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Chapter 852

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“Hey, Xiao Xi, we’re here. Where are you? ” There were too many people and reporters at the scene. Ou Qi and the others had just arrived and were already surrounded by flashes.

“I’m backstage. Find someone to bring you here. “?

“Okay, I’ll be there right away. ”

Ou Qi could not help but exclaim at Lu Yuxi’s power. It was just a mere exhibition, yet she could make such a big scene. She really admired her ability.

“Xiao Xi. “? ? Ou Qi gave Lu yuxi a big hug the moment she saw her …

“Ou Qi, how is it? Where are the people I asked you to find? “? ? Lu Yuxi said expectantly …

Ou Qi turned her body, “how are these few of you? ”

Lu Yuxi looked behind Ou Qi in confusion, but she was stunned for a moment, “wow, Man. ”

Ou Qi was extremely confused, “Xiao Xi? You know them? They haven’t even debuted yet, and you already know them? ”

The Man duo indeed had not debuted, but they had attracted the attention of fans the moment they debuted. In just half a year’s time, they had already become a group that swept the entire world. They were definitely the idol type, five handsome and stylish big boys.. However, Lu Yuxi had been fascinated by them for a long time in her previous life.

Lu Yuxi glanced at the boys. “I don’t know them. I’m just saying that they look very manly. ”

“Can they not be manly? They train every day, and they don’t miss any time on the set. ”

It seemed that if Lu Yuxi’s guess was correct, they were really filming the latest MV and were preparing to debut next month.

“Hehe, yes, they train every day. “? ? Lu Yuxi smiled …

“Oh right, Xiao Xi, why did you call us here? ”

Lu Yuxi smiled. “You should have seen it too. Xixi is currently organizing an exhibition and needs you to be models. ”

Ou Qi smirked. “Does that mean that I have free clothes to wear again? ”

Every time Ou Qi was a spokesperson and a model for Xixi, the first piece of the gown would always be in her bag. Furthermore, xixi’s clothes were limited in quantity and were not easy to get. Hence, Ou Qi was looking forward to it.

Lu Yuxi smiled helplessly. “Alright, alright, alright. After the show ends, none of you will be wearing a single piece. Is that alright? ”

Ou Qi had achieved her goal and raised her eyebrows. She turned around and said, “why aren’t you thanking Chairman Lu? Her clothes aren’t easy to carry. ”

“thank you, Chairman Lu. “? ? The five of them said in unison …

“Alright, let’s not talk so much. Let’s change our clothes first. It’s about to start. Otherwise, we won’t be able to make it in time. “? ? This exhibition was something that Xixi had worked overtime for many days to exchange for. She couldn’t ruin it …

“Alright, let’s go change first. We’ll see how we perform later, ” Ou Qi and the others said confidently?

? ? Lu Yuxi was especially at ease with the Man duo. As for Ou Qi, he had been practiced by his teachers many times when he was learning etiquette. Now, he was doing very well.

Not long after Ou Qi left, she heard a voice.

“Xiao Meimei, don’t run so fast. It’s easy to fall. Be careful. ”

“Xiao Meimei… ”

? Lu Yuxi could see Xiao Meimei rushing over from afar …

“Sister Xiao Xi, we’re here, Sister Xiao Xi. ”

Xiao Meimei crashed into Lu Yuxi’s arms from afar, causing Lu yuxi to take a step back accidentally.

“Xiao Meimei, don’t run so fast. It’s very dangerous with so many people. ”

Xiao Meimei stuck out her tongue mischievously. “That won’t happen. I’m not that stupid. I’M VERY SMART! ”

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