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The World Online (Web Novel) - Chapter 1319 - Gendaya continent

Chapter 1319 - Gendaya Continent

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The reduction in the number of teleportation formations affected dynasties with large territories like Great Xia, Dawson, and Romanov the most.

It would shortly cause a lot of inconvenience.

This was the only good news for Great Xia.

Gaia reduced the number of teleportation formations because of industrialization progression.

Along with the rise of railroads, transportation would soon welcome a swift development phase. Provided one constructed perfect railroads and pathways, the effects of the teleportation formation reduction would be greatly mitigated.

In the future, Gaia might even remove all the teleportation formations.

Apart from reducing the number of teleportation formations, Gaia also greatly increased the cost. Every person teleported would cost 500 gold, a truly sky-high price.

Such a price basically correlated to the function of the teleportation formation.

From now on, it was more or less impossible for an army to move through the teleportation formations. After all, just think about it, teleporting 100 thousand troops would use up to five million gold.

That was only the trip there.

Taking into account the return trip as well, even the rich Great Xia would not be able to afford it.

In the future, the teleportation formations would only be used by a few people under special circumstances. For example, Ouyang Shuo while he was touring foreign territories.

Of course, the number of people following him would be greatly reduced; otherwise, the expenditure would also be sky-high.

3. Stopping the provision of gold.

Within the global landscape, apart from the Ashoka Dynasty, there were no more NPC dynasties. Compared to before, the ratio of system gold coins compared to gold coins production was getting smaller and smaller.

The main source of growth in global gold coin scale came from the gold mines around the world.

For example, the 20 million gold that the Bantu Dynasty paid to Great Xia for firearms came from the South Africa region gold mines. Otherwise, they would not be able to create such high value with just the tax returns of the Bantu Dynasty.

During this system update, Gaia totally blocked system gold coin production. From now on, be it the imperial cities, the player quest rewards, or the lord rewards, gold rewards would not be given.

Not only that, but Gaia even blocked the channel of changing gold from the gold mines to gold coins.

Hence, on the global scale, the overall gold coin amount would not increase. For example, Great Xia’s move of turning gold coins into gold bricks would greatly reduce the amount of gold.

However, along with the industrialization wave hitting, the amount of global goods would increase explosively. During the trading process, gold coins would be sorely required.

If not, the value of gold coins would not continue to increase.

On the global scale, the value of gold coins would be uncertain for a period.

To adapt to this situation, the various dynasties needed to push out their own currencies. With that, gold coins, or rather gold, would only be used to measure value but not be the direct currency used in trading.

A new currency system would have to be created.

Of course, for the future period of time, the price of gold would still be an important consideration of the currency.

In the 8th year of Gaia that just had ended, considering the differences in global trade, Great Xia had wrapped up 200 million gold from the overseas dynasties. Along with the amount of gold it had stored, Great Xia became the dynasty with the highest amount of gold storage.

Rough estimates placed 35% of the world’s gold in Great Xia.

As a result, Great Xia held the greatest speaking power in future gold prices. If they gained the power to set the price of gold, that would be even more amazing.

Apart from that, Great Xia was also the first dynasty to establish a complete currency system.

The Great Xia currency had been used in all aspects of the Empire, exchanged in the daily expenditure of the people. As a result, the uncertainty in gold prices had the smallest influence on Great Xia.

Apart from Great Xia, the Indian Empire, Bantu Empire, and Dawson Empire all used their unique gold storages to become the biggest winners in this battle of gold.

In comparison, the various European dynasties were facing a tough situation.

4. Permanently banning nuclear technology.

Along with the second industrial revolution technology tree being unlocked, atomic bombs, thermonuclear weapons, and the like were inevitable. After all, there were no technical bottlenecks.

The power of those weapons was not something Gaia wanted to see.

In the Federation era, nuclear weapons had all been destroyed; only the usage of nuclear energy remained.

Gaia prohibited nuclear technology due to such considerations. With the threat of nuclear technology, it would be difficult for the game world to truly achieve peace.

War would never disappear from the game.

5. Opening up the Gendaya Continent.

The Gendaya Civilization was the only one out of the four that had not been released.

Legends had it that the Gendaya Continent was a continent that rose up from the sea after an underwater volcano explosion 96,200 years ago.

The current ocean region connecting Africa and South America was where this continent should have been.

The Gendaya Continent designed by Gaia. Apart from being the last unreleased map, it was also the base of the beasts. Beasts and monsters roamed this continent, and it was a 100% model of Planet Hope.

To the dynasties, this was not a good place to go.

Furthermore, the global chaos period had not ended yet, so no one would possibly want to try their luck.

However, Ouyang Shuo had a lot of interest in this. He was prepared to create an exploration team to proceed there to take a look.

Having intel of the Gendaya Continent would mean having information regarding Planet Hope.

Nothing else could compare to that.

There were only five points to the last system update.

Looking at this, Ouyang Shuo felt that Gaia was washing its hands off the matter, not wanting to interfere in the game world. The only aspect that showed its presence was probably the moving achievement value.

This year, Great Xia’s territory had increased one again. However, the quality of its development was more important, which brought with it an explosive growth for Ouyang Shuo.

Currently, his achievement value was 50 million, more than three times of last year. Now, he was halfway to the S rank permission level.

If he continued to develop at such a rate, Ouyang Shuo could be the first person to achieve S rank.

Unbeknownst to Ouyang Shuo and the other players, along with the published updates, the NPC world was also having a round of ‘updates’.

After this round of updates, Gaia’s Mother god image would be wiped from the NPCs. In their memories, the presence of the Mother god would be just a legend.

Gaia was giving the NPCs their freedom.

From now on, the game world would be truly like a real world.

There were tens of thousands of worlds, and not only physical plains were real worlds. A virtual world like the game world built on data was also a proper world.

Its essence was no different.

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