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The Ultimate Evolution (Web Novel) - Chapter 1378: The Land of Miracles

Chapter 1378: The Land of Miracles

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Translator: Sean88888 Editor: Elkassar1

Not only was Sheyan not surprised at the Miner’s analysis, he kind of felt that it was to be expected, because he was not stupid. He had already caught on to all kinds of clues, but before this, they were like pearls that were scattered all over the ground. The Miner’s words were now stringing them all together like a silk thread.

One thing suddenly came to his mind:

The Bloody Invitation Letters that he won through brutal fights.

The Bloody Invitation Letters would actually attract over someone like the Cardinal, albeit only a clone of him. Not only was his battle instincts superior to Sheyan’s, his entire body had evolved into a form most compatible with his powers, which means that he was one whole order above the current Sheyan!

The Cardinal obviously did not appear there for no reason. The other Realms would actually bend the rules to send him over to obtain the invitation letters. The letters must be something of great importance.

The fact that the Realms had only sent the Cardinal showed that the price of bending the rules in this way was extremely high.

The Noah Realms were, after all, not something generated by nature, but life-forms that were created, so despite them possessing a very high degree of freedom and autonomy, their actions were restricted by certain rules. For example, the author of this novel is 1.68m tall and weighs 168 lbs. In theory, he can split his legs apart into a horizontal line like a gymnast, but he would have to pay the heavy price of pulling his thigh ligaments and tearing his muscles.

“From how much importance the Realms place on the Bloody Invitation Letters, they may very well be something used to fight for certain key resources!” Senyan came to this sudden realisation!

Then, like a billiard ball hitting the edge of the table, his thoughts seemed to have reached their destination, but they suddenly bounced back and headed in another direction.

“Yes, since then, it feels like the Noah Realm C I belong to has become more and more powerful. In that case, the fact that the other Realms would join hands this time to target Noah Realm C might be the result of the previous Bloody Battlefield!”

Sheyan’s guess was a little off, but not by much.

The primary instinct of the Noah Realms was to evolve. The reason they created all kinds of difficult environments was to push the humans’ potential to the limit to make them evolve. Of course, there was a limit to what humans could do, but only physically! Mankind’s mental power still had far more potential for growth!

Among normal humans, even a generational genius like Einstein barely exploited 30% of his brain capacity. An ordinary person who could exploit 14% of their brain capacity was already considered a pretty decent case. Moreover, the higher the level of brain development reached, the more difficult it was to improve it further.

For example, to increase the exploitation of brain capacity from 10% to 20%, only about 10 points of source energy were needed, but to increase it from 20% to 30% required at least 50 points of source energy, while from 30% to 40%, 500 points of source energy may not even be enough!

At the same time that the Noah Realms developed the brain capacity of the contestants to make the contestants evolve, they themselves, as living beings, also had to face the severe test of evolution! One only needed to look at the dinosaurs, mammoths and saber-toothed tigers to understand the consequence of being eliminated on the path of evolution.

If the Noah Realms wished to evolve, they needed to absorb all kinds of strange substances from the outside, including light! For them, these things were their nutrients.

These key materials for their evolution would often appear in extremely dangerous places like wormholes, black holes and even time vortexes. To mine and collect these things, even the unbelievably powerful Noah Realms must join hands and spare no effort!

This was the reason all the contestants could only enter the next Nightmare World after a certain period of time, because the Noah Realms must first ensure their own survival and needs before using their source energy to help the contestants enter the Nightmare Worlds.

“Hunting” and “mining” for the essential materials required almost all the Noah Realms to work together. However, the food and energy obtained was not evenly distributed afterwards.

First, the Noah Realms would take half the spoils and share it equally among everyone. This would be the guaranteed minimum share. It would be enough to maintain the basic survival needs of the Noah Realms, making sure that none of them would starve to death.

The remaining half of the spoils would be divided into 100 parts. The portion that each Noah Realm would get would be determined by the performance of the contestants they cultivated.

The stronger the ability of a contestant, the more spoils their Noah Realm could obtain, and the faster the Noah Realm could evolve!

Of course, evolution was not a smooth sailing process. It was filled with many difficult and tortuous roads, as well as numerous detours, and a lot of efforts which would end up in vain. This gave the Noah Realms that had fallen behind the opportunity to catch up and overtake those in the lead.

