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Chapter 876

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“Yes, Xiao Er, your mother was very good to us before she died. If there’s anything you need, we can help. I will definitely help. ”

“As for your mother’s funeral, we will definitely help you. ”

The neighbors all nodded, indicating that they would help.

Ning Haowen looked at everyone with gratitude. “thank you, everyone. Thank you for taking care of us. ”

Ning Haowen was very touched that his neighbors had always treated the Ning family very well.

After they finished speaking, no one said anything. They were all quietly handling mother Ning’s funeral.

However, before the waves could settle down, another wave rose. The voices outside suddenly became louder, as if they had heard someone’s voice again.

“cousin, it’s here, it’s here. “? ? ?

The familiar voice made Lu Yuxi Frown, making her feel a trace of anger.

“Miss Lu, not good. The bullies are here again. This time, they came with the police. ” Lu Yuxi was originally helping out in the house, but because of these words, the hand holding the thing in her hand paused.

Did she let him off just now make him think that she was easy to bully, so she wanted to do it again.

“I got it. I’ll go out and take a look now. ” Since you’re here to die, I’ll fulfill your wish.

Following behind the neighbor, Lu Yuxi walked out of the door. When she looked up, she could see the despicable face of the bully.

In addition to the original five or six bullies, there were more than seven police officers. If her guess was correct, the one at the front next to the bully should be the chief’s cousin that he mentioned.

When the bullies saw Lu Yuxi, they immediately pointed at her. “cousin, there, that’s that woman. That’s her. There were so many of us just now, and we saw her with our own eyes holding a gun and pointing it at me. ”

“Yes, that’s her. We testified that we didn’t know where she got the gun from, and it almost hit us. ” The other bullies were responsible for exaggerating the matter.

“What happened again? ” Ning Haowen, who was already sad enough, was now faced with a series of incidents.

The neighbors put down their work and started to watch.

The bully smiled and said, “you didn’t expect me to come back. This time, I won’t let you off so easily. ”

“I don’t know why so many people suddenly came to the Ning family. Even the police are here. Did we break any laws? I don’t think so. ” Lu Yuxi looked down at them without any fear.

The bureau chief looked at Lu Yuxi. “Miss, I wonder if what they said is true? Are you really armed like they said? ”

Lu Yuxi sneered. This kind of person was indeed cheap. If she could not solve the problem herself, she would hand it over to someone else. Did she think that others could suppress her If that was the case, he was afraid that he was wrong. “What do you want to say? ”

So what if the bureau chief was a bad person. Lu Yuxi did not have to respect him.

The bureau chief laughed. “I don’t have any other meaning. I just want to say that if it is really like what they said, what kind of gun do you have? I don’t know if you can hand it over. If that’s the case, I might not pursue the matter. ”

“Haha. ” Lu Yuxi laughed. “Mr. Chief, you must be joking. If you don’t pursue the matter, does that mean that the law is set by you? As long as you don’t want to pursue the matter, there’s no need to pursue it. ”

The leader of the bullies looked at Lu Yuxi angrily. He wanted to strangle her to death. “You damn woman, what do you mean? ”

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