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The Venerable Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 210 Humanity in the World of Chaos!

Chapter 210 Humanity in the World of Chaos!

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Before swallowing the sword, Ye Xuan was actually hesitant, because the eight swords as flying swords could greatly enhance his fighting power. But on the other hand, no matter how powerful the eight swords were, they could not be used to kill the strong men of All-methods Realm.

To kill the strong men of All-methods Realm, you could only break through to the God-allied Realm!

Due to Cangmu College and the Dark World before, he did not dare to break through to the God-allied Realm, because once he succeeded, the strong men at the All-methods Realm of Cangmu College and the Dark World could defeat him without moving back to the lower realm.

In addition, his realm was not so stable before, so he chose not to break through to the God-allied Realm. However, after the battle in Cangmu College, he had reached his limit, especially for Tao of the Sword, he had a new understanding!

For him, the time had come!

After devouring a sword, Ye Xuan suddenly felt that countless energy was radiating from his body. Soon, the Lingxiu Sword in his body shook a little. In an instant, these energies flowed like a tide toward the Lingxiu Sword. After the spirit of the sword was swallowed in almost a quarter of an hour, some of the purer energy came out of the sword, and then dispersed toward his limbs.

The God-allied Realm.

The so-called God-allied Realm was actually the perfect fusion of the flesh and the soul. The flesh and soul were like five fingers which were naturally connected. However, this did not mean that the five fingers could be used flexibly.

The soul was naturally connected to the body, but it could be further.

It was also called the God-allied Realm!

Once reaching the God-allied realm, the flesh and the soul went further, and the cultivator would reach qualitative transformation.

What Ye Xuan was doing was to let his body and soul go further and change again.

After about an hour, Ye Xuan swallowed another sword.

In the Prison World Tower, Ye Xuan’s breath began to get stronger and stronger…

Outside the Prison World Tower, on the Cloud Ship, Tuoba Xiaoyao was a bit bored. She sat on the bow with two feet floating outside the ship.

At this moment, a Cloud Ship suddenly came from the rear. It went so fast that in a short while, it exceeded the Cloud Ship she was riding with Ye Xuan. Tuoba Xiaoyao turned around to look at the Cloud Ship where stood a man in silk clothes.

The man’s clothes looked expensive, in a brocade robe, and a spiritual jade with faint luster on his waist. He was either from a rich or a royal family.

Seeming to notice the gaze of Tuoba Xiaoyao, the man suddenly turned his head and looked at her. When he saw Tuoba Xiaoyao, the man’s eyes lit up. Then he gently pressed his right hand, and the fast Cloud Ship suddenly slowed down.

The man looked at Tuoba Xiaoyao and smiled a little, “Would you mind telling your name?”

Tuoba Xiaoyao said calmly: “What’s up?”

The man smiled and said: “When I see you at the beginning, I feel that you come from the heaven. To be honest, I want to make friends with you. I am wondering if you could agree!”


Tuoba Xiaoyao blinked, “Do you want to be friends with me?”

The man nodded. “It’ll be lucky for me to have you as my friend!”

Tuoba Xiaoyao looked at the man and said: “Want to be friends with me? Don’t you show something for me?”

Show something…

The man’s expression was slightly stiff. After a while, he seemed to think of something with the corner of his lips curved. The woman who could be hooked by money was easy to deal with! It could save a lot of trouble!

The man pointed his finger, and a card flew to Tuoba Xiaoyao. “In this card, there are 500,000 gold coins, which is my gift for meeting you!”

500,000 gold coins!

Tuoba Xiaoyao took a look at the card, then shook her head and sighed. “No wonder my father said that in the world, true friends are hard to find. To make friends with me, Ye had spent hundreds of millions of coins… It seems that he is my true friend.”

As she was saying, she pointed her finger, then the card flew to the man, “Just go! I only make friends with good eye, like Ye. As for you, you are too poor! I don’t want to be friends with you!”

The men squinted his eyes a little. “You don’t want to give me face?”

The sound was a bit cold, with a hint of threat.

Hearing the words, Tuoba Xiaoyao turned her head and looked at the man. Without any nonsense, she slammed out with the hammer.

The expression of the man in the brocade changed, then, he retreated to the left for dozens of meters with his body trembling. The ship that he was originally on was instantly cracked and turned into powder!

Seeing this scene, the face of the man was a little pale!

When the expert took a shot, the identity was revealed. He knew that he had offended someone who should not be offended!

The man quickly greeted Tuoba Xiaoyao with a slight bow, “I didn’t know who you are and had done so much to offend you, I hope you’ll forgive me.”

Tuoba Xiaoyao extended her little hand. “You can go but leave your things here.”

The man: “…”

One day later.

Imperial Capital in Ning Country.

