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Chapter 849

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“Chairman, it’s in this room. “?

The door of the room was slightly ajar, which was why it could be heard from afar.

Lu Yuxi didn’t look too good. She pushed the door open with her hand, and her voice could be heard even more clearly due to the opening of the wall.

“You still say that Xixi is a big company? I think it’s only so-so. If it wasn’t for the fact that your remuneration is a little higher than that of other places, I wouldn’t have come here. “? ? Huang Ziling said disdainfully, not taking xixi seriously at all …

And the service staff, who had been holding the clothes and didn’t dare to hand them over, was also trembling because they had been holding them for too long.

“Why are you shaking? I let you hold them for a while, and you’re already like this. Can I get the manager to fire you later? “? ? Wang Yuwen said arrogantly …

Wang Yuwen was Huang Ziling’s little follower, or in other words, her manager. She was responsible for almost all of Huang Ziling’s things.

Lu Yuxi’s eyes closed dangerously for a moment. She lifted her feet and walked over, taking the clothes in the hands of the service staff.

The waiter was stunned. He did not understand the truth at all.

Lu Yuxi smiled. “Let me do it. ”

The waiter hesitated for a moment, but still handed the clothes to Lu Yuxi.

“Who are you? Who let you in? Manager, what are you doing? “? ? Seeing that the manager who was negotiating with her suddenly walked in and there was a woman in front of her, Wang Yuanwen said unhappily …

“Oh, this is us… ” the person wanted to introduce her, but Lu yuxi interrupted him …

“What are you dissatisfied with our Xixi? “? ? Lu Yuxi did not get angry. She wanted to hear what she was dissatisfied with. After all, nothing was perfect …

Huang ziling glanced at Lu Yuxi out of the corner of her eyes. She arrogantly picked up the coffee that she had prepared beforehand and tasted it without saying a word.

Wang Yuanwen pointed at the clothes in Lu Yuxi’s hands. She even picked up a corner and complained,”?”? “Look, what are these? No matter what, our ziling has seen the world. Do you think it’s possible for her to wear this kind of t-shirt? Why didn’t you take out so many gowns for display? Why did you bring out such vulgar clothes? ”

Lu Yuxi was holding a new design in her hand. It was indeed a very ordinary t-shirt, but at the corner, Lu Yuxi had specially designed it to be tied with a rope. It was definitely not an ordinary design.

This was also a pair of sister clothes. There were also samples of the same style but completely different from hers that would be on display together. It was just that no one knew who would have them.

If this was on display, it would definitely sell like hot cakes.

Lu Yuxi was still not angry. She tilted her head and looked like she was watching a show. “Then what do you mean? What kind of look do you want? ”

The manager wanted to strangle these two people to death. They looked so arrogant and self-righteous. Didn’t they just win a few championships Who Did she think she was.

“You don’t understand. Don’t you have two very beautiful gowns in the window here? Why don’t you take them out for our ziling to wear? Let me tell you, if it wasn’t for those two gowns, we wouldn’t have worn them. We wouldn’t have left. Whoever wants to leave will leave. ”

Huang Ziling did not say anything. She crossed her legs to show her tacit agreement with Wang Yuanwen. She was Ou Qi’s superstar who had worn this gown to fame. She had accepted this show not only for the sake of the front.

Lu Yuxi handed the dress in her hand to the manager and said mockingly, “are you joking? ”

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