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Chapter 841

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Mei Jiao’s hands trembled as the book in her hands fell down. “g-general manager. ”

Mei Jiao had never expected Lao Min to suddenly return, and she happened to bump into her stealing.

“General Manager, why did you suddenly come back? I, I came to drop off the documents. “? ? Mei Jiao’s tone was clearly a little flustered …

Lao Min leaned against the door, her hands placed in front of her chest She sneered. “documents? What documents? Why don’t I know what other documents you have? Besides, we’ve just started work, and you came directly to my office. It shouldn’t be for the documents, and not to hand in some documents, right? ”

? ? ? “General Manager, I don’t understand what you mean. I’m really here to hand in the documents. It’s not like what you said. “? ? Mei Jiao was obviously a little uncomfortable being stared at by her like that …

“What do you mean? If I didn’t come in, did you plan to steal the documents again? No, I should say the design. Last time, you accidentally stole it. Do you think it will be so simple this time? ”

If Xiao Xi hadn’t told her that the thief would definitely steal the documents a second time, she wouldn’t have believed it. Now, it seemed that Xiao Xi’s words were absolutely accurate. The first mistake would indeed make her attack again.

Perhaps because the matter had been exposed and she could no longer escape, Mei Jiao decided not to quibble anymore: ? “Haha, so what if I stole it? To let me steal it so many times, I can only blame you guys for being stupid. ”

Lao Min smiled, “stupid? NOT NECESSARILY! ”

“If it wasn’t stupid, with the experience of the first time, why did you let me steal it in her house a second time instead of arresting me? ”

Lao Min shrugged her shoulders, “that was to bait you. If not, how are we going to find evidence? “? ? ?

? Lao Min looked at the camera above her head …

Mei Jiao also looked over and her heart shook. “could it be… ”

“Yes, that’s right. The camera that you broke was fixed this morning. So, your every move in this office just now has been completely recorded. “? ? ? ?

Lao Min really admired Lu Yuxi. These things seemed to be based on what he said, and she actually guessed it exactly.

“Now it seems like it’s going to be very difficult for you to quibble. “? ? ? ?

At this moment, the secretary came up with a few security guards behind her. “arrest her and hand her over to the police station. ”

The security guards immediately went forward to arrest her, and she was furious because of this. “You guys have gone too far. You actually set up a trap. ”

“If you don’t use your brain, how can I let you walk right into the trap? Take her away. “? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? “You guys have gone too far. Let me go. Let me go. “? ? The security guards stopped her and refused to let her move. Meanwhile, Mei Jiao’s noisy journey attracted everyone’s attention …

Lao Min’s face was cold as she said to them, “the chairman said that this is what happens when you steal documents. If anyone dares to steal documents again, they won’t just be sent to prison next time. You should tell them about your funeral. ”

In the face of the employees’doubts, not only did Lao Min tell them the truth, she also gave them an absolute show of force.

Lao Min’s words made everyone present tremble.

? ? ? ? ? “Oh my God, so she’s the one who stole the documents. How dare she? ”

“HMPH, how dare she? It’s all her fault. She almost caused me to work overtime these few days. Furthermore, she actually wanted to steal them. Serves her right. ”

? ? The onlookers said with cold faces, looking very angry.

It made sense. She almost caused them to lose their wages. They should also be angry. After all, there were not many people in this world who did not love money.

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