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The Venerable Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 209 Go Away!

Chapter 209 Go Away!

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The man’s head flew out far away with his eyes wide open. Obviously, he didn’t die in peace.

In the air, Tuoba Xiaoyao waved her hand and the man’s Store-ring suddenly flew to her palm. Instead of the ring, she looked at Ye Xuan not far away, who was holding Lingxiu Sword with blood dripping, and his conceptual killing skill was as real.

Tuoba Xiaoyao walked up to Ye Xuan and said gently, “Ye, what’s wrong?”

Ye Xuan shook his head, “We don’t go back to Jiang Country for the moment, let’s go to Ning Country!”

After that, he turned around to the Cloud Ship. At this time, more than ten people of God-allied Realm suddenly rushed out from three Cloud Ships not far away!

They were so fast that within a few seconds they had come around Ye Xuan as well as Tuoba Xiaoyao and surrounded them.

A young man holding a spear came out of these people. He first glanced at Tuoba Xiaoyao and then Ye Xuan, “You killed my man?”

Ye Xuan turned to face the young man, “Any problem?”

The young man squinted his eyes slightly, “I think you must come from the Central Divine Continent too. I, Wu Jun, also knew some people there, even some on the Marvel List.”

Ye Xuan pointed at the sky with his sword, “Go away!”

The young man’s eyes were squinted more with a ray of coldness, “You don’t give us face? In this case…”

At this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly jumped with a sword strike.

With his pupils constricted, the young man stabbed his spear upwards suddenly like the thunder in the sky.

The sword came!


When the spear and the sword touched each other, it was like the roaring thunder spreading to the sky. At the same time, a figure retreated from the sky again and again and wherever it passed, the physical body directly tore and smashed the air!

This figure was just the young man.

He retreated for over 100 meters. As he just stopped, his spear directly cracked and blood spilt from the corner of his mouth.

The young man looked at Ye Xuan solemnly.

Ye Xuan was about to fight once more when the young man suddenly said, “Please wait, we’ll leave now!”

After that, he turned around and ran away at an extremely fast speed, and disappeared at the end of the sky within very short time. People surrounding Ye Xuan and Tuoba Xiaoyao also fled away quickly.

Ye Xuan didn’t chase them, because he didn’t want to waste any time now. His top priority was to go to Ning Country as soon as possible!

Although Ning Country was powerful in Qing Continent, compared with the clan sects and aristocratic families in the Central Divine Continent, it was still far behind!

He must go to Ning Country as soon as possible!

Soon, Ye Xuan and Tuoba Xiaoyao went back to the Cloud Ship heading for Ning Country.

After they left, the young man Wu Jun and other people stopped and all of them looked very serious.

Especially Wu Jun, if he had not tried his best when fighting with Ye Xuan, that strike would be strong enough to kill him!

Beside him, a man asked, “Who was that sword cultivator? It was so horrible!”

Wu Jun shook his head, “I don’t know! I’m afraid this person has reached the level of Sword Lord. Even in the Central Divine Continent, a Sword Lord at this age must be very famous. But I never heard of him before. Or, is he from Qing Continent?”

The man next to Wu Jun shook his head, “How can there be such a man in the small place like Qing Continent?”

Wu Jun said icily, “How could it not be possible? Isn’t An Lanxiu from Qing Continent?”

An Lanxiu!

Hearing this name, everyone was very serious.

This name now was a household name in the Central Divine Continent!

After a while, Wu Jun shook his head, “Anyway, we should be very careful. Later you investigate the marvels in Qing Continent, as detailed as possible. In this world, we should be clear who can be killed and who can’t!”

The other people nodded and soon disappeared.

On the Cloud Ship.

Ye Xuan and Tuoba Xiaoyao stood at the ship’s bow. Ye Xuan was thinking about something, his face looking serious.

Tuoba Xiaoyao pulled his sleeve and said gently, “Ye, don’t worry. We are heading towards there and we can arrive in time!”

Ye Xuan nodded his head slightly, “I hope so!”

Speaking of this, he seemed to realize something and turned around to Tuoba Xiaoyao, “Xiaoyao, do the clan sects and aristocratic families in the Central Divine Continent all act recklessly like this?”

Tuoba Xiaoyao shook her little head, “Of course they dare not in the Central Divine Continent, because people who can live there are not ordinary. If they act recklessly like this, they will be killed by other people sooner or later. In addition, there are barrier-guardians above who are insatiably avaricious, but can deter them.”

Speaking of this, she slightly paused and then said, “The main reason why they act so recklessly in Qing Continent is that they despised it from the bottom of their hearts, considering Qing Continent and Canglan Continent as lands of barbarians, and the culture of the Martial Arts Tao in these two continents is indeed no match for that in the Central Divine Continent. In addition, the barrier-guardians of Qing Continent have already gone to the Central Divine Continent. So, they dare act outrageously here.”

Ye Xuan nodded and said gently, “Understood!”

Tuoba Xiaoyao said again, “As for the Hehuan Clan and Huanxiao Sect, I heard of them before. These two forces are kind of influential in the Central Divine Continent, but the reputation is bad because they like catching women everywhere and refining them as furnaces to cultivate. This kind of cultivating method is similar with the Magic Tao. Actually, it belongs to Magic Tao. However, there are many masters of Magic Tao in the Barrier-guardian Alliance, therefore, if these forces don’t go too far, normally they are safe!”

