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Chapter 861

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Xiao Meimei also grabbed Lu Yuxi’s sleeve. “Sister Xiao Xi, just take him in. Maybe he really can. ”

Lu Yuxi hesitated. She did not know what to say.

Ou Qi seemed to have understood something. “quick, if you have any works or something, show me your strength. Otherwise, you can’t let Xiao Xi take you in just like that. ”

Ou Qi knew Lu Yuxi well. As long as she hesitated, Ou Qi probably knew that there was a chance.

The man was stunned for a long time before he reacted. “Yes, yes, I have a drawing. I have a drawing. ”

The man immediately became energetic. He took out a few pieces of paper from his pocket and handed it to Ou Qi.

Ou Qi took it and casually glanced at it. She unconsciously swallowed her saliva. “What is this? Why can’t I understand it? Xiao Xi, I can’t understand it. You can open it. ”

Lu Yuxi took it and called. “Did you spend this? ”

The man calmly nodded. “Yes, sometimes I can relax for a while and then I can draw. ”

Lu Yuxi said, “with your design, you can definitely do better, and you can even go to a very good design school. Why do you have to acknowledge me as your teacher? ”

Although the things he drew might not be understood by others, Lu Yuxi understood it.

The designs he drew were completely similar to the designs from his previous life. If he really modified them and made real clothes, they would definitely sell well. After all, this was very beautiful. If she had to choose whether to buy it or not, she would choose to buy it.

The man shook his head and smiled firmly. “I have my responsibilities to shoulder, and I can’t leave. Moreover, my family is already poor. If it weren’t for the fact that I have several part-time jobs, I’m afraid I wouldn’t even be able to afford to eat. ”

Ou Qi and Madam Song were both emotional people. When they heard this, their eyes turned red and red, as if they felt that their fates were also this rough.

“Miss Lu, since you think that he’s so talented and you agree with him, why don’t you take him in as a disciple? ”

“Yes, Xiao Xi, since you two ‘hit it off’ , take him in. Maybe he can help us in the future. ” Lao Min couldn’t stand it anymore.

Taking him in wasn’t a bad thing. Moreover, he was so talented in design, so cultivating him might also be useful to her.

Lu Yuxi thought about it for a while and finally.. But she still agreed. “I agreed. It’s not because of other people’s pleas, and it’s not because I feel sorry for you. I just think that you’re more talented. As for whether you can bring out your talent, that’s up to you. ”

The boy was pleasantly surprised. “Thank you, thank you, master. ”

“Let’s make it clear in advance. I don’t necessarily have time to teach you every day. I’m just telling you how to use your own ideas. ”

? Lu Yuxi had just given birth not long ago, and now she suddenly had a disciple. She was really not used to it …

“What’s your name? ” Lu Yuxi asked.

“Ning Haowen, master, my name is Ning Haowen. ” Ning Haowen’s tone was obviously very excited.

“okay, I got it. From now on, I’ll call you Haowen. This way, it’ll look friendly. ”

“Thank you, thank you, master. ”

Lu Yuxi kept feeling that this name was a little familiar, but she just could not remember where she had heard it before.

Ou Qi: “Ning Haowen, just now you said that your mother… What’s going on? ”

Ning Haowen’s expression immediately became dejected. “She has cancer. It’s terminal. The doctor said that she might, might not live past this month. ”

This news undoubtedly did not make the people present feel sorry for him.

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