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Chapter 869

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Lu Yuxi held Ning Haowen’s picture in her hand and nodded in satisfaction. “MMM, very good. ”

She had only given him a book of Children’s books, but he had actually used this book to draw a dress about spring. Looking at the smiling patterns on the dress, Lu Yuxi expressed her satisfaction.

To be able to make such a martyr’s work in such a short period of time was really not an easy thing.

“You spent it very well, but I have a suggestion. Do you want to hear it? ”

“Master, I’m here to learn from you. If you have anything to scold me about, feel free to tell me. ”

“I can’t really scold you, but my suggestion is that you should use these smiling faces. If it’s really a gown for the banquet, having this smiling face would be very exaggerated. ”

“I understand. I will. Thank you, master. ” Ning Haowen was not unhappy with Lu Yuxi’s advice. On the contrary, he was happy because of it.

“actually, this place can be changed… ” Lu Yuxi taught him seriously …

“Young Madam, there’s a phone call. It says that it’s looking for some waiter. ” The Servant’s voice suddenly came from the other side.

“waiter? WHO’s the waiter? We don’t have any waiter here! ” Before Lu Yuxi could finish her sentence, Ning Haowen, who was beside her, rushed over.

Lu Yuxi instantly understood what he meant. He must have given her address and number to him at the same time. He was worried about coming here, so he must have left his number to someone.

Ning Haowen quickly took the phone from the servant’s hand. “Aunt Zhang, it’s the waiter. What’s wrong? Did something happen? ”

Aunt Zhang was the neighbor next door. Because her legs were inconvenient, she stayed at home to do manual work. And because she was a very nice person, Ning Haowen asked her to help look after the family.

She usually wouldn’t contact him unless something really happened at home.

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“waiter, come back quickly. Your mother can’t take it anymore. ”

“What? ” This sentence was undoubtedly a blow to his head.

“Just now, your mother kept panting after coughing violently. I’m afraid… Anyway, she said she has something to say to you. Come back quickly. ”

Ning Haowen did not wait for the other side to hang up the phone. He hung up the phone and ran away.

Lu Yuxi, who did not understand the truth, shouted, “Haowen, where are you going? ”

“Master, I’m sorry. I have something to do at home. I’ll go back first. ” From Ning Haowen’s voice, Lu Yuxi could hear a lump in her throat.

He said that his mother had cancer and might not be able to make it. If she did not guess wrongly, it should be something to do with his mother.

Lu Yuxi also ran over and picked up the clothes on the SOFA. “Hei Bu, I’m going out for a while. I’ll be back soon. ”

Hei Bu glanced at her and knew that she was going to meddle in other people’s business again. “Be careful. ”

“got it. ”

“Uncle Liu, quick, prepare the car. I’m going out for a while, ” Lu Yuxi said nervously.

“got it, Young Madam. ”

Lu Yuxi stood at the same spot and waited anxiously. Once uncle Liu’s car arrived, Lu yuxi sat inside without caring about anything else.

“Young Madam, where are we going? ” Uncle Liu turned around and asked.

“Did you see a boy go out from here just now? Where did he go? ”

Uncle Liu recalled, “a boy? I think he went that way on his bicycle. ”

“Then follow his direction and think of a way to catch up with him, ” Lu Yuxi replied.

“Yes. ”

Although the accident at his house had nothing to do with Lu Yuxi, he was her disciple. How could she just watch.

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