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Chapter 843

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“If the children’s announcement will bring them danger, I still feel that it shouldn’t be announced. Let them grow up like ordinary children without the adulation of others. ”

“Yes, okay, I’ll listen to you. ” Perhaps it was because Lu Yuxi’s words were very reasonable, Nuo rouye did not hesitate and agreed immediately.

“Yes. ” She finally understood why Yang ran always said that her life was good. It turned out that it was because she married a good husband, had a few obedient babies, and had a good mother-in-law.

“Oh right, mom, there will be an exhibition at the company in a few days. I might have to be there. I might not be able to see the babies at that time, so I’ll leave it to you. ”

“Yes, I know. Don’t worry, just go. Just remember to take care of your body. ” Because she had already given birth at that time, Nuo Rouye did not stop her.

“Madam, Young Madam, there’s a guest here. ”

“guest? What guest? Mom? You invited someone to your house? ” Lu Yuxi said in confusion.

“No, I didn’t invite anyone. ” Nuo Rouye was very confused.

The Servant didn’t know how to explain, so he could only say, “it’s a foreign woman. She said that she has a one-year appointment with you guys. She said that she’s called Mary Sue. ”

“Mary Sue? ” Nuo Rouye and Lu Yuxi asked in unison.

“quick, invite her in. ” Nuo Rouye was the first to react.

“Mom, why does this name sound so familiar? ” Lu Yuxi felt that she had heard it somewhere before, but she couldn’t remember it at the moment.

“Xiao Xi, have you forgotten? That time in Europe was also the first time Hei bu brought you to the Nuo family. Didn’t they test you? Do you still remember that a dance teacher said that you were very talented and asked you to participate in the European dance competition? ” Nuo Rouye explained.

Lu Yuxi frowned and tried hard to recall. Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something, “AH, President Mary Sue? ”

At that time, she had taken a fancy to her at a glance. However, she did not know why she was here this time.


“Ye, long time no see. ” The moment Mary sue entered, she gave Nuo Rouye a big hug.

Lu Yuxi greeted with a smile, “hello, aunt Mary Sue. ”

“Miss Lu, why are you here? ” Seeing a familiar face, Mary sue was stunned.

She was originally looking for Nuo Rouye to find this girl, but she didn’t expect to find her here.

“This is my daughter-in-law, why isn’t she here? ” Nuo rouye replied in the most fluent English.

“daughter-in-law? Miss Lu has really become your daughter-in-law. Ye, you’re so lucky. ”

“Alright, stop talking nonsense. Tell me, why are you here? ” Nuo Rouye asked in confusion.

Mary sue took out a piece of paper full of English from her bag and handed it to Nuo Rouye. “Have you forgotten? ”

Nuo Rouye took it and read it. “The ou Wu competition. ”

Lu Yuxi also leaned her head over to read it. “The time is two months later. ”

“The purpose of my visit this time is to push Miss Lu to the champion’s seat. ”

“mm, I didn’t expect you to still remember it. ” When Nuo Rouye heard it, it was obvious that she was in a good mood.

“How could I not remember this? I took a fancy to Miss Lu’s talent at a glance. How could I forget it? ”

Lu Yuxi finally reacted. “It will start in two months. Don’t tell me you want me to compete? ” It was a cross-country competition, not a joke. There were so many experts, how could she possibly do it?

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