At the moment, the Imperial Capital of Ning Country had already been in chaos.

Because too many cultivators of the Central Divine Continent had come here, and the ordinary soldier could do nothing to deal with them!

But this was not the main reason. The main reason was that along the Qing Continent border, the Spiritual Qi was exhausted and the people were ruleless. Especially in the Imperial Capital of Ning Country, the Spiritual Qi was dissipating at an alarming rate every day. At the beginning, it was suppressed by the Royal Family of Ning Country, and the city was almost stable with no big trouble!

However, when these cultivators in the Central Divine Continent entered the Imperial Capital, the situation suddenly lost control! Because the average soldier couldn’t defeat those who came from the Central Divine Continent.

Seeing the chaos in the city caused by these people from the Central Divine Continent, some people in the city could not stand it. As a result, the whole city was gradually in chaos.

Not only was the city in chaos, but also the Imperial Palace of Ning Country was in jeopardy at the moment.

At this time in the Imperial Palace, the two city gates were forced to open by cultivators of the Central Divine Continent.

There are mercenaries, aristocratic family members, and individual cultivators!

And the reason why they came to Qing Continent from afar was to make a fortune.

Crazy plunder!

This was what they intended to do! This was also what they wanted to do!

Besides cultivators of the Central Divine Continent, there were also some cultivators from Ning Country. These people consisted of individual cultivators and normal cultivators, and more cultivators came from aristocratic families. In the territory of Ning Country, Ning Family was undoubtedly the largest aristocratic family. In addition, there were some other aristocratic families. However they did not choose to stand with Ning Country at the most critical moment in Ning Country, but chose to fish in troubled waters.

In the eyes of these families and countless people, Ning Country was bound to die!

Because Hehuan Clan and Huanxiao Sect from the Central Divine Continent would make a move against the royal family.

Ning Country was strong in Qing Continent, but compared with those powers in the Central Divine Continent, the gap was still not small.

Coupled with the exhaustion of Spiritual Qi, Ning Country was in a desperate situation.

In this case, everyone wanted to share a piece of cake. After all, it was a country, and its wealth was definitely amazing.

In the palace hall of Ning Country, Tuoba Yan was still sitting on the dragon chair. Behind her, the old woman and the black-robed old man stood quietly, and in front of her left and right stood about 30 guards wearing heavy armors and holding swords.

Jinwu Guardian!

These 30 people are the elite soldiers selected among Jinwu Guardian. All of them were experienced in combat and were regarded as the strongest in Ning Country.

Tuoba Yan sat on the dragon chair with no expression.

The old woman behind her suddenly stood up, “Your Majesty, let’s go first!”


Tuoba Yan said calmly: “The goal of the two clan sects is me, where can I go?”

The old woman said: “We two are determined to devote our lives and protect you to leave safely!”

“What about the people in the city and these soldiers?” Tuoba Yan chuckled, “Am I going to abandon them?”

In the hall, 30 elite Jinwu Guardians squatted, “We are honored to die for you!”

Tuoba Yan shook her head slightly, “I can’t abandon the people of the city and my soldiers!”

Then she stood up, “Go. Let’s go and see these people from the Central Divine Continent.”

After that, she had already walked out of the hall, followed by 30 Jinwu Guardians.

In the hall, the old woman and the old man looked at each other and signed. Then they followed her out.

Outside the hall, the entire palace had fallen, because strong people of the All-methods Realm had already taken a move.

In the palace, all the soldiers retreated to the entrance of the main hall, and in front of these soldiers were more than 100 strongmen from the Central Divine Continent, among whom were three cultivators of the All-methods Realm! In addition, there were more than 200 people around, most of whom were native cultivators of Ning Country.

The reason why the palace was fallen so fast was actually because of thousands of the strongmen of the All-methods Realm. Usually, the strongmen of the All-methods Realm were reluctant to make their move, especially when it came to the destruction of a country, but now, as Qing Continent had no guardians, these people would not have any scruples!

In front of the group of strong people in the Central Divine Continent stood a middle-aged man with heavy makeup and an old man.

The middle-aged man wore a red robe with a thick makeup on his face, who was very glamorous. The old man wore a big red robe which was painted with some naked men and women.

At the moment, both of them were staring at Tuoba Yan among the soldiers who was not far away. Both of them looked greedy and sinful.

The middle-aged man suddenly laughed evilly, “It’s really the sexy body. If her potential was developed, hehe…”

The skinny old man grinned. “Really, the rare sexy body, I’m willing to die for it, haha…”

At this moment, the old woman behind Tuoba Yan suddenly stood up. “My Queen makes friends with Ye Xuan, the National Warrior in Jiang Country, and I’m here to ask you to give us face!”

“Ye Xuan?”

The middle-aged man frowned, “Who’s that? I have never heard of it!”

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