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Chapter 862

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Lu Yuxi looked at the handsome, thin, and tall boy in front of her. She really felt sorry for him.

“You don’t have money now, do you? ” Lu Yuxi’s words only hit him in the heart.

It was not that Lu Yuxi looked down on him. Moreover, looking at the pair of broken sneakers on his feet and the pants that had been sewn and mended many times, Lu Yuxi really felt sorry for him. He was only a boy of 17 or 18 years old Just how hard had it been for him to grow up.

Ning Haowen lowered his head and did not speak.

“Lao Jie. ” Lu Yuxi reached out to Lao Min.

Lao Min tacitly handed the envelope that had been in the folder to Lu Yuxi.

“This is an advance of your crisis salary. Since you are in trouble at home, you should take it first. ”

“Master, I can’t take this. I really can’t take it. You should take it back, ” Ning Haowen rejected.

Lu Yuxi directly stuffed the money into his hand. “since it is really difficult, and someone can help you, it would be stupid of you to refuse. ”

Ning Haowen took the envelope. “I got it. ”

Lu Yuxi took out a piece of paper and wrote a few words on it before handing it to him. “It’s good that you know. Tomorrow morning at 10 am, go to this place. I’ll wait for you here. ”

“Okay. ”

Lu Yuxi did not know that such a small decision of hers had actually changed this person’s life.

Not long after the show ended, everyone was ready to leave.

“Xiao Xi, I’m leaving first. If you have anything, call me. I don’t have any videos to shoot. ”

“okay, got it. ”

“Miss Xiao Xi, we’re leaving too, ” the Man group said politely.

“Man, you guys can do it. I know you guys are in a lot of pain right now, and I’ve thought about giving up, but you guys have to persevere. One day, you guys will stand out. ” Looking at the young and handsome boys, Lu Yuxi could only say that Hei bu was still the most handsome.

“okay. ”

“Okay. ” Lu Yuxi’s words resonated with the men.

That’s right. For their dreams, for more people to know about their music, they had put in so much effort. They thought of the sun and moon that didn’t sleep, practiced dancing, and sang. They thought of the sun and moon that were bullied by their senior brothers. They had endured it What else couldn’t they endure.

“Also, don’t be arrogant when you’re famous, and don’t make any scandals in the year of your debut. Otherwise, you might have to start all over again. ”

Because in this life, she had sped up ou Qi’s entry into the entertainment industry, and Man was the same. Therefore, Lu Yuxi didn’t know what would happen in their future. She only warned them not to touch it.

“We understand, ” the men answered seriously.

Although the girl in front of them was the same age as them, they couldn’t look at her as if they were the same age.

“Miss Lu, it’s time for us to leave. If you need anything, just give us a call. ”

At first, Mr. Song was not completely sure if Lu Yuxi was lying. However, when he saw her confidently standing on the stage and looking down at everyone, Song Ranyao knew that this woman was definitely not simple.

“Yes, Mr. Song, Mrs. Song, thank you so much. ”

“You’re welcome. If you really want to say thank you, you should thank you for saving my husband, ” Mrs. Song said solemnly.

“Mr. Song, if you believe me, please install invisible cameras in your room, living room, kitchen, and office to prevent accidents. ”

“thank you, we understand. ”

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