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Chapter 865

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In a short while, Lu Yuxi finished feeding the last one. When Xiao Feng and Xiao Feng put the three little troublemakers into the cradle, Lu Yuxi finally felt that the day’s work was finally over.

Lu Yuxi stretched her body. “I’m so tired. I’ve been tired all day. Take a shower and sleep. ”

Hei Bu grabbed Lu Yuxi’s little hand in the air. “sleep? It’s not that simple, right? ”

Lu Yuxi’s mouth paused in the air. “Hei Bu, aren’t you asleep? ”

When she was feeding Xiao Feng, she saw that he was leaning against the Sofa with his eyes closed. He was feeding her slowly so that she could fall asleep. Who knew that just as she stood up, she would be caught red-handed.

“Hehe, Hei Bu, aren’t you asleep? ”

Hei Bu approached Lu Yuxi, lowered his head, and blew on her neck, “asleep? Wouldn’t that mean that you ran away? ”

Lu Yuxi’s gaze was unnatural, “Hehe, how can that be? I was just about to wake you up to take a bath and sleep. ”

“There’s no need to wake me up, because I’m already awake, ” HEI BU said ambiguously.

“Hehe, it’s good that you’re awake. It’s best that you’re awake. ” Lu Yuxi wanted to break free, but she was grabbed tightly.

Hei Bu gave a mischievous smile. “Nanny Wu, I’ll leave the babies to you. ”

“Yes, I understand. ” Nanny Wu walked out of nowhere.

Hei Bu bent down and picked Lu Yuxi Up. “Madam, then, should we take a bath and sleep? ”

“Hei Bu, what are you doing? Quickly put me down. “? ? Lu Yuxi hit hei bu’s chest, wanting him to put her down, but who knew that it was her hand that was hurting …

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“Let’s go upstairs. ” Hei Bu carried her up the stairs.

“Hei Bu, let me go. ” Perhaps it was because Lu yuxi struggled too hard, she almost fell from Hei Bu’s arms.

Hei Bu’s heart seemed to miss a beat. He hurriedly pulled her back, and at the same time, he was a little angry, “don’t move. ”

“Okay. ” Lu Yuxi was also very scared. If not for HEI BU’s quick hands, she might have fallen directly from HEI BU’s arms.

Lu Yuxi hugged the HEI BU tightly and placed her head in his arms. Hearing his heartbeat, she was obviously scared.

Looking at his determined face, Lu Yuxi allowed him to carry her upstairs. This was what other people called a sense of security.

The Hei Bu placed Lu Yuxi on the bed and walked out.

Lu Yuxi’s eyes darkened. Was He angry Was she too childish just now.

After the Hei Bu left, Lu Yuxi’s mood fell to rock bottom.

However, not long after, the HEI BU came in with the medicine box and walked straight towards her, gently grabbing her leg.

Lu Yuxi was stunned, “Hei Bu, you… ”

The Hei Bu grabbed her ankle, “don’t move. ”

In between, the HEI BU grabbed the medicine box with one hand and the medicine pot with the other, gently lifting the corner of Lu Yuxi’s skirt.

Lu Yuxi shrank in pain, “it hurts. ”

It turned out that she didn’t know when, but her foot had already started bleeding. If she didn’t guess wrongly, she should have been scratched by a piece of wood on the stage. Because it didn’t hurt, she didn’t notice it. She didn’t expect him to notice it.

It turned out that he did not want to do anything to her. Instead, when he saw that she was injured, he carried her up.

Lu Yuxi placed her hands on the corner of the bed and looked gently at the top of his half-squatting head. “thank you. ”

Hei Bu did not say anything. He only gently covered her wound.

The corner of Lu Yuxi’s mouth curved. With this man, she would not be lacking in her life.

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