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Chapter 835

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They had long gone to see the baby after hearing so much from Lu Yuxi.

“Wow, he’s so cute. He has a small nose and small eyes. ”

“That’s right. I thought my fat Dun was the only good-looking one. I didn’t expect him to be so good-looking, ” brother Bao said with a smile.

“Look at his eyes. He looks like the chairman, especially his mouth. They are exactly the same. “? ? Lao Min was also a mother, so she doted on the baby very much …

Nuo rouye seemed to have found a confidant. “Yes, yes, I think so too, especially his nose. Look, he looks so much like his father. “? ? ? ?

“His father is so handsome and looks like his father. He might be even more handsome in the future. Don’t you think so, Hei Bu Feng? “? ? Lao Min teased …

? ? ? ? ? Lu Yuxi didn’t understand. Such a young child, his nose and eyes didn’t even grow fully. How could he tell that he looked like her and Hei Bu …

? ? ? ? “Wa… ” Perhaps it was because he felt that there were too many people, Xiao Feng suddenly started crying.

“Aiyo, what’s wrong with Xiao Feng? Xiao Feng, don’t cry. Grandma is here. ” Seeing Xiao Feng’s face turn red from crying, Nuo Rouye hurriedly carried him away.

“Alright, I might not be able to see so many people. I’m scared. Let my mother carry me back. Since you’re all here, I have something to tell you. “? ? ?

Everyone looked at each other in confusion. In the end, they still followed behind Lu Yuxi.

“everyone, find a seat and sit properly. Now, I’m going to hold a meeting for you. ”

Perhaps it was because Lu yuxi suddenly became serious, everyone also became serious.

“everyone, are you all seated? If you’re all seated, let’s begin the meeting. ”

“Xiao Xi, what’s wrong? ” Lao Min asked. Similarly, the others could not understand.

“I suddenly asked you to sit here for a reason. I believe that you all know that the seasonal dress that will be on display this week has been copied and pirated. ”

“Yes, because of this matter, the company has fallen into chaos. And because their dress is our proudest work, it is selling very well. ”

“This is too much. They actually stole our stuff and are still so arrogant and proud. If I knew who was behind the document, I would strangle him to death. “? ? Brother Bao said fiercely …

“brother Bao, how could you be so cruel? How could you strangle him to death? You should have cut him into pieces. “? ? Ah Wu was also very angry …

When they said this, Lao Min blamed herself. If she hadn’t been so careless, this kind of thing wouldn’t have happened.

“Alright, stop talking. Now is not the time to talk about this. We have to catch the mole. Otherwise, if we keep it, it will definitely be a disaster. “? ? ? ?

“It’s all my fault. The camera was clearly broken, but it wasn’t fixed. Otherwise, we would have been able to see who stole it. “? ? Ah Wu was also blaming himself …

“Chairman, aren’t you afraid that we are the mole for telling us all this? “? ? Brother Bao asked in puzzlement …

“from a small shop to a big company now, if you really wanted to steal something, you would have stolen it long ago. Why did you wait until now to steal it? ”

Lu Yuxi absolutely believed in them. They were definitely old officials of Xixi and would never do such a thing.

“Chairman, based on what you said, even if I have to risk my life, I will help you find the mole. ”

“Me, me too. “? ? ?

Lu Yuxi smiled. “You don’t have to risk your life. I have a brilliant plan. As long as you are compatible with me, it will be fine. My plan is… ”

Stealing documents Then I will let you steal as many as you want.

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