The Magic Tao!

Ye Xuan’s frowned, “There’s a Magic Tao?”

Tuoba Xiaoyao said, “Of course, besides, there are Monster Tao and even Ghost Tao. Anyway, they are very complicated. As for the Hehuan Clan and Huanxiao Sect, they are not good people, and if we meet them later, just kill them!”

Ye Xuan: “…”

Under the direction of Ye Xuan, the Cloud Ship speeded up and headed to Ning Country!

Along the way, they also encountered many Cloud Ships, where most of them were mercenaries, some of whom were not very strong, while some were so strong that even Ye Xuan felt a little dangerous.

The destination of all of them was Ning Country!

Ning Country was at least a country. If the country’s leader died, the amount of wealth in this country would be extremely shocking!

They were all in a hurry for fear that they couldn’t get any share if they were late.

During this period, there were some conflicts between these Cloud Ships. However, basically no one came to cause trouble for Ye Xuan and Tuoba Xiaoyao.

Because Tuoba Xiaoyao just stood on the ship’s bow, whenever she saw a Cloud Ship passing by, she would wave and shout, “Are you robbers? I have a lot of money…”

Meanwhile, she also took out lots of weapons of True Class and spiritual stones of Jade Class…

However, what made Ye Xuan stunned was that nobody made her trouble even though she was so ostentatious!

They dared not!

For those who dared ask other people to rob them recklessly, there were only two kinds of people: one who was an idiot and was abnormal, while the other was the very powerful person who had absolute confidence. Though Tuoba Xiaoyao looked a little abnormal, after seeing her defeating a master of God-allied Realm with only one stroke of hammer, the people around no longer wanted to rob her.

She absolutely pretended to be fragile!

Seeing that those people didn’t rob her, Tuoba Xiaoyao was a little bit depressed!

Ye Xuan suddenly asked, “Why don’t you rob them?”

Tuoba Xiaoyao rolled her eyes towards Ye Xuan, “My dad said that we should not attack others unless we were attacked by them. They didn’t rob me, so it would be a little embarrassed to rob them. However, if they attack me first, I won’t feel embarrassed to kill them!”

Ye Xuan was a little speechless for her need of a rational reason to rob. However, what she said did make sense.

We shouldn’t attack others unless we were attacked by them!

Although Ye Xuan was a bandit, if others didn’t attack him first, he wouldn’t rob them!

Speaking of this, he and Tuoba Xiaoyao were the same kind of people!

Seeming to remember something, Ye Xuan suddenly faced Tuoba Xiaoyao, “No, Xiaoyao, you hit me first before and I didn’t attacked you!”

Tuoba Xiaoyao blinked her eyes, “Did I?”

Ye Xuan nodded seriously, “Yes!”

Tuoba Xiaoyao thought about it for a moment and then said seriously, “This problem is very serious. I think we can temporarily let it go and talk about it later!”

Ye Xuan: “…”

Seeing that Ye Xuan didn’t say anything else, Tuoba Xiaoyao took a sigh of relief. In fact, she didn’t want to kill Ye Xuan but stopped him, for doing so she could get money. The reason why she showed that she wanted to kill him was that girls should pretend to be aggressive away from home!

If not, they would be easily bullied by others! This was what his dad told her!

The Cloud Ship was faster and got closer to Ning Country.

Ning Country.

At the moment, many strangers came to the Imperial Capital. After they entered, they did all kinds of evil things such as robbery, killing and raping…

For these people, they could do anything they wanted with their powerful strength and no resistance!

But Ning Country didn’t stand by. The Guards of Imperial Palace and the most powerful Jinwu Guards in Ning Country were sent to suppress the masters from the Central Divine Continent who entered the city.

Unfortunately, the effect wasn’t great, because in the city the strength of army was greatly reduced. Besides, the strength of these people was extremely powerful, so Ning Country was more chaotic! Some of the mercenaries from the Central Divine Continent even rushed to the Imperial Palace…

In the palace hall, Tuoba Yan sat on a dragon chair and her face was extremely gloomy. Behind her were an old woman and an old man.

At this time, a man in black entered the hall. He kneeled down on one knee, “Your Majesty, some strong men from the Central Divine Continent are attacking the Imperial Palace in all directions. We’ve lost the northern part and we can only keep the southern gate for at most an hour…”


Another man in black rushed in and kneeled down on one knee, “Your Majesty, Li Family, Yue Family and Feng Family in the city have all risen in rebellion blatantly and participated in the attack on the Imperial Palace!”

On the dragon chair, Tuoba Yan clenched her fists tightly. Her expression was serious and no one knew what she was thinking about.

On the Cloud Ship, Ye Xuan standing at the bow of the ship suddenly said, “Xiaoyao, guard me. No one is allowed to enter my room!”

After that, he returned to his room.

After entering the room, he immediately came to the Prison World Tower. He unfolded his right hand and eight swords appeared in front of him.

After a silent pause, Ye Xuan took a sword and violently stuck it into his body…

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