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Chapter 873

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The leader of the bullies laughed out loud. “I forgot to tell you. The chief of the police station closest to here is my cousin. Will he arrest me? Even if he has no choice but to arrest me, don’t you think they will think of a way to release me? ”

“Miss, don’t say anymore. It’s useless to call the police. Do you think we haven’t called the police before? But what’s the use? After being arrested, they came out in less than an hour. Instead, they tortured us even more. ”

“Sigh, there’s nothing we can do. So we tried our best not to offend him. Who would have thought that the poor Ning family would offend them? The Ning family is the most difficult in the village. It’s hard for them to even get 100 yuan, let alone 100,000 yuan. ”

The surrounding villagers shook their heads, indicating that they could not handle it.

But.. Lu Yuxi was not someone who could be offended so easily. “So what if you know the chief here? The world is so big. Is there no law? ” “I don’t believe that no one cares about the chief here. I’ll call the outside right now and ask them to send someone over. ”

The bully sneered and shook his head. “You can tell that you’re not from here just by looking at your clothes. The ladies in the city are really stupid. ”

Lu Yuxi frowned. “What do you mean? ”

“Don’t you understand what I mean? I’m calling you stupid. Even if you call the police, so what if they come over? This place is so far away from the city. By the time the police get here, we won’t even know where we are. ”

Another bully pointed a knife at the villagers and said, “also, you should report it generously. When the time comes, call the police, but they won’t catch us. When we come back, I believe that my knife will come in white and come out red. ”

This kind of threat didn’t scare Lu Yuxi. Instead, it scared the villagers.

The villagers pleaded, “Miss, although we don’t know who you are and we are grateful that you stood up for us, people like them can come back to take revenge at any time. We can’t afford to offend them. ”

“Sigh, that’s right. We are old, weak, sick, and disabled. How can we have the ability to fight against them? This is like an egg hitting a stone. ”

The villagers expressed that they could not call the police, which gave Lu yuxi a headache. “Don’t worry. If they really do so many bad things, the police will not let them out without ten or eight years. ”

“Bah, F * Ck, you Stinky Bitch. You don’t want to have any face, do you? ” The leader of the bullies was extremely angry.

“boss, this woman is really too detestable now, how should we deal with her? ”

Some of the bullies even showed a lewd expression. “Yes, boss, looking at her beauty and her skin so tender, she should be a lady. We haven’t tried any lady’s woman, why don’t we… ”

As soon as these words were said, they immediately resonated with all the bullies, and all of them showed lewd expressions.

Ning Haowen stood out angrily and protected Lu Yuxi behind her hair. “You bunch of animals, what exactly do you want? The matter is mine, it has nothing to do with her. ”

They shifted their target to Lu Yuxi. Ning Haowen instantly protected Lu Yuxi behind him like a hen protecting a chick.

Looking at Ning Haowen protecting her back, Lu Yuxi frowned. Poor Ning Haowen had yet to react to the death of his mother and had to face these detestable bullies.

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