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The Venerable Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 207 Dragon Swallows the Moon!

Chapter 207 Dragon Swallows the Moon!

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Side effects!

This was the last thought when Ye Xuan was awake.

The sudden change in the hall made Lian Wanli’s mind get blank for a moment. When she came to herself, she felt there was something penetrating her private parts. It was very rough and barbaric…

In a flash.


In a sudden, Ye Xuan flew off hundred meters away from the palace. When he fell on the ground, the ground beneath him cracked immediately. And what cracked with it was the physical body of Ye Xuan.

At this moment, his whole body was split like a spider web. And the blood was overflowing from the cracks of the body. He was engulfed in blood immediately.

Lian Wanli walked out of the palace. Now, she wore a dark red robe with long hair, cold eyes and a long Dragon Falchion in hand. The long Dragon Falchion was 3.3 meters long and weighed at least five hundred kilos with a dragon swallowing the moon carved on it.

Lian Wanli held the Dragon Falchion and walked to Ye Xuan. The falchion was dragged along the ground and every place it touched began to crack.

At this time, Tuoba Xiaoyao suddenly appeared next to Ye Xuan, and she picked up Ye Xuan and ran.

Lian Wanli frowned. When she set out to chase after them, Leng suddenly ran to her, “Your Majesty, did Ye Xuan offend you?”

Lian Wanli looked at Leng, “Why did his disposition change greatly?” Her voice was cold with rage.

Seeing Lian Wanli was really angry, Leng was surprised and lowered her head, “Your Majesty, what Ye Xuan changed were the testicles of the spiritual dragon. The spiritual dragon is born obscene and its balls contain the strongest philter. If a woman gets closer, the philter will automatically enter into his blood. At that time, he may…”

Lian Wanli frowned more tightly, “Why did you change this kind of evil stuff for him?”

Leng glanced at Lian Wanli and said softly, “Your Majesty, you asked me to change something with side effects for him so that he wouldn’t get comfortable…”

In the end, her voice became lower and lower until it became murmuring.

But Lian Wanli heard it clearly.

After hearing the words of Leng, Lian Wanli didn’t say anything more and turned around with the falchion.

Leng suddenly sighed with a relief. It was the first time for her to see Lian Wanli get so angry and she didn’t know what Ye Xuan did…

Tuoba Xiaoyao took Ye Xuan to leave the Imperial Palace. Because Lian Wanli had demanded that no one could stop Tuoba Xiaoyao before, they were unimpeded all the way.

After leaving the Imperial Palace, Tuoba Xiaoyao took Ye Xuan to a deserted shabby house. She lay Ye Xuan on the ground and took out a small purple bottle. She poured a purple Dan Pill from it and fed it to Ye Xuan.

After Ye Xuan swallowed the Dan Pill, a puff of light purple air spread all over his body. Soon, the cracks on his body were recovered at a fast speed.

After seeing this, Tuoba Xiaoyao suddenly sighed with a relief. She turned her head to glance at the Imperial Palace and exclaimed: “Ms. Lian is really strong!”

Then she lowered her head to look at Ye Xuan, “Sword Cultivator, did you do anything bad?”

Ye Xuan did not respond, but he had sobered up a little.

He was close to death when he was thrown out of the palace! If his physical body were not strong enough, he would have been dead!

At that moment, Lian Wanli really wanted to kill him!

But in fact, he was also wronged!

He felt his body was full of blood congestion at that moment. And it was at his weakest time, he couldn’t suppress the heat, so he did something he couldn’t control at that time.

But he didn’t know exactly whether he did it or not…

He seemed to think of something and sat up suddenly. He glanced at his private parts with Sword Eyes. After a moment, he sighed slightly and lay down again.

At this time, Tuoba Xiaoyao pointed at Ye Xuan’s private parts, “Sword Cultivator, are your private parts bleeding? You…”

Ye Xuan hurriedly take out a suit and dressed it on. Oh, my God! The girl didn’t know the prudent reserve between men and women at all!

Tuoba Xiaoyao stared at Ye Xuan, “You are so stingy! It won’t get worse because of a glance!”

Ye Xuan was speechless. How did this girl grow up? She was so heartless!

He didn’t care her anymore and started to heal himself. At this moment, he was surprised to find his wounds had almost already been healed!

Ye Xuan immediately asked, “What kind of Dan Pill did you give me just now?”

Tuoba Xiaoyao was a little proud, “It was Purple Spiritual Dan Pill which is very expensive and one pill costs about two million supreme spiritual stones. And even with these, you cannot buy it sometimes. My father only gives me five pills a month, and now there are only four left!”

Two million supreme spiritual stones!

Ye Xuan was a bit shocked. This was expensive! But it was so effective!

Ye Xuan seemed to think of something, and he suddenly said: “How long have you been out of home?”

Tuoba Xiaoyao thought for a while and said: “Even if I don’t say it, you will know, right?”

Ye Xuan was speechless and he almost jumped up to give her a slap!

Just admit that you didn’t know. Why did you say “Even if I don’t say it, you will know”? How could she joke like this?

At this time, Tuoba Xiaoyao suddenly sat on the ground and hugged her knees with two arms. She was a bit unhappy, “After all, I won’t go back!”

“Why?” Ye Xuan asked curiously.

Tuoba Xiaoyao said coldly: “My father said I was a black sheep. He said I was the No.1 black sheep of our family!”

Ye Xuan asked again, “What did you do?”

