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Chapter 857

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Lu Yuxi saw that their footsteps were very straight, but the mistake was that they did not turn around. They did not show the elegance of the gown at all.

“turn, turn around, ” Lu Yuxi said anxiously.

Almost all of the models heard Lu Yuxi’s voice. They walked to the corresponding positions and turned around tacitly. The breeze fluttered along with the gown, and the patterns of the lace were mesmerizing.

The reporters excitedly captured this perfect moment, and the flashes were everywhere.

Lu Yuxi also patted her thigh excitedly. “That’s right, that’s it. Perfect. ”

“Xiao Xi, I’m a little nervous now. How is it? ” When they were performing on stage, Ou Qi, who was surrounded by a sea of people, was not nervous at all. Now, he was actually scared.

“It’s fine. Just hold the captain’s and Xiao Meimei’s hands and go up together. It’s fine, ” Lu Yuxi arranged.

Xiao Meimei immediately held ou Qi’s hand. “That’s right, sister Ou Qi. It’s fine. We’re beside you. ”

Ou Qi nodded. “Okay. ”

“Alright, since everyone is ready, let’s go up first. The parent-child costume will be last. ”

Lu Yuxi’s family’s runway shows were always different from other people’s. Other people always walked one by one, but she let the two of them walk together.

The temptation of the dress was still in everyone’s taste. Suddenly, a man and a woman appeared. The uniform made them stunned for a long time.

“What does this mean? Why are the clothes the same? Do we have to make the same clothes? ” Everyone was very confused.

“Yeah, what’s going on? The designer doesn’t seem to be a person who can repeat things. What’s going on? And it’s a man and a woman repeating things. ”

A certain person seemed to have understood what was going on. “Hey, look, even though it’s a repeat, but if you look carefully, the boys and girls look different. Suddenly, they look pretty good. Have you noticed? ”

“Yeah, and look at this man and woman. They look like a couple. They’re really harmonious. ”

“Hey, that’s true. Look, they really look like a couple. It’s like they’re trying to let others know that they’re a couple. ”

Madam reese paused for a moment. It seemed that this girl was really not simple.

Although no one approved of Lu Yuxi’s couple costume at the beginning, after three or four outfits, everyone seemed to be looking forward to how many surprises the later costumes would give them.

Suddenly, the music changed again, and there was also an inexplicable scream.

“Ah! Ou Qi, it’s Ou Qi. ”

“Oh my God, Xiao Meimei, why are they here? Oh my God, I’m so excited. ” Although the team leaders were also very handsome, they were usually ignored because they could not call out their names.

“They’re so cute. They look like a family. ”

“They’re so cute. The children are so cute. The adults are so beautiful and handsome. They’re a perfect match. ”

The cameras of the reporters did not stop. They kept looking at the stage.

This was a big shot. If they did not film it, it would be a waste. They thought that it was just a rich and powerful company. They did not expect it to have power.

“It’s about time. Mr. Song, Mrs. Song, please. ” They were recognized as a good couple. They believed that they should be able to make their clothes more famous.

“Yes, we will. ”

Mr. Song and Mrs. Song pulled the Little Bun and the little girl’s eyebrows respectively. They took a deep breath and walked out with a smile.

“AH ~ ”

“wow ~ ” was still a scream of shock, which made the atmosphere at the scene reach a climax.

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