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Chapter 867

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Ning Haowen dared to shake his head, “No, I don’t think so. ”

His clothes were so dirty, how could he dare to sit down? What if he dirtied the SOFA.

He knew that Lu Yuxi was very rich, but he didn’t expect her family to be so big and rich. It turned out that she was really living like a princess, just like what others said.

“If you really don’t have this intention, then sit down. Hasn’t anyone told you before? Never underestimate yourself, and never feel inferior. Otherwise, you will never succeed, ” Lu Yuxi said seriously.

Hei Bu said coldly, “If I ask you to sit, then sit. ”

From the very beginning, Hei Bu had noticed him. This person had been very restrained ever since he came down. The Hei family was not small, and there were many priceless things. However, he did not look around and only stood there wholeheartedly.

Perhaps it was because of this kind of person that Lu yuxi accepted him as her disciple.

Perhaps it was because of Lu Yuxi’s words, or because of Hei Bu’s words, Ning Haowen still sat down obediently.

If you haven’t eaten, then come over and eat. Don’t let others repeat it again.

“I’ve eaten, I’ve really eaten, ” Ning Haowen said excitedly.

Very early in the morning, he had already gotten up to cook food for his mother and younger siblings. After making arrangements for his younger siblings, he rode his bicycle over.

“It’s good that you’ve eaten. If you’ve eaten, then wait here for a while. I’ll be quick. ” After saying that, Lu Yuxi headed to the dining room.

At this moment, the wet nurses also pushed the three little fellows out.

The little ones bit their little hands and looked hungry when they woke up.

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The little ones stared at Ning Haowen as if they had seen a new world.

Ning Haowen looked at the cute three little babies and could not help but tease them, “you all look the same, are you triplets? ”

The little babies naturally did not understand what he said and only pouted.

“Yes, they were born together. At that time, the young Madam gave her all to give birth to the young master and the young Miss, ” the wet nurse said with a smile.

Ning Haowen did not say anything but just smiled. She naturally knew how great his mother was, just like his mother, so great.

Perhaps it was because she could not eat much for breakfast, in less than a while, Lu Yuxi had already come out of the restaurant, followed by Hei Bu.

“Master. ”

“You don’t have to stand up. Sit down. I’m just here to see the babies. Last night, they slept so late, it was enough for them to suffer. ”

Moreover, the babies were now the most difficult to take care of. Every time in the middle of the night, they had to get up and feed them, just in case they were hungry.

If the wet nurse did not share the burden with her, she would have starved to death long ago.

“Come, let mommy give you a hug. Look at our Xiao Feng crying the loudest last night. ” Lu Yuxi bent down to pick up Xiao Feng.

However, her words stunned Ning Haowen. “Master, you have a baby? This is your baby? ”

How could Ning Haowen have thought that Lu Yuxi, who was so young, was already a mother of three children.

“Yes, is it very strange? ”

Ning Haowen nodded. “Yes. ”

Lu Yuxi smiled and did not say anything. She gently hugged the baby and smiled sweetly.

After hugging for a while, Lu Yuxi said, “mother Wu, help me bring the book on my desk over. ”

Since she was already his master, then she had to be responsible for him.

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