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Chapter 832

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Lu Yuxi and Hei Bu’s bedroom was connected to the study. Lying on the bed, Lu Yuxi immediately put on the slippers that Nuo Rouye had prepared for her and dragged her way to the study.

Because Lu Yuxi rarely went near the study, the door to the study was usually open …

Lu Yuxi poked her head out from the door. “Hehe, Hei Bu. ”

Hei Bu glanced at her little head and continued to read the documents in his hands.

? ? Lu Yuxi walked in slowly. “Hei Bu, can I work with you? ”

“just say what you want. ” Hei Bu already knew what she wanted to do.

Lu Yuxi said straightforwardly, “Hei Bu, I want to draw. Lend me a place. ”

Without a desk, she couldn’t even write.

Hei Bu didn’t say anything but pointed to his left.

Lu Yuxi raised her eyebrows in confusion and looked in the direction he pointed. “What? You want me to… ? Oh my God, it’s so beautiful. ”

Looking at the pure white and clean desk, the desk was filled with pens of all sizes, paper of all kinds, and a new computer. Although it was very monotonous.. The pot of wild grass on the desk made the desk look very warm.

Lu Yuxi looked around blissfully and touched the desk. “Hei Bu? Is this for me? ”

“Yes. “? ? Although her tone was very faint, one could still hear a sense of happiness from it …

Lu Yuxi took three steps and walked two steps closer to Hei Bu. She hugged him and kissed him heavily on the face. “thank you. ”

Lu Yuxi was very touched by Hei Bu’s meticulous preparation. She did not expect that he would always be the person who knew what she wanted the most.

Looking at the excited Lu Yuxi looking around on the table, Lu Yuxi shook her head helplessly.

He knew that this little woman would never be able to calm down. Therefore, she knew that she was just full of enthusiasm, so he prepared this desk for her. It seemed that she still liked it.

? ? ? After feeling excited, Lu Yuxi picked up a pen and paper and immediately joined her own thoughts …

Seeing that she had started her own work, Hei Bu also lowered his head and the two of them busied themselves.

Two desks and two people who were struggling for a living.

“No. ”

“No, AH, neither of them works” ? ? After throwing away 18 pieces of paper, Lu Yuxi started to go crazy …

“What’s wrong? “? ? Hei Bu didn’t know when he got up, but he had already poured the milk for himself …

Lu Yuxi picked up the milk and poured it in one gulp, Gulping it down.

“PA. ” She immediately placed the blanket on the table.

“No, I really can’t think of anything. My brain is breaking, I really can’t think of anything. “? ? ?

That season’s gown exhibition was a work that she had spent many days on, and it was one of the works that she was most satisfied with. It was too much, don’t let her know who stole her hard work, she must strangle her to death.

? ? ? ? ? Hei Bu changed from approving documents to computer operation “Didn’t you draw a lot? Why? Even Lu Yuxi, who is so amazing, has times when she can’t think of anything? ”

“Aiya, of course it’s not like that. Of course I can think of many beautiful things, but so what? It doesn’t fit this season’s exhibition at all. ” It wasn’t that Lu Yuxi couldn’t think of a beautiful design It was the work that didn’t make her eyes light up.

“What should I do? I promised Lao Jie that I could think of it. Do I really have to close up and take care of the children? “? ? She didn’t want to.

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