There was no expression on Tuoba Xiaoyao’s face, “Nothing important. I just lost a Heaven Class treasure of my family.”

Ye Xuan was stunned. She lost a Heaven Class treasure?

Tuoba Xiaoyao snorted, “I didn’t want to lose it! I just took it out and it ran away itself! It ran away, and I didn’t ask it to do so. My father didn’t blame it yet blamed me instead. Is there any justice? If he were not my father, I would have killed him!”

Killing her father…

Ye Xuan didn’t know what to say.

Obviously, Tuoba Xiaoyao was still a bit discontented. She sat beside Ye Xuan and looked angry, “Sword Cultivator, you are the most honest. Do you think I was to blame? I didn’t let the Heaven Class treasure run away; it really ran by itself. I was also very helpless!”

Ye Xuan thought for a while, and then said: “I understand. Well, it was not all your fault, and the Heaven Class treasure was to blame. Why did it run? If it hadn’t run, there wouldn’t have been any problem. Right?”

Tuoba Xiaoyao looked at Ye Xuan and said seriously: “If my father was as half intelligent as you, I didn’t have to leave home.”

Ye Xuan shook his head and smiled. He decided to try to persuade her, “Since you have been away from home for such a long time, your father must be worried. Do you think so?”

Tuoba Xiaoyao snorted, “If he doesn’t come to me, I won’t go back!”

“Why?” Ye Xuan was a bit puzzled.

Tuoba Xiaoyao said softly: “If I go back immediately, I have no face. So, if he doesn’t come to me, I won’t go back!”

Ye Xuan was speechless with her words.

Tuoba Xiaoyao waved her hands, “Don’t talk about my father any more. This is a sad topic.”

Then, she looked at Ye Xuan, “Ye, is your body almost healed?”

Ye Xuan checked his body and found that he was almost healed to eighty to ninety percent at this moment.

Ye Xuan thought for a while, and then said: “Xiaoyao, what about going with me to Jiang Country? I created Canglan College there, and I am the Dean!”


Tuoba Xiaoyao’s eyes brightened, “You are the Dean?”

Ye Xuan nodded, “You are excellent and if you come to Canglan College, you will at least be a vice dean. What is your idea?”

Tuoba Xiaoyao blinked, “Why am I only a vice dean?”

Ye Xuan said seriously: “As a dean, you have to deal with lots of issues every day and you will feel tired. While, as a vice dean, you don’t have to deal with anything and you will feel relaxed.”

Tuoba Xiaoyao thought for a while, and finally, she said unwillingly: “The vice dean is OK. Anyway, it is also a dean!”

Ye Xuan smiled: “Don’t worry. You will have fun in Cangmu College. Let’s go!”

After that, he left the old house with Tuoba Xiaoyao and went to the Drunken Fairy Building.

After the battle at Cangmu College, people of the whole Qing Continent were talking about it. But because of the sudden exhaustion of Spiritual Qi, there were not many people paying attention to the affairs between Cangmu College and Ye Xuan. Now, people were anxious all over Qing Continent.

Warriors could prolong their life-span through cultivating. But if there was no Spiritual Qi, they could not cultivate, which also meant their life-span could not be prolonged.

People would die without Spiritual Qi!

Now, the price of spiritual stone was rocketing in Qing Continent. Even 3,000 gold coins could not buy one supreme spiritual stone.

Gold coins were devaluing, while the value of supreme spiritual stones was appreciating crazily. The hard currency in Qing Continent was not the gold coin, but the spiritual stone.

In troubled days, many people lost their humanity. So, there were lots of inhumane things like robbery and massacres throughout Qing Continent.

And now, Ye Xuan had to go back to Jiang Country as soon as possible.

Ye Xuan came to the Drunken Fairy Building with Tuoba Xiaoyao and a manager treated him.

The manager bowed to Ye Xuan slightly, “Childe Ye, can I help you?”

Ye Xuan said: “Give me a Cloud Ship, I have to go back to Jiang Country immediately.”

The manager nodded, “Childe Ye, please wait for a moment. I will arrange it and it will take at most a quarter.”

Then, he turned and left.

Ye Xuan turned his face to Tuoba Xiaoyao who was sitting on a chair and looking around, as if absorbed in thought.

“What are you thinking about?” Ye Xuan asked.

Tuoba Xiaoyao ran to Ye Xuan, and whispered: “The Drunken Fairy Building is rich, what about robbing it?”

Ye Xuan was shocked.

At this time, Tuoba Xiaoyao and Ye Xuan changed their facial expressions immediately. And the next moment, they disappeared at the same time. And later they reappear outside of the Drunken Fairy Building which collapsed instantly.

There was a man in black cloak standing above the ruins of Drunken Fairy Building in the sky, throttling an old man with his right hand!

It was the manager of the Drunken Fairy Building!

The man looked at the manager, and grinned. His smile was dangerous, “I rushed here from the Central Divine Continent, and you told me there were only two million supreme spiritual stones in the Drunken Fairy Building? Are you kidding me?”

As he said, his hands began to squeeze harder. The face of the manager immediately began to turn purple and he was struggling to breathe.

At this time, Ye Xuan, standing not far away suddenly said: “Hey man, let him go, OK?”

The man in the cloak turned his head to glance at Ye Xuan. The next moment, he squeezed with more strength.


The manager’s neck was broken directly!

The man in the cloak stretched his hand and the manager fell on the ground breathless. The man in the cloak looked at Ye Xuan and grinned, “I’ve let go of him!”

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