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Chapter 856

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With the illumination of a beam of light, the host jumped out excitedly.

“Now, distinguished guests, good evening. Since everyone is here tonight, you must have come because of your reputation. And Tonight’s exhibition will definitely not disappoint you. Without further ADO, please take a look. “? The host left and pointed to the stage …

At this moment, the originally gentle music suddenly changed, and the lights on the stage also changed in a timely manner.

“Hurry Up, you guys go first. “? Lu Yuxi first gave way to a person-in-disguise …

The models were all well-trained. After Lu Yuxi said that, she immediately assumed a professional posture.

? ? The model slowly walked over from the other end of the stage. The simple t-shirt on the model, coupled with the light makeup, was simply beautiful to look at.

“Ah, I didn’t expect that the simple clothes, which are all over the streets, would actually look so beautiful after being processed by her from the side. ”

“look at your clothes. You can be said to be a few years younger when you wear them. “? ? ?

Madam Reese was in one of the best locations. When she saw this, she smiled. “I didn’t expect that we really can’t underestimate this woman. The design is indeed not bad. ”

“Madam Reese, it seems that this girl is not worse than when you were young, ” reese said with a smile.

“Hehe, to borrow a phrase from them, the younger generation will surpass the older generation. However, the younger generation may not be able to push the older generation forward. ”

Reese had to admit that this woman was indeed very smart. She was only young, but she dared to do things. She was very much like herself back then. Moreover, if she wanted to surpass him, it would be very easy.

“Hehe, Mr. Reese, your mother has always liked this kind of smart girl. How can you be so calm? ” If it wasn’t for the fact that his son had just gotten married last year, perhaps this was the way to keep this girl.

“Of course, there’s no need for you to say it, Madam. It’s not like mother would like it, and… “? ? This woman was indeed outstanding. Putting aside those initial good feelings, this girl was definitely the most suitable successor for the Ritter family. However, this kind of good girl wasn’t his turn …

His life was destined to be a marriage without love. It was all because his career would tie him and his other half together. It wasn’t easy for him to finally meet a woman with feelings, but unfortunately…

“Mr. Ritas, I don’t understand what you mean. “? ? Mrs. Ritas said with a smile …

“This young woman is already married. ”

“So what if she’s married? If the two of them are in love, they can still be together even after a divorce. Moreover, the Ritas family has an illustrious status. Why would they be afraid of having a woman they can’t have? ”

Ritas smiled. “Mrs. Ritas might not know, but she’s the eldest son of the black family and the eldest grandson of the noose family. Do you think I have the ability to do that? ”

Perhaps it was because Ritz mentioned the black family and the NOLCORP family, but he did not say anything else.

“It’s your turn, go up. “? ? The second batch of clothing was a gown. Conservative, not conservative. Every single one of them was stunning …

The moment the gown appeared, it immediately attracted the attention of the crowd. They did not expect that after so many designs, there were still so many beautiful designs.

? ? ? ? “ziling, what’s the situation now? It’s already been so long, why aren’t they letting you go back? ” Wang Yuanwen asked …

“Shut up and wait for me, they will definitely call. “? Huang Ziling was extremely angry …

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