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Chapter 842

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After Lu Yuxi’s work was submitted for processing, not only did it take four days, but it was also completed.

The finished product was far better than what Lu Yuxi had imagined. This was the part that satisfied him the most.

Lu Yuxi placed all the clothes for the exhibition at home, just in case.

Lu Yuxi looked at the clothes she had designed in a daze. The more she looked at them, the better they looked.

? ? ? ? ? “Xiao Xi, Xiao Feng is hungry. Come over for a moment. ” ? ? Nuo Rouye’s voice came from outside.

“I got it. I’ll go down now. ”

Lu Yuxi couldn’t help but sigh. Before and after giving birth were two completely different lives. If it wasn’t for the wet nurse and the mother’s help, these three little ones might have already killed her.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? “Hei Bu, what are you doing? The baby is crying. Why don’t you come and take a look? ” ? ? Looking at Hei Bu’s back view as it prepared to leave, Lu Yuxi said unhappily.

“Xiao Xi, you’ve misunderstood HEI BU. Actually… ” Nuo Rouye didn’t continue because HEI BU had already turned around …

Hei Bu’s face was dark. “Lu Yuxi, teach your son well. Don’t let him pee and defecate everywhere. ”

Lu Yuxi looked at HEI BU’s wet clothes and immediately understood the reason. She hurriedly covered her mouth to prevent herself from laughing. In fact, she was already laughing hysterically. “I, Hei Bu, you, you should go quickly. We’ll be fine as long as we’re here. ”

? ? Ever since the last time the babies peed on Hei BU’s body, it was as if they had agreed that as long as HEI BU carried the babies, it would not be long before they peed on him. It could be said that they almost treated him like a baby’s toilet.

? ? ? ? ? ? “Aiyo, Yiyi, is it you? Did You pee all over your father? “? ? Lu Yuxi picked up the crying Yiyi …

“Say, why do babies like to pee on Hei Bu’s body so much? This is already the second time today. Xiao Shun peed again just now. ” Nuo rouye smiled bitterly.

Lu Yuxi carried Yiyi and walked towards Xiao Shun who was playing in the cradle. “Did you pee on your dad just now? That’s your dad. Be careful, he’ll teach you a lesson when you grow up. ”

“Zi, Zi. ” Xiao Shun would not listen to Lu Yuxi’s words. He just continued to ‘eat’ his own hands.

“Yiyi, be good. Don’t cry anymore. Mommy is here, she’s here. “? ? Lu Yuxi Swayed as she coaxed the baby to sleep …

At the beginning, Lu Yuxi was not used to it. She was even uncomfortable, but after more than a month of practice, she seemed to have gotten used to it.

? ? ? ? ? ? “Xiao Xi, the child will be born in two days. Should we tell everyone about the baby at that time? ” Nuo Rouye asked for Lu Yuxi’s opinion.

“Mom, I think so. As for the children’s full moon wine, we won’t hold it. If we really want to celebrate, we can just let the family celebrate it. “? ? ?

“Ah? Why? ” Nuo Rouye didn’t understand Lu Yuxi’s thoughts at all. Logically speaking, the sons, grandchildren, and granddaughters of rich families would hold a full moon wine or a hundred days wine.

No matter how one put it, the Hei family could be considered a rich family. Lu Yuxi’s words were really hard to understand.

“Mom, you know how dangerous it is for the Hei Bu to manage the gangs. If the children have a full moon wine or something, according to those people, they will remember the babies and kidnap them or take medicine. DO WE HAVE TO BE ON GUARD EVERY DAY? ”

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