376: Piecing Together the Truth

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Translator: Sean88888 Editor: Elkassar1

Fortunately, the Realm seemed to have given him all the clearance he needed with regard to information, telling him everything he wished to know:

[ The Lord of the Rings Realm Battlefield (Decisive Battle) will adopt the Decisive Battle mode, which is the most brutal mode in a Realm War. The time period you will be sent to will coincide with one of the few fiercest battles in the Lord of the Rings storyline. You will be forced to take part in the battle. You will only know the specific battle after you enter the world, but it will probably be either the Battle of the Helm’s Deep, the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, or the ultimate battle, the Battle of the Morannon. ]

Sheyan suddenly understood. “That means the relationships previously established in the LOTR world will become completely invalid.”

[ Not completely. The default attitude of the storyline characters and heroes on the same side is “indifferent”, but if you have previously established a series of complex relationships in this world, it will affect their friendliness. Furthermore, based on your exploration rate and influence in the world, you will receive the corresponding honour points of the relevant factions the moment you enter the world. You can use the honour points to purchase equipment and items that cannot be carried out of the world. ]

Sheyan thought that this method of conversion was pretty decent. Under this conversion, someone who was active in the Avatar world, for example, would likely be able to purchase an AMP suit right away, or if the world was DOTA, a Vanguard shield. It would give them a big lead right at the starting point.

For a person like Sheyan who was good at planning, if he could establish an advantage at the starting line, he could quickly widen the gap with those behind him!

Sheyan made some quick calculations and found that time was really tight for him right now. Since the next world would involve an extremely dangerous large-scale warfare, he must make a lot of preparations in advance. The things that could immediately enhance his strength were a must.

First, he put up the few pieces of equipment he obtained in the last world on the market. All wars were contests of wealth. It would definitely be a good idea to gather a few hundred thousands of utility points as quickly as possible.

Second, before leaving, Sheyan knew that Sanzi was only a step away from obtaining Fate’s ability, so it was something he was very concerned about. If Sanzi could gain the ability to control destiny from the world of Final Destination, it would no doubt be a major help to the whole party.

Next, the migration of Melody and her tribe must also be brought forward on the schedule. The dimensional tunnel had already been completed, and Sheyan was on very good terms with Noah Realm C right now, so he only needed to sign an alliance pact with her, which was something a level higher than a master-servant contract, and he could migrate the Sunstrider Elves out.

The alliance pact was naturally a rare thing, but Sheyan was already a Brigadier General with the corrresponding privileges in the things he could purchase. He saw the alliance pact in the military rank store, and it only cost five achievement points.

The problem was the destination of the migration.

If he were to move the whole Sunstrider tribe out of the LOTR world, he naturally had to find a place for them to live in. He currently had two choices. The first was to create a world suitable for the Elves by relying on the powerful ability of the Realm. Of course, the cost of doing so was very high.

The second option was to find a place for them on Earth. The cost of doing so was very low, but it would probably be really difficult to find a place suitable for Elves to live in, because they might not even be able to get used to a place with an air quality of PM0.025. However, Sheyan still wished to try, even if only for the sake of trying. Hopefully, he could find a place everyone would be happy with. He was not very hopeful, but it would not hurt trying.

Besides that, there was also the dark gold necklace he was wearing. After absorbing two souls, it did not seem interested in other souls anymore, however powerful the souls were….

There was also the matter of his military rank promotion. He wonder how it was going on Prince Pombaru’s side. If he could wear the Major General’s Blood Armour, even if he could not kill everyone in his way, his safety should be much more guaranteed.

Sheyan had obtained the blood of the Queen of Blades during his battle with her (you can imagine the process yourself). If the Queen of Blades could not be considered a main character, who else could? Hence, all the blood for ‘Chris Redfield’s Lucky Bracelet’ had finally been collected.

Once he solved all these matter, the party’s strength would immediately see significant improvement. In addition, considering the party’s current lack of manpower, both Reef and Zi had proposed to use their social network to recruit more people to the party. However, their suggestion was rejected by Sheyan. If they were to recruit people at this time, their party would become the one who had a demand, while the other side would be the supplier. The negotiation would surely not go in their party’s favour. Since the Realm Battlefield would surely be brutal, they could just recruit the contestants that survived the intense battles. At that time, they just needed to display the benefits of their silver party, and people would line up for them to choose from.


