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Chapter 837

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When everyone heard Lu Yuxi’s words, they were extremely excited. The food made by the chef of Lu’s restaurant was not something that could be easily eaten. Now that they had such a good meal, how could they not be excited.

However, the Hei family was generous and rich enough. The food made by the chef of Lu’s restaurant was for more than 40 people. They were really willing to use so many fresh ingredients.

“It seems that when it comes to food, everyone has their own ideas. However, now is not the time to talk about this. It’s time for us to get to the point, right? “? ? Lu Yuxi began to really open up the topic …

According to tradition, Lao Min was always the first to ask, “chairman, May I know why you called us here? Are you just treating us to a meal? ”

Lu Yuxi smiled and cooperated, “of course not. ”

“Then chairman, what do you mean? ”AhhWuu asked the same question.

“I believe everyone knows that opposite Xiyi, a new company has opened. And since its opening, the sales seem to be many times better than ours this month. “? ? As she spoke, Lu Yuxi tried her best to notice everyone’s expressions …

“I would like to ask, why is a mere clothing company able to do better than our sales this month in the first week of its opening Why is that Could it be that your salary is too high and you want to reduce your salary a little, that’s why you’re doing this on purpose?”? ? Lu Yuxi questioned as she knocked on the table …

“Chairman, I know, they stole the quarterly gown that we’re going to exhibit next week. ” Brother Bao raised his hand and answered.

Then.. Everyone asked questions, “yes, chairman, it’s not that we’re not working hard or slacking off. We’re really working hard to complete this exhibition, but the documents were suddenly lost to someone else. We don’t know. ”

“Chairman, we’re really working hard to do well. The leader of the sales team even worked for a few days on how to produce the best sales plan. ”

“chairman, it’s really not our fault. We’re really working hard. ” Everyone seemed to have endless grievances, feeling wronged about the exhibition.

Lu Yuxi did not expect that they had given so much for Xixi. She had indeed neglected a lot. They were indeed the best employees.

“That’s right, chairman. You don’t know. They were really too much. Their Department manager even deliberately came to our branch to pick on us. He deliberately picked on Xixi’s bad habits and even slapped the team leader. It was really too much. ”

“That slap was not light. What right do they have to bully people like that? Isn’t it just a manager? When Xixi was founded, they were still nowhere to be found. “? ? That person said angrily …

“Alright, I know that this matter has brought you a lot of grievances. Don’t worry, you are my Xixi’s employees. I, Lu Yuxi, will naturally give you an explanation. As for the design, I’m afraid there’s no way to get it back. ”

“Why? It was clearly designed by you, chairman. They stole our things. Why don’t we sue them in court? ”

Lu Yuxi smiled. “although it’s true that they stole our work, have you ever thought that they have already listed our work in the market? Now, no matter how we sue them and say that they stole our design, it’s still useless because it has already become someone else’s. ”

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