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Chapter 844

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“How is this possible? I can’t do it. Aunt Marisu, don’t think so highly of me. ” Lu Yuxi was indeed not confident. It was not that she was not confident, but that she could not compare.

Although her mother had said since she was young that she was a good seedling to practice dancing, which one of those who participated in the European dance competition was not a good seedling? They had practiced for a few years, so what could she do in just two months.

“Xiao Xi, don’t say that. Some things may not be achieved by practicing for a long time. Maybe it depends on luck, ” Nuo Rouye advised.

Lu Yuxi looked at Nuo Rouye. “Mom, do you really want me to participate? ”

After glancing at Lu Yuxi, Nuo Rouye shook her head. “Xiao Xi, MOM’s thoughts can’t influence you. If you don’t want to, mom doesn’t want to force you. ”

“I agree. ” She had already agreed a year ago. She had no reason to refuse. She thought that it was just talk at that time. She didn’t expect it to be true.

“Good, very good. I will definitely use my best to push you to the highest point. ” Ma Lisu was someone who had nurtured many champions. She had the right to be proud.

“Wa, Wa, Wa. ” The baby’s voice immediately attracted the attention of a few people.

Lu Yuxi immediately carried Xiao Shun Up. “Oh, don’t cry. Mommy is here. ”

Because it was Chinese, Mary Sue could not understand it. However, looking at the cute Baby, she could not help but ask, “this is? ”

“This is my good grandson, Xiao Xi’s baby. ” Nuo rouye proudly introduced.

Mary sue was extremely surprised. “You mean, this is Miss Lu’s baby. ”

“No, not one, but three. ” Nuo Rouye pointed at the sleeping Yiyi and Xiao Feng.

“three? Oh my God, Ye, you’re so happy. ” Mary Sue was extremely envious.

? “Yeah, I also feel that I’m quite happy. ” ? ?

“Aunt Mary, I might have some activities at the company these few days, but I might not be able to practice. I wonder if I can practice in a few days? “? ? ?

“This? Of course. I just wanted to tell you that I have a lot of things to do today, but I didn’t expect it to be just right. ”

“Alright then, aunt Mary, call me when you’re free. I’ll be waiting for your call anytime. “? ? ?

“MMM, then I still have something to do. Ye, I’ll be leaving first. ”

Nuo Rouye tried to persuade her to stay, “aren’t you going to stay for dinner? ”

“No, I don’t have a dinner party. I have to go and take a look. ”

? ? ? After sending Mary Sue off, Hei Bu also came down after changing his clothes …

Lu Yuxi saw hei BU’s dark face and tried her best not to laugh, “Hei Bu, you’re down. ”

Hei Bu’s face was dark, as if someone owed him a lot of money.

“Hei Bu, you don’t look too good. Are you in a bad mood? ” Lu Yuxi finally could not help but laugh.

Hei Bu was furious. “when they grow up, they will know if they should do this or not. ”

“What? When they grow up, do you still want to beat them to death? ” Lu Yuxi laughed until her face was about to cramp. When she thought of Hei Bu’s expression at that time, she could not help but cry.

Perhaps she ‘felt’ that her father was threatening her, Xiao Shun who was in Nuo Rouye’s arms suddenly cried out.

Nuo rouye quickly comforted her. “Xiao Shun, don’t cry. Dad is joking. If it’s true, your father peed his pants every day when he was young. Grandma would have beaten him to death long ago. Then, there would still be a chance for him to show off here. ”

“Mom. ” ? ? Hei Bu’s face turned even darker because of this sentence …

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