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Chapter 866

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“Alright, you stay here for a while. I’ll draw the bath water for you now. ” Hei Bu stood up and walked towards the bathroom.

Looking at his back view, Lu Yuxi’s heart warmed. This man had been the young master of the family since he was young. Since he was young, only other people had been his slaves. Not long ago, this man had sacrificed so much for her.

“That’s enough. The bath water is ready. Go in. ” Hei Bu walked out and walked towards the study.

“Hei Bu. ” Lu Yuxi jumped down from the bed and ran towards HEI BU, hugging him from behind.

Hei Bu turned to look at her and his right hand hugged her back. “What’s wrong? ”

Lu Yuxi hugged his waist tightly. “Hei Bu, thank you. ”

“Okay. ”

Lu Yuxi could not see his expression, but from the strength of his embrace, she could tell that he was actually very happy.

“take a bath. It’s very late. Be careful when you take a bath. Don’t touch the wound. I’ll apply ointment for you later. ” Hei Bu quietly let her hug him.

“Let’s take a bath together, ” Lu Yuxi said boldly.

Hei Bu turned around. “Are you inviting me? ”

Lu Yuxi let go of his hand. Her face was a little red. “Yes, I’m inviting you. ”

“If that’s the case, then… ” Hei bu squatted down and picked Lu Yuxi Up. “Then Madam, I won’t stand on ceremony. ”

“Hehe, okay. ” Lu Yuxi smiled foolishly and retreated into hei BU’s embrace.

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The next morning, Lu Yuxi placed one hand on her waist as she walked down the stairs. With every step she took, her body seemed to fall apart.

“This damned Hei Bu, do you want to torture yourself to death? You’re so crazy. ”

“Why are you taking so long, is it… ” Hei bu appeared out of nowhere and whispered into Lu Yuxi’s ear …

Lu Yuxi turned her head back forcefully. “You bastard. ”

Hei Bu leaned closer to Hei Bu. “Does my wife still want to sleep? ”

Lu Yuxi glared at him. “You bastard. ”

“thank you for praising me so much, my wife. I’m actually a little happy. Does this prove that I satisfied you last night? ” Hei Bu said meaningfully.

After saying that, Yao passed by Lu Yuxi and went straight downstairs.

Lu Yuxi stared at his back fiercely. To think that she was so moved last night to say that he was a good man. Who Knew.

“Xiao Xi, breakfast is ready. Come down and eat. ”

“Oh, I got it, ” Lu Yuxi replied with her hands on her hips.

Lu Yuxi muttered as she walked down the stairs.

“Master. ” Ning Haowen smiled at Lu Yuxi. Because of her dark skin, her teeth looked very white.

Lu Yuxi was stunned. “Haowen, why are you here? ”

“Didn’t you ask me to come? ” Ning Haowen said in confusion.

“Xiao Xi, he said that he was your disciple yesterday, so I let him in. ” Nuo Rouye was also very confused.

“Oh, I suddenly forgot. I seemed to have asked him to look for me yesterday, but I suddenly forgot, ” Lu Yuxi said embarrassedly.

“Sit, why are you standing there like a fool? Why are you here so early? Have you eaten? ” Lu Yuxi asked.

“Yes, I came here early. I asked him if he had breakfast, but he said No. I asked him to sit, but he refused to sit, ” Nuo Rouye walked over and said in agreement.

“No, I don’t want to sit. I’ll stand for a while. ”

“Don’t tell me you think you’re so bad that you don’t dare to sit on MY SOFA? ” Needless to say, Lu Yuxi could tell that he didn’t dare to sit on the sofa because he was afraid of dirtying it.

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