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Chapter 859

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Lu Yuxi smiled. “What do you think of these identical clothes? ”

Everyone nodded. “They’re not bad. They’re indeed not bad. ”

“They’re very good-looking. They look like a family. It feels very warm… ”

Lu Yuxi continued, “indeed, these clothes can actually be said to be a couple’s outfit. There’s also a parent-child outfit and a sister’s outfit. ”

“It’s just like what you see. Although they are the same, the models are still different. However, they make people feel warm when they wear them. Moreover, one look can let people know that they are father and son, mother and son, or a couple… ”

Lu Yuxi explained a lot, but she did not know if they had listened to her. She only knew that she had made it very clear.

After Lu Yuxi finished speaking, she left and left the stage to the host. She went to do her own things.

“Wait, wait a minute. ” Just as Lu Yuxi walked off the stage, someone stopped her.

She thought it was Mr. Song or someone calling her, but who knew it was a boy. He looked to be the same age as her, around 18 or 19 years old.

“You called me? ” Lu Yuxi looked at her in surprise.

“Miss Lu, I really like what you’ve designed. Can you take me as your disciple? ” The boy said sincerely.

Lu Yuxi was completely stunned. “Ah? ? ”

“Miss Lu, I’m serious. I really want to take you as my master. Please, take me as your disciple, okay? I’ll definitely study hard. ”

Looking at the skinny boy who was dressed in rags, he was very clean.

“This… ! I am just an ordinary designer. How can I be qualified to take in a disciple? ” Many of Lu Yuxi’s works were drawn with emotion. Asking her to take in a disciple was simply making things difficult for her …

“How can I not be qualified? I saw your exhibition just now. So many people really like it. Look, look, aren’t the clothes in these magazines all from your hands? ” The boy took out the magazines that had been cut out from his bag.

It could be seen that he was really diligent. There were almost every issue. Moreover, the bag was obviously wrinkled, but the magazines were kept very well. It could be seen that he treasured them very much.

“I’m really sorry, I really can’t help you. I’m also learning, so I’m really sorry… ”

Lu Yuxi rejected him very decisively.

The boy seemed to have heard the final judgment, and his whole body trembled because of fear.

The boy looked at Lu yuxi tightly, and his face was Pale. “Miss Lu, I beg you, please take me in as your disciple, okay? If you don’t take me in, we really can’t live anymore, I beg you. ”

Lu Yuxi wanted to say something, but she heard another voice…

“It’s him. He’s right there. ” The security guards saw the boy and ran over to hold him down.


“Chairman, I’m sorry. We didn’t know he would suddenly rush in. I’m really sorry. ” The security guards apologized desperately.

“Miss Lu, I beg you, please save us. ” Even though she was held down by the security guards, the despair in her eyes still made Lu Yuxi’s heart ache. What exactly happened to him.

“Alright, let him go. ”

“But the chairman. ”

Lu Yuxi frowned. “Shut up, let him go. “.

“Yes. ” The security guards obediently let go of the boy.

“I don’t know what happened to you to be so anxious to become a designer. I just want to say that a designer can not be done at once. It’s also a matter of time. ”

The boy was quiet for a moment. “My mother is about to die. I’m afraid she won’t be able to wait. ”

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