Like the last Bloody Invitation Letter world, for example. It was used to determine how many high-level contestants could be sent by each Noah Realm in the Realm War. Obviously, the more contestants a Noah Realm could send, the higher their chances. Hence, Noah Realm C had gained a huge advantage.

Noah Realm C, who was getting more and more powerful, had forced the rest of the Realms to unite against it. Both sides were putting everything they had on the line! Yes, the alliance of the rest of the Realms was a strong threat and oppression against Noah Realm C, but because they were going all in, if Noah Realm C could make it through this ordeal safely, the threat and oppression would transform into Noah Realm C’s nutrients, helping it grow. One step forward, and the path ahead would be clear!

After having a long talk with the Miner, Senyan finally had a better understanding of his current situation. Some may question the point of Sheyan wasting so much time and effort to find out what went on behind the scenes. Whatever he found out, it would not change the fact that he still had to fight for his life in the end.

But as the saying goes, a moment of cleverness was insignificant if one could not plan for the future, and the good management of a region was insignificant if one could not plan for the overall situation.

If you do not even know the reason you fight, you are doomed to be a chess piece!

There are three possible outcomes for a chess piece. The first is to successfully eliminate the enemy’s chess piece. The second is to die together with the enemy’s chess piece, an exchange of pieces, if you will. The last outcome is the saddest, and that is to be sacrificed!

If Sheyan had to be a chess piece, he only wanted to be the first kind. The other two outcomes were totally unacceptable to him.

The information he obtained from the Miner would enable him to more accurately grasp the commands issued by the Realm and better understand the intention behind them!


After the long talk, Sheyan hurried back to the real world without wasting any time. This time, he returned accompanied by Melody and a very special old man. The old man was none other than the powerful Sacred Oak, Sindalor.

The ancient tree had a very strong Perceptive Sense and had the natural power to gather spiritual energy, so he could absorb spiritual energy to where he was from all directions. No matter how barren or harsh a land was, once he took root there, it would transform into a paradise.

As soon as the old man (or tree) stepped foot on Earth, he sneezed seven or eight times in a row, and tears started coming out of his eyes. He appeared to be extremely uncomfortable. Despite the danger of exposing his identity, he threw a slew of support spells on himself, such as ‘Purification’, ‘Rejuvenation’, ‘Mark of the Wild’, and ‘Underwater Breathing’. Then, he gulped down a bottle of potion which seemed very valuable and was, indeed, very valuable. Only after that did he feel a little better.

Sheyan, who was feeling a lot of pressure on his shoulders, rolled his eyes and took out the googles, gas masks, and other protective gears from a bag he had prepared beforehand and passed them to the other two. Seeing the exaggerated reaction of the old tree, he felt like the preparation he made was a waste of time.

They departed for the first destination on their list of options:

Mount Cook in the Southern Alps in New Zealand.

There, Melody and Sindalor could finally breathe freely, but not without paying a price. Melody’s cute, lovely nose turned red and itchy after a while, like the nose of a person that was allergic to dust. She quickly put on the mask again and would not take it off no matter how hard Senyan persuaded her.

Seeing this development, Senyan could only sigh and cross out the next three destinations on the list: the virgin rainforest in the Amazon River Basin, the villa in the French countryside, and the virgin jungle in the Yarlung Tsangpo River in the southern foothills of the Himalayas.

His last hope was the coniferous forest in the cold zone, specifically, deep in the Greater Khingan Range at the border between China and Russia.

But the last hope burst like a bubble too. Upon arriving there, Melody simply refused to take off her mask, so Sindalor could only take off his with a desperate and tragic expression. He inhaled a little bit of the cold air, then immediately shook his head vehemently like a rattle drum.

“No, no!! Absolutely not! ”

He put his gas mask back on in a hurry. But while Sheyan was sighing in disappointment, the Sacred Oak suddenly froze. The gas mask was still about ten centimetres away from his face, but his action stopped completely, as if he had been frozen in time.

He only recovered his wits after quite a while. The wrinkles on his aged face curled up in shock.

“How can this be! How can this be! How can the Land of Miracles appear in this extremely filthy world?!?!”

Sheyan’s eyes narrowed slightly. Sindalor’s surprise was definitely not an act! The Sacred Oak’s eyes that seemed murky but were in fact, very sharp, were staring towards the northwest!!

The northwest of the Greater Khingan Range!!

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