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Chapter 858

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The same outfit, the same charming smile, and a different kind of affinity.

“I’m going to faint. Isn’t this… isn’t this the song couple? Oh my God, why are they here? I’m so excited. ”

“looks like Xixi isn’t someone who can be offended so easily. Even the song couple, who are usually hard to appear on TV shows, are here. ”

“Look, their outfits are really the same, except for the large and small sizes. They look very cute. ”

“Hubby, this looks so good. Let’s buy a set too. Wear it with our son. I believe it will look very good. ”

“Yeah, Hubby, I want it too. They all look so good. Let’s buy them too, okay? ”

Hearing the discussion below, Lu Yuxi smiled. The parent-child outfit was indeed as she had thought. It was quickly accepted. It seemed that it was a hot item in her previous life.

The song couple was the last batch. Therefore, after the song couple left the stage, the crowd gave a warm applause.

The host also jumped out. “Everyone, I believe that everyone has seen the work just now. Who designed these incomparably beautiful clothes? I believe that everyone knows very little, so… ”

The host kept them guessing, and this kept them guessing unexpectedly attracted everyone’s attention. “Then, let’s welcome the youngest and one of the most famous perfect designers in history, Miss Lu. ”

Everyone looked towards the depths of the stage expectantly, hoping that they would be the first to see it.

Lu Yuxi slowly walked over from the other end of the stage. Her lithe and beautiful body area, her waist-length hair, and her elegant long dress completely accentuated her temperament.

When everyone really wanted to look at her face, they were surprised to find that a mask had unknowingly appeared on her face.

This mask also caused everyone present to whisper to each other once again. “What’s going on? Why is she wearing a mask? ”

“Yeah, could it be that Xixi’s chief designer is some kind of shady person? Didn’t they say that the designer is a very beautiful young woman? What’s going on now? ”

On the stage, Lu Yuxi smiled and helplessly took over the microphone. “I believe that many people are wondering if I’m shady or disfigured. Why am I wearing a mask? Actually, none of them are. ”

“The reason why I’m wearing a mask is because of the cameras at the scene. ” As she said that, Lu Yuxi looked at the camera.

Everyone once again whispered to each other, “what does this camera have to do with anything? ”

“exactly. ”


When Lu Yuxi heard that, she continued, “of course it has a lot to do with me. I don’t want to go out too much because I’m afraid that if I’m too outstanding, many people will try to poach me. If I can’t resist the temptation at that time and get poached by others, then the director will be furious. ”

Everyone became a mess because of Lu Yuxi’s joke.

Madam reese narrowed her eyes. She was indeed a smart person. Facing so many people’s questions, not only did she easily resolve the joke, but she also didn’t say what she originally meant.

The reason why Lu Yuxi wore a mask was because she didn’t want to appear on the news or television. It was too eye-catching, as long as she was already in the limelight.

“I wonder if everyone is satisfied with the work just now? Do you have any questions? ” These clothes had just been released Although they were popular, most of them were people under the age of 35. Therefore, Lu Yuxi actually had better designs.

“I have a personal question. These clothes all look the same. What does it mean to wear them on men and women, and on a family? ”

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