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The Venerable Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 208 Who Dares to Touch Her?

Chapter 208 Who Dares to Touch Her?

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Ye Xuan stood there in silence.

In this turbulent world, if one didn’t have strength, he had no choice but to be killed by others. He could not choose life or death, honor or humiliation at all.

This was the reality!

The man in the cloak opposite Ye Xuan glanced at him, and there was a hint of ridicule on his mouth corner, “Why did a blind man try to become a meddler? Look at yourself, you are over-confident.”

After that, he suddenly rushed straight to Ye Xuan.

At this time, Ye Xuan disappeared.

A glimpse of sword light flashed across the field.


There was a cracking noise.

After a moment, it became quiet.

Ye Xuan appeared where the man in the cloak had stood, while the position of the man in the cloak was exchanged with Ye Xuan.

The two were about 20 meters away from each other!

The entire right arm of the man in the cloak was gone and blood was spurting from his shoulder. His face was pale, looking serious.

While Ye Xuan was intact. But no one knew when there was a sword in his hand!

Ye Xuan turned to walk to the man in the cloak. The man also turned around. He stared at Ye Xuan, “You are also from the Central Divine Continent!”

Ye Xuan did not respond. He took the sword and walked several meters in front of the man in the cloak. When he was about to say something, a nail hammer smashed on the man’s head directly.


The head of the man in the cloak was cracked and he died instantly.

Ye Xuan was stunned for a while, and then he turned to Tuoba Xiaoyao, “I haven’t said anything!”

Tuoba Xiaoyao waved her right hand and the nail hammer flew back to her. She glanced at Ye Xuan, “You can also say it now! And you can say anything, because he can’t resist any more.”

Ye Xuan: “…”

At this time, Tuoba Xiaoyao walked to Ye Xuan suddenly and whispered: “Do you think I am a bit violent?”

Ye Xuan was speechless. She was not a bit violent. She was very violent, OK?

Tuoba Xiaoyao replied innocently: “My dad said a girl should know how to protect herself when she is out alone. If she doesn’t pretend to be violent, it is easy for her to be bullied. So, I am very careful when I am out. If I find someone is a threat to me, I will kill him with the hammer. If a blow doesn’t work, I will smash him twice. I won’t stop until he is dead!”

She said it seriously. Obviously, she had always done like this.

Ye Xuan forced a smile. Although the girl looked naughty, she was very dangerous.

Without thinking too much, he waved his right hand, and the Store-ring of the man in the cloak flew to his hand immediately. Ye Xuan glanced at the Store-ring and was a bit surprised. Because the man had two million Supreme spiritual stones. More importantly, he also had a Bright Class sword! There were many other things worth about ten million to twenty million gold coins.

He earned a little!

Ye Xuan divided these things with Tuoba Xiaoyao. She became very happy immediately because she earned one million Supreme spiritual stones again!

As for the Bright Class sword, it belonged to Ye Xuan!

At this time, an old man suddenly appeared not far away from Ye Xuan and Tuoba Xiaoyao. He was Sixth Floorlord of Drunken Fairy Building.

But now, there was blood on the lips of Sixth Floorlord. Obviously, he was injured.

Sixth Floorlord glanced at the nearby ruins, looking cold and he seemed to think of something. He looked at Ye Xuan beside him, “Childe Ye, thank you for your help!”

Ye Xuan walked to Sixth Floorlord, “Predecessor, did Drunken Fairy Building get into any trouble?”

Sixth Floorlord nodded, “My friend, you must know the ultimate source of the whole Qing Cang World has now been damaged, especially Qing Continent. Because of the lack of Spiritual Qi, many people start to make troubles. The Central Divine Continent hasn’t been that disordered due to the protection of barrier-guardians. So, most of the people don’t dare to anything brazenly. But…”

Speaking of this, he shook his head and sighed, “But there was no order in Qing Continent and the Canglan Continent at all. Some powers and mercenaries in the Central Divine Continent have transferred their target to Qing Continent and Canglan Continent. They want to make a fortune in the turbulent days.”

