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The World Online (Web Novel) - Chapter 1318 - Final system update

Chapter 1318 - Final System Update

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

There was no such thing as regret in this world!

The Persian army that was in charge of escorting Ogedai’s forces back stopped a thousand meters away from the gates. Only a single general and a squadron of guards proceeded toward the city gate.


Wang Jian turned around and headed down the city wall.

Following which, the city gates were opened, and Wang Jian and his group walked out.

To ensure the safety of the hand over, the West Asia warzone had made sufficient preparation. Apart from the defending troops formed up at the city wall, there were many cannons in the nearby mountains.

They aimed to prevent the Persian Empire from trying anything funny.

Although the chances of such a thing happening was low, they had to guard against such a event.


The Persian general greeted them first.

Wang Jian looked over to see an old general that was thin but tall. He was wearing full body armor and had an eye-catching yellow beard.

Based on their intel, this person was Xerxes, and he was the east border commander of the Persian Empire.


Wang Jian nodded expressionlessly.

If nothing went wrong, the next time these two met, they would be enemies on the battlefield.

Xerxes seemed to understood that too. The two generals were sizing up one another, and the air permeated with killing intent.

“Sign the agreement!” Wang Jian opened his mouth and said.

Both sides had obtained permission from their respective Imperial Courts to sign the handing over agreement.

Xerxes asked, “Where is the ransom?”

In the agreement, the ransom column did not include a specific amount, which meant that Great Xia could give the Persian Empire any amount of Great Xia’s choosing.

Wang Jian smiled and took out a single gold coin. He acted solemn as he said, “Here!”

Looking at the gold coin, humiliation and anger flashed across Xerxes’s face. Great Xia setting the ransom amount at one gold was undoubtedly an insult to the Persian Empire.

After struggling for a moment, Xerxes held it in and expressionlessly took the coin and handed over a set of the agreement.

After Wang Jian signed it, the agreement would be effective immediately.

All the changes to Xerxes’s expression were caught by Wang Jian. His heart sank. This general’s experience and ability to swallow anger made Wang Jian even warier of this neighboring country.

The following matters were really simple.

Ogedai and his generals were handed over first and locked up in the jail in South City Pass. The remaining soldiers were handed over squadron by squadron and sent into the pass.

For safety’s sake, the entire process lasted for two days.

Every time the pass accepted a batch of prisoners, they would move them to the back to ensure the smooth passageway of the pass.

However, unbeknownst to outsiders, Ogedai died in jail that night. The one in charge of monitoring him was Wang Jian. Of course, Ouyang Shuo had instructed him to do so.

If not, no matter how bold Wang Jian was, he would not dare to take matters into his own hands.

Of the remaining soldiers, those with injuries were sent to the military doctors for treatment. After settling them down, some were directly sent back home while others were moved into the Xijiang or Xikang construction formations.

A single gold coin for 150 thousand strong young laborer, Great Xia had not lost out.

Through this move, the Imperial Court could also buy over the hearts of the Mongol people to a certain extent, killing two birds with one stone.

In the blink of an eye, winter arrived.

The global battlefield was silent, having entered a rare resting period.

Thanks to Great Xia’s interference, the Dawson Dynasty proceeded really slowly in the Mayan Battlefield. Prior to the resting period, they had basically made no progress, making Jack feel really depressed.

The European battlefield was still stuck in a precarious situation. In particular, the Great Xia firearms sent to the Ottoman Dynasty allowed the strong Ottoman race to hold off the pressure from the frontlines.

This winter was a really important one for the Ottoman Dynasty.

In Africa, the Bantu Dynasty was really aggressive, fighting a life or death battle with the Dawson Dynasty in the Angola region.

Now, it was up to the determination of the Bantu Dynasty.

Before the New Year, the Bantu Empire ordered a 20 million gold firearm deal from Great Xia. As such, one could see the massive ambitions of the Bantu Dynasty.

Although Ouyang Shuo was wary of them, he still accepted the deal in the end.

Meanwhile, Ashoka surprised Ouyang Shuo. Who knows what Ashoka was planning with the India battlefield, but he did not throw the one million war prisoners onto the battlefield after redeeming them.

It was like the one million troops had not even appeared.

There would definitely be a good show in the India battlefield next year.

12th month, 25th day, the westerner’s Christmas arrived. On the America and European battlefields, the soldiers spent an unforgettable Christmas in the trenches.

After Christmas, the 8th year of Gaia came to an end.

Gaia 8th year, 12th month, 30th day, a System Notification sounded out across the world.

“World Notification: Earth Online has run for 8 years, and the game will now go through its ninth and final system update, effective immediately. As for the specifics, please check the official forums.”

The moment this notification sounded out, the world fell totally silent.

Unknowingly, the game had passed its 8th anniversary. Every yearly update had been a huge event that affected the whole world.

Some of the updates had massive consequences.

No one had expected that this would be the final system update. This also meant that in the 9th year of Gaia, 10th year of Gaia, and even in the foreseeable future, there would be no rule changes.

It seemed that Gaia was trying to reduce its interference with the game world.

Imperial Capital.

Ouyang Shuo shook off the random thoughts in his head and logged onto the official forums to check out the system update.

1. Removing system update.

From today on, regardless of the achievements of the players, Gaia will not publish any System Notifications. The relevant achievements will only be posted online.

This was also a crucial step toward the game world becoming real.

The System Notification was convenient, but it gave players the impression that Gaia was everywhere and could control the information that everyone received.

This was not a good experience.

The privacy of the players needed to be sufficiently protected.

When needed, the relevant notices would appear as messages or emails on the communication compass for players to read; that would also be quite convenient.

2. Removing a portion of the teleportation formations.

From today on, each game region (the region specified at the start), can only keep one teleportation formation.

With Great Xia and China as an example, if Ouyang Shuo chose to keep the formation in the Capital City, the nine imperial cities would all lose their teleportation formations.

This had a relatively great influence on Great Xia.

The only part that made Ouyang Shuo feel relieved was that most of the teleportation formations overseas could be kept. If not, huge problems would crop up given the vast territory of Great Xia.

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