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Chapter 851

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“then manager, what do you mean? I don’t know who made me come back then, but now, what do you mean? ”? ? Huang Ziling said angrily …

“To think that you still remember the way I begged you back then, and you actually asked me to run errands for you. I’m the dignified department manager of Xiji. If it weren’t for Xiji, I would run errands for you. In your dreams. ”

“You… ” ? ? The two of them were furious.

“What me? If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave first. Oh, I’ll check out of this room later. You guys should pack up as soon as possible. “? ? ?

The manager left in a good mood. For the sake of someone as important as Huang Ziling, she had tried every means to please her. Now, with just a word from the chairman, she was able to relax. The chairman was simply too cool.

Seeing the manager leave, Wang Yuanwen was a little flustered. “Ah Zi, what should we do? They actually terminated our contract with us. ”

Huang ziling slammed the Coffee Cup onto the table. “HMPH, the exhibition is about to start. There aren’t enough people to begin with. I’d like to see how they deal with it. Don’t come back to inform me when the time comes. ”

After Lu Yuxi was done with that task, she immediately returned to the venue after changing her clothes. Now that she was missing another person, she didn’t know if ou Qi would be able to arrive in time.

“quick, put the pedals here. ”

“Put that over there. Remember to put it straight. Hey, what are you guys doing? I asked you to move things. What are you all standing there for? ”

The backstage was already in chaos, and the people at the front desk were also arriving one after another.

“Mrs. Reese, I’m glad you’re here. “? ? Lu Yuxi smiled and bowed …

“You’re that young and promising designer? I’m really looking forward to your work today. ”

Mrs. Reese sized up Lu Yuxi from top to bottom. Her white dress extended all the way to her ankles, and her specially dressed hairstyle made her appear dignified and generous. Mrs. Reese seemed to be very satisfied.

“Mrs. Reese, you praise me too much. ” Lu Yuxi said humbly.

Mrs. Reese was the president of one of the largest clothing companies in the UK. The assets under her name were enough to buy ten Xixi. In her eyes, Xixi was just a small stone.

However, Xixi could not be underestimated. In just half a year, she had become popular throughout Europe. She had even received the recognition and cooperation of her rivals, M Company and the anglo-european Company.

Moreover, her strength in the United Kingdom could not be underestimated. If it was not for the stable foundation of her industry, she might not have been able to say anything.

When she heard that Xixi’s designer, the president, was a girl who was not even 20 years old, she wanted to see what was going on.

“Then I’m looking forward to your work, ” Madam Rice said with a smile.

“welcome to the show. “? ? ?

As expected of Madam Reese. The moment she appeared, the camera flashes followed her there. It seemed that she would make the headlines again tomorrow.

? ? ? “Madam Reese, how have you been? ” Ritz followed from behind.

“Mr. Ritz, you’re here too? “? ? Madam Reese didn’t expect to see him here …

“Madam Reese, I didn’t expect us to think the same way again. “? ? Ritz was a businessman. He knew what she meant the moment he saw her. It seemed that she was competing with him for the investment rights for a batch of clothing. She was indeed an Old Fox …

Madam ritas smiled. “Isn’t Mr. Ritas the same? We are the same. ”

The two big shots bumped their heads, and the camera’s flash was everywhere.

Lu Yuxi shook her head helplessly. Let them earn it. She still had to go check out other things …

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