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Chapter 853

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“Alright, you’re the smartest, alright? ” Lu Yuxi said dotingly.

Xiao Meimei, who had just recovered from a serious illness, not only did not have any trauma, but she was even more lively.

“Hehe, Oh right, sister Xiao Xi, these are my good friends. “? ? ? Xiao Meimei pointed behind her.

Lu Yuxi looked behind Xiao Meimei. It was fine if she did not look, but when she did, she was shocked.

“Xiao Meimei, are they your friends? ” Looking at the two children who looked similar, a man and a woman said.

Xiao Meimei smiled and patted the two girls on their shoulders. “That’s right. These are my good friends, Little Bun and Little Bun. ”

Xiao Meimei’s charm was not small at all. The eldest child in the real estate industry was actually her friend. It was not simple at all.

The two little guys bowed very politely. “Hello, Sister Xiao Xi. I’m Little Bun. ”

“I’m brother Little Bun, ” the two of them said in unison.

Lu Yuxi smiled and stroked their heads. “Good, I’m very good. I wonder if the three of you can help sister Xiao Xi? ”

The three of them scratched their heads and little Bun said slowly, “sister Xiao Xi, tell us, what kind of favor do you want us to do? We can do it. We’ve grown up and are very strong. ”

Lu Yuxi was amused by their cute looks. “There’s no need for you to put in a lot of effort. Can you just help sister Xiao Xi put on her new clothes and walk around the show? ”

The three of them nodded without hesitation. “Okay, okay. ”

“You agreed so quickly? ” Lu Yuxi said in surprise.

“Yes, yes. I walk in the catwalk a lot anyway. As for Little Bun and Little Bun, they are professional little models. ”

“okay, okay, okay. Since you are willing to help sister Xiao Xi, then sister Xiao Xi will have to thank you. When the time comes, sister Xiao Xi will give you delicious food, okay? ”

“okay, ” the three children said in tacit understanding.

“Xiao Ma, help me bring them to the general manager’s side. She will arrange it then. “?

She had already told Lao Jie beforehand. She would naturally know when the children had changed into their clothes.

The Pony gawked for a few seconds: “Ah? ”

“What? Come on. “? ? Lu Yuxi is not in the mood to leave him in a daze . .

“Ah, good. ” ? ? Xiao Ma is in a daze for a reason. Xiao Meimei is her sister’s favorite star. Now that he has the chance to meet her, how can she not be stunned . .

“Xiao Meimei, Little Bun, little steamed Bun, you go first change clothes, later sister will go to find you. ” ? ? Lu Yuxi said with a smile . .

“mm-hmm. ” Three people pedal lovely eyes, tacitly nodded.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? Now that almost everyone had come, they should still be lacking him. They didn’t know if he would come, but they were looking forward to him …

? ? ? “Ring, ring… ” ? ? Although the surrounding voices were very loud, the ringtone of the phone was clearly heard.

When she saw the number, Lu Yuxi smiled. It seemed that she was still curious.

“Hello. “? ? ?

“This is Song Ranyao. Miss Lu, I don’t know where you are? “? ? ?

Lu Yuxi said lightly, “I’m backstage right now. If you want to find me, it’s very simple. You can just randomly find someone from Xiji. Someone should tell you where to place it… ”

Sure enough, not long after hanging up the phone, Lu Yuxi saw Song Ranyao and his wife walking over.

“Miss Lu? “? ? Looking at Lu Yuxi in a white dress, Song Ranyao asked uncertainly …

Lu Yuxi smiled and stretched out her right hand, “Hello, I’m Lu Yuxi. ”

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