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Chapter 868

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After Ning Haowen received the picture, he was stunned for a while. “Master, this is? ”

“I’ve already handed the book to you. Now, the task I’m giving you is to design a gown according to the picture in this book within two hours. ”

This was a book, but it could also be said to be a children’s comic book. There were small animals everywhere, or other childish designs. Lu Yuxi had actually given him a difficult problem.

“using this to design a gown? ” Ning Haowen asked again to confirm.

“Well, if you feel that it’s difficult, then… ”

Before Lu Yuxi could finish, Ning Haowen interrupted, “I know. Give me some time, I will design it. ”

Looking at the confident Ning Haowen, Lu Yuxi nodded in agreement, “if that’s the case, mother Wu, bring him to the study at the side. ”

Lu Yuxi gave him such a difficult problem right from the start. This was not Lu Yuxi giving him a hard time, she was just trying to see what his limit was.

“Xiao Xi, why did you take in a disciple? ” Nuo rouye asked in confusion.

“Well, I don’t know either. I just took in such a confused and confused disciple. If I were to give a rough description, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to say it. ” Lu Yuxi shrugged her shoulders, indicating that she did not know what to say.

On the other hand, Hei Bu, who was jealous of his son, had suddenly taken in such a handsome young man as a disciple. He was actually able to read the newspaper here peacefully.

“Hey, Hei Bu, didn’t you say anything? ”

Hei Bu replied coldly, “No. ”

Although this boy was indeed handsome, he knew that Lu Yuxi would definitely not like a man younger than her.

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“Tsk, if you don’t have anything, then so be it. ” Lu Yuxi glared at him.

She picked up Xiao Shun who was mumbling and spitting bubbles, “Xiao Shun, tell Mommy, is your father a fool? If your father is a fool, then spit a bubble. ”

Actually, Lu Yuxi was just joking when she said that. Who knew that Xiao Shun would really spit a bubble.

“Haha, Hei Bu, look, your son already said that you’re a fool. Look, you’re even blowing bubbles. ” Lu Yuxi laughed out loud.

Hei Bu naturally saw the bubbles coming out of his son’s mouth. “Lu Yuxi, that’s enough. ”

“Enough? What’s enough? Let me tell you, when my son grows up, he’ll be hard on you. ” Lu Yuxi laughed out loud.

Hei Bu was speechless.”…”

Nuo Rouye shook her head helplessly. It looked like this family would definitely be very lively in the future.

Because the HEI BU did not have to go to work today, he was at home all day. The task that Lu Yuxi gave him was to carry the baby.

Hence, there was the scene of the Hei Bu carrying the baby and reading the newspaper.

However, this scene really made Lu Yuxi mesmerized.

She saw that the Hei Bu was carrying Yiyi in his left hand and holding the newspaper in his right hand. Yiyi in his arms was eating her little hand for fun. It really made people want to stop time at this moment forever.

“Master, I have finished drawing. ” Just when Lu Yuxi was engrossed in reading, Ning Haowen suddenly appeared.

“You scared me. ” Lu Yuxi patted her chest and said.

“I’m sorry, master. I scared you. I’m sorry, ” Ning Haowen said worriedly.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. ” Lu Yuxi waved her hand to indicate that it was okay.

Lu Yuxi turned around to face him. “where’s the drawing you mentioned? Where is it? ”

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