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Chapter 855

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“Yes, today is the next season’s fashion show. We’re missing a couple of models, so we might be missing you two. ”

“Is it really that simple? ” Song Ranyao asked. He still didn’t believe it.

“I don’t think I have a reason to lie to you. ”

The son and daughter of the father-son pair were all ready, except for the couple.

“okay, I promise you. Now, what do you want us to do? Just say it. “? ? Song Ranyao said proudly …

“mm, come with me. I’ll take you to change your clothes now. ”

This exhibition had gathered so many celebrities and business tycoons. It seemed that it was definitely not a simple exhibition.

Because changing clothes was divided into several rooms, they had already finished changing after handing the clothes to them.

“Xiao Meimei, why are you here too? ” Madam Song said gently.

When they saw Madam Song, Xiao Meimei was pleasantly surprised. “Godmother, why are you here? ”

“Miss Lu invited me over, so I’m here. ”

Madam Song and Xiao Meimei were mother and daughter in the drama. Xiao Meimei did not change her words for a moment, so she was used to it.

“Sister Xiao Xi invited you too? Sister Xiao Xi is amazing, even Godmother, you’re here. Isn’t it fun to wait? ” Xiao Meimei was extremely excited.

Madam Song seemed to have gotten used to it. She patted her head and said, “Xiao Meimei, didn’t you say that you’ve grown up? This isn’t fun. You have to be more serious, understand? ”

Xiao Meimei nodded her head seriously. “okay, I got it. ”

“Mr. Song, Mrs. Song, you’ll go with little bun and little mantou later. Ou Qi, you’ll go with the team leader and Meimei. You’re acting as a family now, so your clothes are parent-child outfits. As for the other members of the Man team, they’ll be wearing matching outfits with the models later. “. “Yes. ”

Hearing Lu Yuxi’s words, Song Ranyao finally reacted. He didn’t look at the clothes he had just changed into. Now that he looked at them, his and Mrs. Song’s clothes were almost the same. It was just that she was wearing small clothes while the children were very small, even though they were the same.. However, there was no awkwardness at all. Instead, it felt very intimate.

Ou Qi and the others were also very satisfied. Not only was it not awkward for them to wear the same clothes, but it also made them feel that they were very beautiful and suitable.

When Lu Yuxi felt that everything had been arranged, she brought them all to the waiting station.

“Ah, my God, so handsome… ” ? ? ?


“My God, isn’t this… isn’t this the song couple? Why are they here? They are the celebrities that my parents are most used to. She always watches their television. ”

“Xiao Meimei, so cute. Oh my God, she’s even cuter than the ones on TV. My cousin always watches her on TV and says that he’s going to marry her when he grows up. ”

“Who are those handsome guys? Are they celebrities too? They’re really so handsome. How can they be so handsome? “?

When Lu Yuxi brought them to the waiting room, everyone went crazy. They were all screaming.

“I know you guys are very excited, but can you guys pay attention to your image? You’re all XIXI’s models. You can’t lose face, ” Lao Min lectured them.

Everyone immediately perked up. “Yes. ”

They were already very happy to be able to participate in this show and be on television. Now that they were able to walk on the same stage as a celebrity, their emotions were extraordinary.

“There’s one minute left before the show starts. Everyone, pay attention. ”

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