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Chapter 840

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“Pa, what is this? What did you bring back? “? ? That person angrily threw the design onto Mei Jiao’s face …

Mei Jiao took the design and saw that other than the first piece of paper, which was a decent-looking costume, there were words written on the other paper.

“I knew you would come and steal it again. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Since you like to collect my handwriting so much, you can collect it all you want. If it’s not enough, ask me again. “? ? ? ? ? ?

These words were written by Lu Yuxi, but it was also her fault. When she took it, she didn’t even look at it before stealing it back. She knew that she had been set up.

“boss, I really didn’t know this would happen. I thought this was… ” ? ? Mei Jiao was at a loss.

“Do you think that Lu Yuxi is such a stupid person? The first time you stole it, you can steal it a second time? ” Xiao ru was furious.

She thought that by coming back this time and buying this company, the perfect plan would catch Lu yuxi off guard. Who knew that she would actually see through it.

“boss, so, so what now? “? ? Mei Jiao didn’t dare to make her own decision . .

“What can I do? Go back and test them. If they don’t know it’s you, keep stealing. ”

“Yes. ” ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? Xiao ru clenched her fists and clenched her teeth. Lu Yuxi, you made my sister a fool. How can I not take revenge? Just you wait, I will make you kneel in front of me and repent . .

? ? ? ? ? ? ? Mei Jiao came to the company again with a probing attitude. She didn’t expect that after walking around for a while, she would still be the same as usual. There was nothing unnatural about her. If that was the case, it seemed that no one knew …

“Sister Mei Jiao, where did you go yesterday? Why didn’t I see you? “? ? ?

“I was feeling a little unwell yesterday, so I went back first, ” Mei Jiao said calmly.

“Is that so? “? ? That person nodded his head in understanding …

Mei Jiao seemed to have thought of something. “Lulu, after you guys finished eating yesterday, do you know who the chairman handed the design to? ”

Lulu thought for a moment and was a little uncertain. “I don’t know. I only know that everyone seemed to be a little drunk at that time, so the chairman called the general manager over. ”

? ? ? ? ? ? ? was called over by Lu Yuxi ? Could it be that it was handed over to that woman again? It was really funny. Did she really think that the most dangerous place was the safest place …


“Mei Jiao, why are you asking about this? “? ? Lu Lu said in puzzlement …

Mei Jiao was stunned for a moment and hurriedly explained, “Oh, it’s nothing. I’m just asking casually. ”

“Oh, is that so? Alright then. In the group meeting later, sister Mei Jiao, you must remember to go. Otherwise, the team leader will be angry, ” Lu Lu reminded her kindly.

“I got it. You go first. I’ll go later. ” She had no time to attend any meetings now. She was going to steal documents now.

? ? ? She had just received information from the general manager’s secretary. It was said that the general manager had a lot of meetings today. If she wanted to steal something, she had to steal it before 9 o’clock. Otherwise, she would hand it over. When that time came, it would not be an easy thing to steal …

? ? ? ? ? “General Manager, the team leader from area 1 said that there might be… “? ? ?

Watching the general manager, Lao Min, and the secretary leave, Mei Jiao ran in at the critical moment.

? ? ? Mei Jiao started to look for the desktop, but there seemed to be nothing on the desktop except for the group documents …

“The thing you’re looking for is in the drawer. Do you want to look for it? “? ? A voice came out of nowhere …

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