“Doesn’t Qing Continent have barrier-guardians?” Tuoba Xiaoyao asked suddenly.

Sixth Floorlord shook his head slightly, “I have been informed that because there were not enough people in Central Divine Continent, the Barrier-guardian Alliance has called all the barrier-guardians in Qing Continent and Canglan Continent back to the Central Divine Continent. And because of this, some powers in the Central Divine Continent transferred their object to Qing Continent and Canglan Continent. And Drunken Fairy Building undoubtedly is their main target.”

Tuoba Xiaoyao nodded, “Well, Drunken Fairy Building is so rich that even I want to rob it!”

Sixth Floorlord didn’t want to say anything.

Ye Xuan was speechless. How could the girl say that!

Tuoba Xiaoyao didn’t notice there was anything wrong in her words, and she just said what she thought. So, she asked again, “Drunken Fairy Building is not small in the Central Divine Continent. Didn’t you send strong men to guard it?”

Ye Xuan turned to Sixth Floorlord. What Tuoba Xiaoyao asked was what he wanted to know.

Sixth Floorlord forced a smile, “Now the headquarters are busy enough with their own affairs, how would they spare energy to manage Qing Continent or Canglan Continent? I have negotiated with Seventh Floorlord and Fifth Floorlord that if necessary, we can only temporarily close Drunken Fairy Building in Qing Continent!”


Ye Xuan frowned slightly, “Isn’t it a heavy loss?”

The smile on Sixth Floorlord’s face was bitterer, “We have no choice. Now various clan sects, aristocratic families, individual cultivators, and even some marvels on the Marvel List have come to Qing Continent to pillage. In face of these people, Drunken Fairy Building is helpless.”

Ye Xuan thought for a while, and then said: “Predecessor, what about that? You don’t have to close Drunken Fairy Building in Jiang Country, and the staff and materials of Drunken Fairy Building in other countries can be sent to Jiang Country. As for the security of Drunken Fairy Building, let Canglan College guard it!”

Sixth Floorlord looked straight at Ye Xuan, “My friend, do you know you will make Jiang Country the target of all other countries and even the target of numerous clan sects and aristocratic families?”

Ye Xuan nodded, “I know!”

Sixth Floorlord couldn’t understand him, “Then why?”

Ye Xuan smiled: “Drunk Fairy Building has helped me several times. Now since it is in trouble, how can I stand by? I can’t guarantee the security of Drunken Fairy Building, but I am willing to go hand in hand with Drunken Fairy Building.”

For Ye Xuan, a man couldn’t forget hatred, but more importantly, a man couldn’t forget kindness.

He would never forget who was bad to him. And similarly, he would never forget who was good to him!

Sixth Floorlord looked at Ye Xuan and there was a hint of complexity in his eyes. In fact, when Drunken Fairy Building helped Ye Xuan, he was against it. Because Ye Xuan was in a mess at that time, and if Drunken Fairy Building got involved, it would end up in a fatal catastrophe.

Although he was against him, he didn’t say anything when others decided to favor Ye Xuan. And now, the decision Drunken Fairy Building had made at that time proved right. It didn’t mean Ye Xuan’s help this time, instead, it meant Ye Xuan’s talent and potential. Because Ye Xuan would definitely go far with his talent and potential in the future.

How far Ye Xuan would go in the future determined how much Drunken Fairy Building would benefit from him.

Regardless of the future, at present, Drunken Fairy Building in Qing Continent could benefit from him. Because Dayun Empire and Canglan College were the two biggest powers in Qing Continent. Canglan College had Ye Xuan and Canglan Warriors. If headquarters of Drunken Fairy Building didn’t send people here, Drunken Fairy Building could not match Canglan College at all in Qing Continent.

Today’s Canglan College was so strong, especially the Canglan Warriors, which they would not lose to the warriors of Drunken Fairy Building in the Central Divine Continent!

