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Chapter 875

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“This has nothing to do with you. Get lost immediately, ” Lu Yuxi said without hesitation. They were really annoying here.

“Miss, don’t be agitated. We’re just asking. There’s nothing wrong with it. ” This woman’s hands clearly looked very thin and tender. She did not look like a person with a gun at all. Could she be using a fake gun to scare them.

“This has nothing to do with you. Get lost. Don’t appear here again. If you don’t let me, I might kill you at any time. ” They had already disturbed the calm here.

The leader of the bullies did not leave. Instead, he looked seriously at the gun in Lu Yuxi’s hand. Suddenly, he did not feel afraid anymore.

“Miss, could it be that I was caught by us and used a fake toy gun to deceive us? Let me tell you, we are not easy to deceive. ” Having guessed that it was impossible for Lu Yuxi to have a real gun, all the bullies said with relief.

Lu Yuxi tightened her hand and aimed at the leader of the bullies’ head. She sneered, “Toy Gun, do you want to try it? Maybe your head is too hard and it might not be able to penetrate it. ”

The leader of the bullies started to show off, “Haha, don’t think that I’m scared. No matter how you look at it, you’re just a child in the city. Would Ning Haowen’s family be together with someone with a gun? Do you think that’s possible? ”

There was a loud bang, and everyone was so scared that they cried out.

“Ah. ”

Similarly, the bullies were also quite scared. Although they were not hit, this was actually a real gun.

“I don’t know. Do you still think that it’s a fake toy gun? ” Lu Yuxi teased.

“No, no, no. Miss, we were just joking. If there’s nothing else, we would like to leave. ”

Frightened by Lu Yuxi’s gun, how could the bullies dare to stay here? They hurriedly took their men and ran.

“They left. They left. ”

“I really can’t believe that they really scared them away. ”

“everyone, if they come here to disturb you in the future, call the police and let them deal with them. As for the problem of the chief, I won’t let them collude with each other. Very soon, I will report it to the higher-ups. Someone should come to deal with it, ” Lu Yuxi said seriously.

“thank you, thank you so much. ” Everyone nodded at Lu Yuxi with gratitude. They treated her like a goddess.

Although everything was in the past, in fact, everything was not in the past.

Ning Haowen’s expression was still as rigid as ever. He did not smile. “Master, can I ask you to lend me some money? ”

Lu Yuxi frowned. “Haowen, don’t tell me you really want to give them the money after listening to their numbers. ”

Ning Haowen shook his head. “No, I have already bought medicine for my mother. I have no money left. I wonder if you can lend me some money to bury my mother? I will definitely return the money to you. ”

These words made Lu yuxi feel a little sad. She had never thought that on television, selling one’s body to bury one’s parents was a lie.

However, even though he did not sell his body today, she could still feel his sadness.

“Okay. ” Lu Yuxi had nothing else to help her. The only thing she could do was to let their mother leave with dignity.

“thank you, master. ”

The villagers also expressed their sadness. “Little Er, your mother was always very good to us when she was alive, so we will help you. ”

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