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Chapter 839

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Lu Yuxi was not a fool. There was someone following behind her. How could she not know.

She deliberately slowed down her footsteps so that she could catch up with her and see where she put her things.

Lu Yuxi walked around and finally decided to put it in the drawer of the desk.

After confirming where the documents were, Mei Jiao returned to the scene faster than Lu Yuxi, so that no one would suspect her. In fact, she did not know that her every move had already been seen by others.

After Lu Yuxi put her things away, she returned with a smile. “Alright, everyone, dinner is ready. Please move to the dining room. ”

Hearing Lu Yuxi’s words, everyone could not wait any longer.

“Let’s go and eat. Let’s see how big this house is. You really scared me. ”

“Let’s go. ” The Group of people marched towards the dining room.

Mei Jiao also realized that it was a chance to make a move. She deliberately walked at the back of the crowd to make a move.

Lu Yuxi saw her expression from the corner of her eyes and smiled meaningfully. It seemed that she was the traitor who didn’t care about her own life.

Mei Jiao took the opportunity after everyone left to make sure that no one saw her and immediately ran up to the third floor.

? “boss, I’ve already gotten the document. What should I do now? ” ? ? Looking at the document in her hand, Mei Jiao’s lips curled up into a smile.

“What is it? “? ? It was obvious that she didn’t know what it was …

“boss, it’s like this. After I stole the document, Lu Yuxi, this woman, made a remedial measure. She has already designed a brand-new design. “? ? ?

“What? brand-new design, how is this possible, this is just good time, how can design so fast, is she random drawing? ”

Although this woman is cherishing already chief designer, but why so formidable, is really frightening, so quick to design, but, sorry, this design I may have to take away again.

“Get it back. ” Looks like this Tuxedo is going to be a hit.

“Yes. ” ? ? ?

? ? Not Far Away, Lao Min looked at Mei Jiao anxiously. She wanted to rush over and snatch the item, but she was stopped by Lu Yuxi.

“Xiao Xi, what are you doing? That was your hard work. Are you going to let her take it away just like that? “? ? Lao Min looked at Mei Jiao angrily …

“Lao Jie, I, Lu Yuxi, am a generous person. Since she wants to take this thing away, then let her take it. ”

? “Xiao Xi, are you crazy? If she steals it again, she will definitely give it to the company across the street. By then, our Xi will be finished. Moreover, there is no way to complete the exhibition. ” ? ? ?

Lu Yuxi smiled calmly. “Sigh, Lao Jie, don’t worry. I naturally have my own ideas. You just have to watch. ”

? ? There was no other way. Lao Min still watched her take the design away.

? “Sigh, Xiao Xi, you… “? ? Lao Min said helplessly. However, since this was Lu Yuxi’s idea, she still respected her …

“Alright, Lao Jie, believe me. If she wants to leave, let her go. If she takes it, take it. It doesn’t matter because what she takes isn’t real. “? ? Lu Yuxi sneered as she watched her leaving back view …

“What? Xiao Xi, you… ” ? ? Lao Min was immediately full of admiration. Lu Yuxi was indeed Lu Yuxi. She did not disappoint her.

“Lao Jie, you don’t have to care about anything. Come, let’s go eat. I’ll treat you to a show tomorrow. It’ll definitely be good. ”

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