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Chapter 870

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Lu Yuxi could see Ning Haowen’s figure from afar. He was riding very fast, as if there was a beast chasing after him. The old bicycle made him look tired.

“Uncle Liu, stop the car. ” Lu Yuxi asked the driver to stop beside Ning Haowen.

Ning Haowen clearly did not see Lu Yuxi.

Lu Yuxi opened the window. “Haowen, get in the car. ”

“Master! ” Ning Haowen was stunned.

“stop talking nonsense. Get in the car, if you still want to see your mother. ”

Ning Haowen wiped his tears and threw the bicycle over. He immediately opened the door and got in the car.

Lu Yuxi could not bear to see his tears fall.

“What are you crying for? Don’t you know that men don’t cry easily? You haven’t seen your mother yet. Is it useful for you to cry? ” Lu Yuxi knew that he was sad, but she did not know how to comfort people. She only knew how to say that.

Perhaps Lu Yuxi was too harsh. Ning Haowen lowered his head so that no one could see his expression clearly.

Ning Haowen’s home was no longer in the city. Instead, when he was crossing the highway, he turned right, which was the muddy mountain road.

The car drove past a very rugged hill. The land that had just rained was full of potholes.

Lu Yuxi frowned when she saw this scene. It was clearly so far away, yet he still went to her home so early. What time did he set off from here? What kind of perseverance was it that allowed her to go all the way from here to her home.

“Uncle Liu, the mountain road here is a little steep. Drive carefully, ” Lu Yuxi reminded him.

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“got it, Young Madam. ” Liu Shu was an experienced driver for more than 20 years, but she always walked on flat roads. This kind of mountain road was indeed rare.

“Stop the car. This is it. This is it. ”

Once the car stopped, Ning Haowen opened the car door and ran.

Lu Yuxi looked in the direction he was running. A small road led straight to the foot of the mountain. The houses at the foot of the mountain were still smoking from afar. The old woman must have started cooking.

It was very similar to the scene described in the poem. There were four or five houses in the tobacco village.

“Uncle Liu, wait for me here. The car will definitely not go down. You stay here. If there’s anything, I’ll call you again. ”

“Yes. ”

Lu Yuxi opened the car door and stepped onto the muddy road. Lu Yuxi did not feel disgusted. Instead, she found a thicker stick at the side and stuck it on the ground to prevent herself from slipping.

Lu Yuxi could not walk fast. She could only slowly follow Ning Haowen who had already left.

The Path was very straight. There were small grass and flowers around, so Lu Yuxi could accurately see the direction Ning Haowen was walking in.

The green grass was still dripping with water after the rain. The flowers were even more beautiful because of the rain.

Lu Yuxi felt that she had walked for a long time and finally reached the foot of the mountain.

The House had been built for a long time. The roof made of tiles and the walls made of cement had begun to crack.

Lu Yuxi obviously did not know which house Ning Haowen had entered, but from afar, Lu Yuxi could hear Ning Haowen’s voice.

Her intuition told her that it was this house, so she quietly walked into the house.

“Mom, it will be fine. Everything will be fine. Don’t leave so soon, okay? Didn’t you say that you wanted me to become a designer on the day Didn’t you say that you wanted me to design beautiful clothes for you “Just hold on a little longer. I’ll send you to the hospital, okay? ” Ning Haowen held his mother’s hand tightly He was afraid that she would let go.

“Xiao Er, listen to me. Why don’t we stop wasting money? I know I can’t hold on any longer. ”

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