After a negotiation with Ye Xuan, Sixth Floorlord immediately went to inform branches of Drunken Fairy Building in Qing Continent to rush to Jiang Country.

While Ye Xuan embarked on the Cloud Ship with Tuoba Xiaoyao to rush to Jiang Country.

Ye Xuan and Tuoba Xiaoyao stood at the bow of the Cloud Ship. There was a broad river under the ship. On both sides of the river were tall mountains and birds flew over the mountains from time to time.

Tuoba Xiaoyao stretched her arms on the mast overlooking the landscape below. She got lost from her staring, absorbed in thinking.

Ye Xuan gently dragged her sleeve, “What are you thinking about?”

Tuoba Xiaoyao turned to Ye Xuan, “I have been out for several days, and my father hasn’t come to me. Is he going to have a new child?”

Ye Xuan didn’t know how to respond her.

Tuoba Xiaoyao got angry immediately: “It must be like this! I know he must have a new child! Humph! I knew he didn’t like me for a long time! He said I was the spendthrift! Spendthrift! Isn’t his home my home? Is there any problem if I spend the money of my own home? I didn’t get angry, why did he get angry?”

Ye Xuan shook his head. The girl’s logic was terrible!

He couldn’t follow her!

Tuoba Xiaoyao suddenly made a soft sigh, “My father is so picky when he has got such an excellent daughter like me. I feel shameful for him.”

Ye Xuan: “…”

Tuoba Xiaoyao shook her head, “I won’t think about him anymore!”

The he turned to Ye Xuan, “Ye, there is also a Canglan College in the Central Divine Continent. Is there any relationship between our Canglan College and that one?”

Ye Xuan shook his head, “There is no relationship. We are who we are, and they are who they are!”

Tuoba Xiaoyao blinked, “You want to do it alone?”

Ye Xuan smiled: “Sort of!”

Tuoba Xiaoyao gave a thumbs-up at Ye Xuan, “You are brave. No wonder you could find my excellence at the first sight. It proves that as the friend of mine, you are not as excellent as me, but also not bad.”

Ye Xuan shook his head and smiled. This girl said as if she was praising others, but in fact, she didn’t realize that all her words were about herself! She was so confident and strong!

Just at this moment, a man suddenly appeared in front of the Cloud Ship. The man had large black wings which were as big as those of a roc.

And there were three Cloud Ships behind the man!

The man glanced at Ye Xuan and Tuoba Xiaoyao, “Are you from the Central Divine Continent?”

Before Ye Xuan opened his mouth, Tuoba Xiaoyao became excited suddenly: “Are you coming here to rob us?”

Ye Xuan: “…”

The man glanced at Tuoba Xiaoyao, and there was a hint of dread in his eyes, “You are joking.”


That was how the man felt about Ye Xuan and Tuoba Xiaoyao!

When Tuoba Xiaoyao found the man was not here to rob them, she lost interest suddenly. She leaned against the mast and played with the nail hammer in her hands. Sometimes she glanced at the man. No one knew what she was thinking about.

Since she followed Ye Xuan, she had been a bit addicted to robbery!

At this time, the man suddenly said: “Are you going to Ning Country?”

“Ning Country?”

Ye Xuan frowned slightly, “What do you mean?”

The man was a little surprised, “Don’t you know? It’s said that Tuoba Yan, the queen of Ning Country, was born with a bewitching body. If someone sleeps with her, then his strength will be largely improved! Hehuan Clan and Huanxiao Sect have gone to Ning Country to catch her for the purpose of making her into a furnace.”

Speaking of this, the man smiled evilly, “It’s said the queen of Ning Country is very beautiful and she is a rare beauty. If I can…”

The man’s voice stopped suddenly, because a sword had penetrated his head!

The man stared at Ye Xuan in panic. Ye Xuan looked cold with hatred in his eyes. He held the sword in the right hand and stabbed forward. He said furiously: “Who dares to touch my woman!”

After the words, he held the sword to cut the man.


The man’s head flew out instantly!

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