Even after formulating a series of plans, Sheyan still felt like there was a layer of fog covering his thoughts, but he could not tell what it was exactly he had missed.

Fortunately, because the Realm War this time was very crucial, every particiapnt had been given preferential treatment, in that they had a few days of extra preparation time. This way, the goods in the military rank store would refresh a few more times, giving them more options. Maybe an auction would even take place during this period. If not, a little extra training would not hurt.

Sheyan naturally checked the military rank store too. Unfortunately, he did not find anything useful. But at this time, he suddenly thought of something. He immediately dialed a certain person’s contact information.

The person he contacted was the strange contestant he previously met in the Lord of the Rings world and later in the auction, the one who claimed to be a “Miner” from a neutral faction! Sheyan had built up a bit of relationship with the Miner, so he tried to reach out to him. Surprisingly, he found that the other party intended to contact him too, so the two sides immediately hit it off.

Following the Miner’s instructions, Sheyan went to the west side of the interior of the Nightmare Realm. As mentioned before, although the interior of the Nightmare Realm was extremely vast, there was still a limit to its size. It was about as big as ten 10,000-ton passenger ships put together. At the west side, Sheyan found a room which did not seem like it was being used for any purposes. Sheyan walked up to the room and saw a black area on the floor. Standing on the black area, he said the password the Miner gave him: XD9981.

Sheyan immediately sank down. He had entered a private space about the size of a telephone booth. A line of text was printed on the screen directly opposite his face:

“You are about to enter the public communication area. Please pay 10,000 utility points for the transfer fee. If you require the Realm to ensure your personal safety, you must pay 3 achievement points.”

Sheyan was not a stingy person, so he chose yes for everything. His vision turned dark, and when he regained his senses, he found that he was in an elevator that was moving up. When the elevator stopped and the door opened, his eyes took in a bustling scene. Sheyan felt as if he was in the central business district in Beijing or Shanghai, where there was seemingly no end to the moving crowd and traffic. But peering upwards, he was greeted by the sight of a dark sky filled with twinkling stars, indicating that the place was a base in outer space enclosed in a glass-like transparent barrier.

Checking the house number of the building next to him, he found that the meeting place agreed upon with the Miner was not far away. When he arrived, he found that the venue was a small cafe. The inside of the cafe was playing the famous Saxophone tune, “Going Home”. The cafe interior was gorgeously decorated with a small bridge, water and bamboo, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

The Miner was sitting at a coffee table in the corner with his eyes lightly closed, apparently enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and the relaxing music. When Sheyan approached him, he opened his eyes and smiled at Sheyan, then gestured for him to take a seat.

The moment Sheyan was seated, a tall and sexy waitress brought a coffee pot and a bean grinder over, as well as an intricately carved silver alcohol lamp and a small pot of boiling water. She had a sweet smile on her face the whole time, just like a stewardess.

She picked out the coffee beans with nicer-looking colours and put them into the grinder with one hand, while her other hand turned the small wheel of the grinder to grind them. She would occasionally push back the hair that fell down beside her ears. When the coffee was brewed, it smelled really good. The miner tipped her with a note and waved her away.

Seeing the currency used by the Miner, Sheyan came to a sudden realisation.

“I know who you guys are now! You should be the result of the compromise between the Nightmare Realms and the Empire. The humans of the Empire have weak bodies, so the Realms don’t regard them highly, but they need the Empire to help them collect all kinds of resources, so as a compromise, they recruit citizens of the Empire like you to become non-combat contestants!”

The Miner smiled and said, “You’ve pretty much guessed it. And because we’re non-combatants, we have access to certain secrets that are not made available to you combatants. ”

Sheyan also smiled in response. “I take it that us combatants also have access to certain secrets that are off-limit to you non-combatants?”

The Miner’s smile turned wry. “You guessed right. Therefore, the reason I invited you over is to put together what we both know and piece together an approximate truth of the whole matter. I’m doing this because there have been some changes and anomalies in the Realm recently, changes that you can’t even imagine!”

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