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Chapter 845

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“Mom, don’t be like this. In front of the children, you should at least give face to the HEI BU. Haha. ” This time, Lu Yuxi laughed so hard that she did not care about the consequences.

This might really be the feeling of home. It could make people feel warm, but it could also make people feel unbridled.

“Put this over there, and this. ”

“Lights, where did the lighting master go? Where did he go? ” Ah Ba said nervously.

Tonight was an important day. For this, they had put in so much effort. They could not let their efforts go to waste.

“manager, the lighting technician went to the toilet, ” one of his subordinates immediately replied.

“where’s the sound engineer? Where did the sound engineer go? ”

“Here, I’m here. “? ? ? ?

Some things looked bright and beautiful on the surface, but in fact, the backstage was a mess.

On the other side, Lao Min was nervously arranging the matters of the models.

“where’s the person I want you to find? ” Perhaps it was because she was too nervous, Lao Min’s temper suddenly flared up, scaring her quite a bit.

“g-general manager, aren’t they all here already? ”

Seeing that they were all female models, Lao Min was furious. “Didn’t I ask you to look for male models and children’s models? Where are they now? Why are there only women? ”

“General Manager, I, I thought, I thought that you only asked me to look for women. I, I didn’t expect that. “? ? ?

“Alright, don’t just stand there like a fool. Hurry up and go look for them. ”

“But general manager, it’s easy to look for male models, but how are you going to look for children? “? ? ? That person said carefully, afraid that if she said something that didn’t fit his words, she would scold him to death.

“General Manager, I am looking for models according to the General Exhibition, I did not expect you to ask me to look for a man, and children, at this time, really difficult to find. ”

“If you can’t find it, find it, or you’re going up there. ” ? Lao Min was so angry that she couldn’t take it anymore. She had already arranged the activity for a long time, but now when it was about to start, the model didn’t do it . .

What, you got clothes and no models They’ve been through the really hard stuff, and now they’re stuck in the easiest outfit?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Lao Min was really busy today. She really had a lot of things to do. She had to confirm many things herself. Moreover, the guests were ready to arrive, so she had to go. She didn’t know what to do since she couldn’t walk away from here.

“Lao Jie, don’t make things difficult for her. It’s really difficult to find a child model now. ” ? ? Lu Yuxi’s voice appeared behind her . .

“chairman. ? ” ? The man nodded politely to Lu Yuxi . .

“Chairman, why are you here? “? ? Lao Min was surprised and pleasantly surprised …

She originally thought that Lu Yuxi wouldn’t appear here, but now that she suddenly appeared, she was indeed surprised.

“If I don’t appear again, I’m afraid that not only will you scold others to death, you will also explode in anger. “? ? ? Lao Min was indeed easily nervous sometimes, but now that she was here, she should be able to relax.

“Haha, no, I was just anxious for a moment. I didn’t think that I would scold others, ” Lao Min said embarrassedly.

“Alright, leave the matters here to me. You Go and receive the guests. “? ? Although Lao Min’s English expression wasn’t good, she believed that no one was more attentive than her when it came to receiving guests …

“Yes, okay. Chairman, I’ll go over now. Call me if you have anything. I’ll come over immediately. “? ? Lao Min hurriedly ran over while the secretary ran behind with the documents …

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