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Chapter 871

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“It won’t happen, it won’t happen. You still have to watch da Bao and Xiao Bao grow up. You’re not allowed to leave. ” Although Ning Haowen was a man, no matter how strong he was, he couldn’t help but cry when his loved ones left.

Mother Xu smiled. This smile showed how much strength she had used. “Xiao Er Zi, listen to me. I know that I shouldn’t have kept you two, but I believe that you will definitely take good care of Xiao Bao and da Bao. ”

“Mommy. ”

“Mommy. ” Although Xiao Bao and da Bao were still immature, seeing their mother like this, they knew that it was what adults often said about dying.

“Da Bao, Xiao Bao, don’t cry. Be Good. Listen to your brother in the future. Don’t be mischievous, okay? ” Mother Ning knew that she did not have much time left. She only wanted to see her sons at the last moment of her life.

“Xiao Er Zi, I can’t see you anymore… ”

Lu Yuxi could hear mother Ning’s weak voice from afar. She was obviously out of strength, but she still held on with her last breath. She really felt sorry for her mother.

The neighbors who were watching from behind also felt sad and sighed.

“How could our village be so backward for so many years? It’s not easy to produce a university student, but before we even saw him succeed, it was already… Sigh… ”

“Yeah, it’s not easy to save food and drink for our son to read until now. Unfortunately, fate is playing tricks on us. ”

“Why didn’t that bastard die, but old Ning died? I really… ” before she could finish, she choked and couldn’t say anything …

From their words, Lu Yuxi could basically get a rough idea. No one wanted to see this kind of situation. She could only say, why do good people always die.

“Mom, don’t scare me, mom… ” with a loud shout, mother Ning’s hand fell from Ning Haowen’s hand, and she closed her eyes with a smile …

“Mom. ”

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“Mom. ” Da Bao and Xiao Bao saw their mother close her eyes and started to cry.

“Mom… ” Ning Haowen cried even harder …

“Mom, wake up. Don’t lay down Xiao Bao, okay? Xiao Bao will be obedient from now on. He won’t let brother buy food. Wake up, okay? ” Xiao Bao shook mother Ning desperately, hoping that she would open her eyes.

These words made everyone present feel sad. All of them had tears in their eyes.

Lu Yuxi watched from the side. Her tears could not help but fall. She also tried her best to cover her mouth to prevent herself from crying.

Ever since she was reborn, this was the first time she saw a life-and-death separation. She saw her two lonely children looking at her mother helplessly. She did not know what to do and only knew to call out. How could she not feel heartache.

Lu Yuxi knew that Ning Haowen might not be able to listen to her now. However, he was a sensible person. He should know what to do.

Lu Yuxi walked over and gently patted Ning Haowen’s shoulder. “He’s already gone. Look at what’s in front of you. Your mother won’t be happy to see you like this. ”

Ning Haowen was indeed wise. He still listened to Lu Yuxi’s words.

“Master, tell me, what should I do? ” Ning Haowen lowered his head, tears dripping down.

“What should be turned over will always be turned over. People always have to look forward. You still have two younger brothers to take care of. I don’t have time to make you sad, ” Lu Yuxi did not comfort him, but said seriously.

At this moment, the outside also began to become noisy.

“Get lost, don’t think that you don’t have to return my money just because you’re dead. ”

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