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Chapter 863

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“I’ll leave the exhibition to you guys. ”

“okay, we got it. Just leave it to me, ” Lao Min said confidently.

After the exhibition ended, Lu Yuxi left the exhibition to Lao Min and left through the back door. There were too many reporters in front and it was not easy to leave.

As soon as she entered the house, she heard a lively sound.

“Aiyo, look at my grandson. He’s so cute. Aiyo, he really looks like our Xiao Xi. ”

“Yeah, look at his eyes and nose. He’s really cute, ” Madam Xue said with a smile.

The Servant opened the door for Lu Yuxi. Lu Yuxi was stunned for a long time. “GRANDPA, grandma, Aunty, and Daddy, why are you here? ”

“Why? Aren’t we welcome? We’re here to see our little grandkids, ” grandfather Xue said with a smile.

“weren’t there a few full moons two days ago? Because we didn’t have time to come over, we took the time to come over now, ” Aunty explained.

“If you want to see them, why don’t HEI BU and I go over to see you in a few days? You have to come over yourself. ”

“since we’re already here, what’s the point of talking about this? It’s so convenient to have a car now, so we can come over whenever we want. ”

“okay, okay, okay. I won’t talk anymore. You can do whatever you want, okay? ” The two elders were both stubborn people, so it was useless to talk to them.

“You child, you say this as if you don’t like it. ” Madam Xue Hugged Xiao Feng and looked at Lu Yuxi.

“No, I’m just saying it casually. ” Lu Yuxi said unhappily.

“GRANDPA, Grandma, Dad, Aunty, why are you here? ” Hei Bu, who had changed his shoes, asked the same question.

“We’re just here to see the baby. It’s fine, it’s fine. ”

“But, it’s already so late. ” It was already past ten o’clock. They didn’t expect them to still be here so late.

“It’s already past ten o’clock? It’s so late, I didn’t even notice. ” Aunty looked at her watch and said.

“since it’s already so late, let’s go back. We’ll come back another day, ” old master Xue said.

“Ah, GRANDPA, it’s already so late. Why are you going back? There are so many rooms here. Why don’t we stay here tonight? Don’t leave. ”

Old Madam Xue smiled and said, “that’s enough, Xiao Xi. Don’t try to persuade him. Your grandpa knows the bed. If it’s somewhere else, he won’t be able to sleep. So, let’s go back. ”

“But, it’s really dangerous to go back now, ” Lu Yuxi didn’t agree.

“It’s fine. Your Dad is driving. It’s fine, ” old Madam Xue said.

Lu Yuxi looked at Lu Zhengming. “Dad, it’s late. You have to be careful. ”

“I know. It’s not far. It’s fine. ” Her daughter had really grown up. She had been here the whole day. Although she had not seen Xiao Xi, he knew that his daughter would never disappoint him

“Alright then. I’ll send you out. ”

After sending everyone away, Lu Yuxi fell heavily on the SOFA.

She was already very tired at the scene. Now that she was home, she was even more tired.

“Why did you come back so late today? ” Hei Bu, who had been driving behind Lu Yuxi, naturally saw that Lu Yuxi was only a little ahead of him.

“There was a fashion exhibition today, and then I went out. But, you, why did you come back so late? Don’t talk to me about socializing, ” Lu Yuxi pressed.

“The gang had some matters to settle, so I went back. There was nothing much. ”

Lu Yuxi stared at him. “there really wasn’t. ”

“Yes. ”

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