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Chapter 846

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“Chairman, I, I… ” ? ? That person was so scared that he was trembling. The general manager was already in such a state, let alone chairman Kong.

“Alright, don’t be afraid. I know you’re in a difficult position. Leave the other models to me. You just need to tell me how many female models there are now. ”

“Ah? ” That person was stunned. He did not expect the chairman to be so easy to talk to.

That person thought that Lu Yuxi was going to ask her how much the models cost So he answered very seriously, “there are a total of 21 female models now. They are all professional models. Some of them even won the championship in national models or other large-scale competitions, so their prices are much more expensive than others. ”

“I’m not asking you about that. I’m just asking how many models there are. However, since you’re talking about the champion model, I might want to hear more about it. ” Because some people were not simple at the moment. They thought that they had won some big prizes Their ability to cause trouble was not ordinary.

That person did not understand what the chairman meant at all. Could it be that she already knew? “Chairman, are you talking about Ying Er’s model? ”

Lu Yuxi was just casually saying. It seemed that there really was such a thing. “speak. ”

“chairman, because Ying Er’s model was hired with a lot of money, she has some problems with our clothes now. Chairman, I, I really did not know that things would turn out like this. You, don’t scold me. ” That person did not even dare to say it out loud He was afraid of being scolded. He had wanted to resolve it before going on stage, but it seemed that it couldn’t be resolved.

“Why are you scolding you? I know about this matter. Just bring me there later. ”

As he spoke, he took out his phone from his bag and dialed.

The phone rang twice before it was picked up. “Hello, who is this? ”

“This is Lu Yuxi. Is Xiao Meimei beside you? ” Lu Yuxi went straight to the point.

“It’s Miss Lu. Xiao Meimei is being read by the script. Wait a moment, I’ll go get her to answer the phone now. ”

Then, only a sparse voice was heard and the phone was picked up.

“Sister Xiao Xi, is it sister Xiao Xi? ” Xiao Meimei said excitedly.

“Yes, it’s me. Don’t be so excited. ” Lu Yuxi said helplessly.

“Sister Xiao Xi, it’s really you. Xiao Nu, you’re so good. You don’t know that the director has been filming these few scenes. I’m really bored. “? ? ?

“bored? Then do you want to find something fun to do? “? ? ? Lu Yuxi said meaningfully.

“Fun? Really? ” She was looking forward to what Lu Yuxi said.

“Of course it’s true. When have I ever lied to you? But, it’s just fun. Shouldn’t you consider finding a few more friends to go with you? “? Although Xiao NU was young, her position in the entertainment industry was not small. It was definitely a wise choice for her to find someone …

“Sister Xiao Xi, if I’m not wrong, you mean… ” ? ? Xiao Nu said intelligently.

Lu Yuxi bitterly smiled. This little guy only knew what she said and always pretended to know. Lu Yuxi did not want to expose her She could only follow her instructions. “Yes, yes, yes, that’s what I mean. You just need to find a few more people. Remember, you must find someone around your age. ”

“Yes, sir. I promise to complete the mission. “? ? Xiao NU raised a hand on the other end of the phone …

“I’m in front of Xixi company now. You should know that. Come over. ”

“Okay, Sister Xiao Xi, you wait, I will be there right away. ”

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