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Chapter 874

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“Haha, Ning Haowen, are you kidding me? With your tiny body, you still want to protect her? I don’t think you can even protect yourself. ”

“Yes, I’m not as tall and strong as you, but don’t think that I’m easy to bully. ”

The bully immediately sent an Emoji. “hold him back. ”

“Yes. ”

As soon as the bully leader spoke, someone immediately walked over to hold Ning Haowen back.

“What are you doing? Let go of me, let go of me. ” Ning Haowen tried his best to struggle free, but he was no match for them. He was still caught in a few moves.

“Men, bring this woman back now. When we’re done using her, we can sell her for a bit of money. Looking at her beauty, she should fetch a high price, ” the leader of the bullies said with a smile.

“You bastards, if you dare to do anything to my master, I’ll kill you. ” Although Ning Haowen and Lu Yuxi had not known each other for long, Lu Yuxi was indeed good to him. She knew that he was in trouble, so she specially gave him an advance of his salary.

The villagers shook their heads one after another. Although they were angry, they did not dare to move. “Sigh, is such a good girl going to be ruined again? ”

“Sigh, yes, such a beautiful girl. What a pity. ”

Some of the villagers could not stand it anymore. “No, no matter what, we can’t let anything happen to an innocent girl. ”

“Yes, we can’t let this happen again. ” Perhaps it was his words that resonated with everyone. Everyone stood in front of Lu Yuxi, preventing them from touching Lu Yuxi.

“Miss, run quickly. We’ll help you stop them. ”

Although Lu Yuxi knew that they could not stop them, she was still very touched by their actions.

“Miss, run quickly. Otherwise, we won’t be able to predict what they will do to you later. ”

“Are you people trying to rebel? I’m telling you, get out of the way, or one knife per person. ”

Lu Yuxi did not want to make things difficult for them. “Get out of the way, they can’t touch me. ”

Perhaps it was because of Lu Yuxi’s words, or perhaps it was also because of the bullies’words.

“At least you are sensible. Get Out of the way and take this woman away. ”

“If you have the ability, then touch me. ”

“misunderstanding, this is all a misunderstanding. Miss, I’m sorry, we were just joking. I’m sorry. ” The leader of the bullies suddenly changed his tone, making everyone confused. But looking at Lu Yuxi again, they clearly understood what he meant.

They saw that Lu Yuxi had taken out a pistol and pointed it at the head of the leader of the bullies.

Seeing this, everyone was stunned. They did not expect Lu Yuxi to take out a pistol

“Haha, Miss, you know that we are not telling the truth. We are just joking. Don’t mind it, don’t mind it, ” the leader of the bullies said.

“I told you not to offend me so easily. Now, do you still want to say something? ” Lu Yuxi looked at them fearlessly and smiled.

The bullies did not expect this woman to take out a pistol. This was something they did not expect.

Lu Yuxi had always carried a gun with her. She would only take it out in case of emergencies. If they did not push her too far, she would definitely not take it out.

“Miss, where did you take this gun? ” The leader of the bullies asked.

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