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Chapter 872

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The sound of the door was so loud that the people inside were stunned. Even Lu Yuxi frowned and looked towards the door.

There were five big men outside the door. It was obvious that they were here to cause trouble.

“What’s going on? ” Lu Yuxi frowned.

“PA! ” The person who came in kicked the chair next to him. The already broken chair was even worse after being kicked by him.

This action shocked everyone present.

Although this was a small village, the town was next door. These people were all bullies in the town, people who specialized in borrowing money from loan sharks.

“You owe me money. Don’t think that just because you’re dead, it’ll be over. I’m telling you, no matter who in your family dies, give me the money. Otherwise, you know the consequences. ” The leader of the bullies pointed the knife in his hand at the people present and threatened.

“enough. Today is not the time for you to come. Can you please come back another day? It’s not convenient today. ” Ning Haowen stood up expressionlessly, showing no signs of fear.

“Not Convenient? Hehe, even if it’s not convenient, it has to be convenient. There’s no place for you to speak here. In this place, I’m in charge. I’m telling you, give it to me immediately. Otherwise, no one will be able to leave. ”

“PA! ” The leader of the bullies simply kicked the chair beside him and sat at the door, staring at the people present.

“Let me tell you, 100,000 yuan, not a single cent less. ”

Ning Haowen was furious. “What? Didn’t I return half of it to you yesterday? Why is there still so much money? ”

The money that Lu Yuxi gave him, he did not buy anything. Moreover, he used it to buy his mother’s medicine. The rest of the money was given to them without a single cent less.

“Humph, it’s really funny. With that little money of yours, you can’t even pay the interest. You still want to return the money? Are you joking? ”

Da Bao and Xiao Bao hid behind Ning Haowen in fear when they saw the bullies like this.

“Big Brother, I’m afraid. ”

“Don’t be afraid, big brother is here. ” Ning Haowen tightly protected da Bao and Xiao Bao behind him.

Ning Haowen did not want to go and earn money with them. “I will think of a way to deal with the money, but please leave now. ”

“If you tell me to leave, then I will leave. I’m telling you, if you don’t return the money to me today, I will capture your two brothers and sell them. “? ? ? The bullies said fiercely.

Ning Haowen said angrily, “No, not a single cent. ”

“Haha, not a single cent, right? Fine, you have guts. Men, smash this place up and catch these two little boys and sell them out. ”

“Yes. ” The bullies rubbed their fists and were ready to make their move.

How could the kind villagers be their opponents? They all wanted to retreat in fear.

“enough. Since he said he doesn’t have money, then he doesn’t have money. ” Lu Yuxi couldn’t stand it anymore and stood out angrily.

“Who do you think you are? ” Seeing that Lu yuxi was dressed differently from the others, everyone stopped.

“according to the current law, those who cause trouble in other people’s homes and threaten others to pay their debts are all illegal acts. If you still catch children to sell, then you are also guilty of child trafficking. I can call the police to arrest you at any time now. “? ? Lu Yuxi said expressionlessly …

Seeing Lu Yuxi like this, not only were they not afraid, they even seemed to be teasing her. “Call the police? I’m really scared. Are you scared? ”

“scared? We don’t even know how to write the word ‘scared’ . ”

“Haha, this is too funny. ” At a glance, they seemed to have taken Lu Yuxi’s words as a joke. She was simply lawless.

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