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Chapter 836

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Lu Yuxi handed the blueprint to someone she could trust and told her how to make it and the color difference so that she could make it as soon as possible.

Of course, Lu Yuxi wasn’t the kind of person who would let anyone bully her.

“Mom, can I go out? “? ? Although she knew that pregnant women couldn’t go out, there were still some things that she had to do by herself …

Nuo Rouye handed the baby to the wet nurse. “Xiao Xi, what are you going out for? You just gave birth, it’s not good for your body to go out now. ”

Women who were in confinement were the most vulnerable, so Nuo Rouye immediately stopped her.

“But, mom, I have something on, I want to go out. “? ? ?

“No, Xiao Xi, you can’t be so impulsive. If there’s something, you have to go out. “? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Nuo rouye still refused to relax …

“Well, the company, the company has something on, and then, then I want to go out. ” Nuo Rouye’s words really scared her.

“What’s more important than your health? If there’s really something, can’t you stay at home? Let me tell you, you’ve just recovered from a serious illness, you absolutely can’t. ” Nuo Rouye’s tone was very firm.

“But mom, I really have something to do. ”

“No. ”

Lu Yuxi was a little discouraged. “Alright then, I’ll have to change my battle plan. ”

Nuo Rouye was very good to her. She did this for her own good. Maybe she really needed a mother.

? ? ?

? ? Because plan a wasn’t working, Lu Yuxi could only change it to plan B.

Lu Yuxi nodded in satisfaction as she looked at the 40 plus people sitting in front of her.

Sure enough, this was definitely killing two birds with one stone. It was a good idea to let Lao Jie recruit people who knew the location of the documents and who might steal the high-level price of the documents.

Almost everyone stared at the interior decoration with their mouths agape.

“Oh my God, the chairman’s life is so good. Not only did he start his own company, but look at this house. It’s practically the house of a princess. ”

“That’s right. When I drove in just now, I thought I had entered the castle of some royal family. Oh my God, you saw the appearance just now. It’s really magnificent. ”

“I’ve heard that the HEI family was originally members of the royal family, but because of the war later, they were allowed to come here. ”

“Have you guys seen the chairman’s wedding? It was earth-shattering. The groom was handsome and handsome, and the bride was beautiful and moving. It was the envy of many people. ”

“I’m really envious. If I could marry so well, I would be willing to lose ten years of my life. ”

“Come on, just think about it. Let’s not look at looks first. If you can be as amazing as the chairman, are you afraid that you won’t be able to marry into a wealthy family? ”

The noisy scene made the place seem very chaotic.

? ? ? ? Lu Yuxi walked over from the room next door. In an instant, everyone present immediately quieted down.

“everyone, don’t be shy. Take a seat. I have something to tell you. “? ? Lu Yuxi sat down first …

Her sitting made the others boldly sit down as well.

“I’m really sorry to have gathered all of you here today. Because I’m really in confinement, I can’t go out. It might cause inconvenience to everyone. ”

Everyone looked at each other, then looked at Lu Yuxi’s stomach, and one by one, they showed their blessings.

“because we’re afraid of causing trouble for everyone, everyone should stay for the night shift later. I’ve already asked the servants to prepare it. In order to suit everyone’s tastes, the chef was hired from Lu’s restaurant, so everyone can rest assured. ”

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